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Episode 11.

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Days turned to weeks and weeks to month ..
Their west African examination is fast approaching and the two best friend left no stone unturned…
Yeah ..
They’re still friends..
Onyinye apologized to her and she forgave her even though she least expected that from her..
If Christ could forgive and die for her on the cross..
Who is she not to forgive her best friend…
Mama too was angry but with time , she realised that everything that happened is for a reason..
Such a thoughtful woman.

Daniel on the other is trying his best both morally and academically..

He had become friends with chidinma but he knew his limits..
Even though that he has fallen deeply in love with her , he just wants to take things slowly…

His greeting doesn’t extend more than “hello” and “good bye”..
Which sometimes makes chidinma to miss the old ” Daniel” not this strange one that stays quiet and alone in class , always reading his books..
Sometimes, she just find herself stealing glances at him in class…
Her stomach always churns nosily whenever she sighted him or when he’s close by.

She just couldn’t stop thinking about him tonight as she flipped through the pages of her biology textbook..

“He’s getting more handsome…
And I just can’t stop thinking about him”

She said placing her hand on her already racing heart..
Just a mere thought of him is making her heart to beat..

“What’s wrong with you chidinma?..
You have Exam tomorrow and you’re busy thinking about a guy?..
Just hurry up and read “..
Her subconscious mind scolded..

She sighed again and began to revise …
Tomorrow is the D-day..

They discussed happily as they trekked to school together…
Talking randomly on some girly stuffs..
Chidinma wanted to tell onyinye about the strange feeling she’s having towards Daniel but she had a double mind about it..
So she decided to keep it to herself…
Onyinye had broken apart with copper Henry after the incidence..
She had resolved to stay away from men since the only man she loved betrayed her because of little amount of money…
Who would believe such?..

Henry had apologized many times though she forgave him but she’s not ready to do anything with him..
Men are all the same!..
She scoffed aloud

” still thinking about him?”
Nma asked..

” hell no way..
He’s now my past.”

She scoffed again but Nma smiled when she sighted Daniel entering the school gate in his car…
They’re already at school..
Onyinye followed her gaze and she couldn’t believe her thoughts..

” what?..
No way !!!..”
Onyinye shouted ..

” what?”
Nma queried still smiling..

” chidinma..
Are you perhaps in love with Daniel? ”

” no way”
Her smiles betrayed her..

” finally it has happened..
Thank you Lord..
I thought she would be a Rev Sister..”

Onyinye joked and they laughed heartily entering the exam hall..

They found an empty seat and sat still laughing…

Just then Daniel came by and said his usual ” hello”..
Chidinma couldn’t stop admiring him..
His neatness, good looks, gentlessnes and in fact everything about him..
Even his neat hair cut..
Oh God!!!…
Let her not go crazy Oh..

” Aunty it’s okay nah..”

Onyinye said

” oh..
I have heard you..
Stop embarrassing me ..”

She defended still smiling ..
Daniel came back again and cleared his throat and her heart nearly skip a beat..

” can we see after today’s exam?..”

He simply asked staring directly into her eyes..
She looked away to prevent herself from blushing
But too late she already blushed and Daniel saw it ..
He smiled inwardly..
That’s a good start..

” yes sure .”

Hope you read well?”

He asked onyinye with smiles and Nma scoffed silently..

You should be asking me that not her..

” yes ..
I did..
Am just waiting patiently to massacre the exam questions..
Trust me nah “.
She bragged..

” I trust my girl..”
He added smiling at her funny words..

His girl ?
Since when ?

She scoffed again..
I shouldn’t be having this unhealthy thoughts…

” Nma are you okay?”

He suddenly ask breaking her thoughts…

” yes am fine …
Just that…”

” everybody go to your seats ..
Exams are about to start..”

The invigilators voice echoed distracting them..
They hurried to their various seats and Nma couldn’t stop thinking about what he’s going to say to her after the exam..
She just hope to hear what every girl wants and dreams of ..
The “L” words.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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