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Episode 10.

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” I can’t believe that you did something like this, son…
Am disappointed “
Chief okoye yelled ..
He had came back from a business trip in Canada to receive the worse news ever about his beloved son..
Hurriedly, he went to the police station to see if he can bail him out..
Fortunately, the D.P.O is a good friend of his ..
Daniel stood before his father , handcuffed as he bowed his head in shame..
He couldn’t believe that his little adventure could land him in serious trouble , taking away the life of his best friend..
He sighed heavily..
If he had known, he wouldn’t have try any nonsense with that witch..
He’s just blinded by lust …
” don’t just stand there moping at me like a lost sheep..”
His father barked ..
” am sorry Dad..
It was Devil that caused it..
I promise to be Good from now onwards ..
If you still want , I will go to London to further my studies after my WAEC..
Please Dad.. “
He went on his kneels..
” am sorry..
Forgive me “
He pleaded as a tear dropped down his cheeks..
His father was touched.
” don’t apologize to me..
Go to the girl you tried to defile and apologize to her..
If she forgives you..
Only then , will I accept you back as my son..”
He said
” Dad ..
I said that am sorry…
Remember that you’re the one I have in…”
” just shut up..
You will be bailed today..
Before you step your foot in my house , make sure you must have apologized to that innocent girl..
Am sending the driver to pick you up..
Useless fool”
He stood up and left his son wallowing in guilt and shame..
The female police officer assigned to look after chidinma had already brought her home..
After the doctor had examined her and confirmed that no damage had been done to her…
She took her home , fortunately enough, Mama was not around to witness it..
Thank Goodness, else it would have increased her blood pressure..
” just take a good rest and try not to think much about what happened today..
You will be fine ..
” OK ..
Thanks so much “
She said smiling at the kind police officer.
She’s so nice.
” alright..
I will be on my way now..
My regards to your mother “
” what’s your name? “
Nma asked as she watch her opening the door..
” prisca ..”
She replied , seems she’s finding it difficult to open the door..
The door to her room has suddenly develop fault and only a patient being can open it ..
She stood up from her bed and gently opened the door..
” thanks dear..
I will see you later”
She announced as she hoped into their patrol car waving at Nma as it sped off..
Nma stood there smiling at her luck..
God had really been gracious to her these days.
First it was father Anthony..
Now her own class mate..
She shrugged, no matter the circumstances she finds her self in, she will never give up her dignity as a woman.
She sighted a Lexus jeep entering their compound and went closer to have a clear view of the occupants…
To her utmost surprise, Daniel stepped out of the car.
He looks so miserable..
Even in this state he’s still very cute and adorable..
” what do you want ..?.”
She asked calmly
” can we talk?”
He pleaded..
“So that you will see an opportunity to rape me ?”
She queried..
” No..
Not like that..”
He went closer and knelt down..
She was greatly surprised at his action..
” I know no amount of apology can make you to forgive me..
Am such a jerk to think that I can steal your pride..
Am sorry..
Forgive me “
He pleaded..
” I know that I have become your worse nightmare but I promise you that from today , I will become a better person..
Am really sorry “
He said watching her expression..
The more he looked at her, the more he’s becoming weak..
This shouldn’t be happening to him..
He shook his head repeatedly..
” I forgive you..
You may go”
She finally said
” you said?..”
He asked to be sure..
” I said you should go and sin no more..
I forgive you”.
She smiled..
” thank you so much ..
You’re such an angel..”
He said smiling happily ..
As he turned to go ..
He stopped abruptly as if he forgot something.
Nma stood watching him..
He turned and walked towards her..
” in a months time , we will be writing our WAEC and after that I will go to London to further my studies…
I hope to still meet you a good girl after I return…
When you go to university..
Don’t dare go wild ..”
He said with a slight smirk watching her intently..
But she just smiled..
Seems she’s addicted to it.
” why are you telling me this young man?”..
She asked..
” I just hope that when I become somebody in life..
I will come back for you..
I will surely make you my woman not just that.
You will be the mother of my children..
And trust me , you won’t escape it”
He smirked , turned and hopped inside the car.
A warm feeling arouse from the pit of her stomach and spread to her body..
Her heartbeat increased .
What does he mean by that?.
She thought as she watch his car leave her compound..
“He’s such a jerk “..

She thought aloud and marched inside her room feeling suddenly restless.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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