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Episode 09.

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Onyinye sat down on her bed feeling so guilty
Betrayal !!!…
That’s the worst thing you can do to a friend..
Just like judas she has betrayed a friend and a sister …
” God …
What have I done?”..
She cried as uncontrollable tears rolled down her chubby cheeks…
” go and save her…
Do something…
How can you betray your sister and your friend? “…
Her subconscious mind yelled at her as she sobbed loudly..
” No need doing that..
They must have carried out their plans”..
After using the rest room , she rushed out to meet chidinma who’s waiting patiently for her in the class but Daniel blocked her path instead smirking devilishly
“Not so fast sweetheart..
Where are you rushing off to?..
To meet that peacock?”..
He scoffed loudly …
” not your business …
You son of a bitch”
She cursed angrily but that statement gave her a bitter pills , she won’t forget in a hurry.
He grabbed her neck and twist her arm till it hurts badly..
” repeat that statement again and I will throw you to the bottomless pit..
He spat in anger as his heart burns with bitterness.
” am sorry just let me go..”
Onyinye pleaded trying so hard not to break down..
” any word from you,..
I will tell the whole school how copper Henry fucked you last Friday ..”
He threatened , griting his teeth in anger..
Onyinye’s heart flew to her stomach..
How did he know about her secret affair with copper Henry their Physics teacher?
She thought as unimaginable fear rose from the pit of her stomach and spread to every part of her body…
No she mustn’t let him win so easily..
Nobody must know about this..
Daniel watch her expression with great delight..
Time to strike
He smirked ..
” no ranting again bitch ?..
Daughter of an expired maggot ..
Pretender like you “
” lies..
What proff do you have that am having an affair with copper Henry? “..
She yelled freeing herself from his grip..
” oh..
You want proff right?..”
He smirked
” I will show you “
He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone and showed her the sex clip .
She was shocked to the marrow..
How did it happen?…
She trusted and loves Henry so much that she didn’t give it a second thought that Friday evening when she gave him her virginity..
But now ..
He had shattered her heart ..
Men are not to be trusted..
They’re always the same ..
Bitter tears ran down her cheeks..
” no..
It can’t be.
Henry can’t do this to me..”
She uttered when she finally found her voice .
” are you still doubting me now bitch?”
He smirked in triumph..
Skibo had really done a good job in videotaping the scene…
He owes him a lot..
” what do you want?”
Onyinye asked wiping her tears ..
” Good girl..
I thought you would never ask.”
He smiled innocently earning a deadly glare from her.
” am sorry to do this sweetheart but you all have to do is to go home without your friend..
We have some unfinished business with her..”
He laughed
” what do you want with her?”
” it’s simple ..
I wanna taste her punami ..
Just like how copper Henry handled you last week.. Simply go home and pretend like you never knew what’s going on..
I will send her back when am through with her.. “
” that’s betrayal to a highest dimension..
I can’t betray my friend..
She’s more like a sister to me..”
She objected angrily..
” then be ready to commit suicide by the time I release this video to the school website..
Remember the positions of your parents in church…
If you want to live long..
Don’t dare double cross me”
He threatened ..
” you’re evil..”
She cried..
” says someone that has already betrayed her friend “
He smirked ..
She ran away in tears not believing what she has put herself into
If She had said No to Henry that evening, this wouldn’t have happened…
” dear God..
Am sorry for my crime.
If you still answers prayers ..
Please save my sister chidinma”
She cried bitterly..
” somebody please help me..
. save me “..
Nma cried helplessly as they tore her clothes to shred leaving only her undies for her..
Daniel licked his lips lustfully..
” you’re so beautiful just as I expected “
His eyes darkened in desire as he felt hot blood surging through him arousing him…
He bent closer and squeezed her boobs slightly..
” go away from me…”
She cried..
” guy ..
Enter fast make we do quick and Vamoose from here”
Skibo said impatiently.
He’s already hard ..
Daniel unbuckled his trouser and pulled it off..
Nma shook in fear..
This is it…her life is over..
” hold her “
He commanded ..
They advanced towards her but a sudden gunshot made them to stop instantly..
” one move and you’re gone”
A voice said ..
They turned to see six heavily armed police men.
They were on their regular evening patrol when they heard strange noise coming from an abandoned uncompleted building .
On getting there, they were surprise to see a girl about to be raped .
They had no option than to act fast..
Skibo tried to escape but he was shot and he dropped dead instantly..
They handcuffed the rest and took them to their station..
Chidinma was too shocked to say anything..

They just clothed her and took her to hospital for check up.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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