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Episode 08.

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Monday came and hurriedly she prepared for school . mama stood at the door watching her pretty daughter as she wore her shoes humming happily.
She shook her head with smiles..
What could have put those precious smiles on her face?..
She wondered..
Quit staring and come in..
Am not a telly”
She said with a slight laughter.
She’s happy this morning..
What’s the secret?”

Mama asked as she walked in and sat gently on her bed.
“Don’t you think, that you’re too old for such talks?..”
She asked grinning.
“Old indeed…
Come let me see your wounds..”
Mama gestured as she walked towards her and sat beside her .
The wounds has healed and the scars is clearing off..
Sooner or later, it will disappear without any trace .
Mama sighed heavily remembering the incident .
Well God has really fought the battle for her.
Father Anthony has tried to rape another innocent girl again and he was caught red-handed.
They dismissed him from priesthood.
Even though Mama was happy that the culprit was later caught but she felt that the priest needed a second chance to mend his ways.
She sighed heavily..

“…. So mama what do you think?..”
She asked but mama’s thought was too busy to listen to her girly chattering. She paused staring at her mother, wondering what’s suddenly wrong with her.
She called loudly snapping her out of her thoughts.
” Erh..erh…
What were you saying Nma..?”

“What’s wrong with you?..
I have been talking to myself all this while”
Mama sighed again..

“Am worried my daughter…
What if something similar happens to you again..
What if they hurt you again?..
I won’t bear it.
Since yesterday, I have been having this feeling that something is not right somewhere…
Please my daughter don’t …”

She placed a finger on her mother’s lips interrupting her.

“Its okay mama.
Nothing will happen to me..
Just don’t think too much.
God will never allow any harm to come to me…
I promise you mama that I will protect my virginity with my life..
Even if it is the last thing I will accomplish in my life…
I will do it …”
She said smiling through her tears and mama hugged her instantly.

” I believe you my daughter…
Nothing will happen to you.
Be careful ”

” I will mama”
She smiled hugging her tightly.

“Did I miss something here?”
Onyinye asked with smiles…

“Look who’s here…
Mama we will be on my way now…”
She said picking her school bag .

“Take care of your self..”
Mama called after them watching their retreating figures.

“I will mama”
She yelled after her.
She just smiled…
Her daughter is her pride

Time sped up quickly and before you know it , dismissal bell was rang…
She sat waiting for onyinye who had gone to ease herself …

She waited and waited …

Students leave one after the other…
Where could she be!?
She wondered
And when she couldn’t wait anymore she took her bag and left to her home.
She was so worried and scared as she trekked alone the lonely path on her way home.

Skibo and his boys smiled lustfully as they sighted their prey..
She is so beautiful that they couldn’t wait to devour her..
They waited patiently till she trekked towards them…

“Look who we have here”
She heard the familiar annoying voice and froze to her spot.
What does he want!
Fear gripped her.

” I told you right..
That am gonna have a taste of you…
Didn’t I?..”
He smirked
” well I think heaven has answered my prayers…”

” no…
Don’t try any nonsense with me ”
She warned in a shaky voice.

” boys seize her..”
He commanded..

” don’t come near me..
Jesus …Mary and Joseph…
Save me ”
She screamed trying to solicit help from the holy family.

” shut the fuck up..
Let me see who’s gonna save you”
He said ruthlessly.
With a quick swift, they dragged her to an abandoned uncompleted building ready to defile her .
Nobody they believed will save her.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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