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Episode 07.

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His name is Daniel chukwuemeka Okoye …
Born of the family of three ( two girls and a boy)…and the only son of his parents.
His mother died when he was five and he was raised by a nanny and combined effort of his sisters.
Chief okoye his father had given up hope of having a male child when suddenly , God decided to bless him with a male child at the expense of the life of his dear wife.

He’s a very wealthy man and it was rumoured that he used his wife to enrich his pockets but only God is his solace .
He had spared no effort in raising his only son .
Providing him all the comforts his wealth can offer, hoping that he would one day become very powerful and take over his numerous companies and businesses.
Daniel grew up a spoilt brat.
What do you expect when he has virtually everything at his beck and call.
Money , good looks, popularity, intelligence…. Name them
Tell me why he won’t be full of himself ???…

He has everything but only one thing that he desires desperately to have which is beyond his reach…
He wants her..
To make her his woman..
To possess every part of her body ..
No!!!…that’s not enough …
He wants her desperately on his bed and after that boast to his friends that he has tasted her forbidden fruits.
He wants to see her humiliated, shed tears of agony and weep everyday of her life .
That he must achieve.
He angrily horned at the gate several times to see the stupid gateman rushing to open the gate.
On getting down from the car, he gave him a hard slap on his face.

” stupid man..
Don’t keep me waiting next time if you love this useless job of yours.
Useless fool”
He cursed as he marched inside the house in anger.
What’s the problem?
Who made you angry?”
His Nanny called after him.
She’s the only one who calls him by his native name .
“Nanny can you please stop calling me that bush name!.?..
And don’t bother about my lunch.
Am not hungry …
I will be in my room now.
Nobody should disturb my rest”
He said angrily and ran upstairs to his room.
She just shrugged and continued with her chores.

“Yes …
Skibo , you need to see the way she insulted me..
I will teach that fool a bitter lesson”
Daniel lamented over the phone to his friend ‘skibo’.
He’s a deadly cultist and he is feared by many because of his involvement in crimes and atrocities committed in that area.
Yet Kelechi popularly known as ‘skibo’ always consider Daniel as his best friend.
You can’t blame him, they grew up together until Kelechi left to the north to stay with one of his uncles after his primary education.
There, he joined bad gang and strayed away from the right path.

” but wait o..
You sure say , you no get feelings for the girl?”
He asked
“No way …
I admit say the girl fine but you know me skibo’..
I don’t love..
I just want to teach her a bitter lesson she won’t ever forget…”
He said and skibo’ let out a dry throaty laugh.
“No reason am …
I go arrange the matter for you..
My boys and I go do am for you..”
He grinned
“No wahala..

I want to be there when the deed would be done…
No forget say I go be the first to enter…
Na me get the game”
He smirked
“No wahala ”
Said skibo’ as he let out an evil laughter…
Daniel ended the call, smiling in satisfaction .
Time to teach the bitch a lesson.
If he can’t have her…
No one will..
Be it in peace or in pieces…
He must get her laid.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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