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Episode 06.

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Sensing someone’s presence behind her , onyinye stopped abruptly …
Scanning around again without finding any clue to her suspicion, she sighed in defeat ..
It must be her stupid imaginations , she thought and continue her journey to Nma’s house.
This has been the third time she has had the feeling that someone is following her but she ends up getting no clue to it…
Daniel heaved a sigh of relief..
He’s smart enough to hide each time she senses that someone is following her.
He had earlier parked his car at a safe distance and decided to trek instead ..
“That would be more safer than using a car”
He thought and smiled triumphantly at his thought..

He followed her till they came to a poorly built bungalow with rose flowers surrounding it ..
He sighed, that could be her house..
He hid behind the flowers and watch onyinye knock severally on the door …
Then the door opened and he saw the girl of his dreams standing right there before the useless rag that calls herself onyinye.
Oh!!!..she’s even wearing short sleeveless gown which exposed her cleavages and hips…
Is she really human?..
Her beauty is Extraordinary ..
He thought as he tried really hard to control himself.
Everything is under control until he saw her smile ..
Her smiles alone broke every bits of resistance left in him and he decided to be a man .
He came out from his hiding place and called her name.
And when she turned towards the direction of the voice ,…
She froze in fear….
Staring at Onyinye she asked..

“What’s he doing here?”…

” no..
Don’t look at me that way..
I didn’t bring him here ..
I swear with my life”
She defended…
“If you didn’t ..
Then who did?..”
She asked not believing her…
What she experienced from the hands of father Anthony had made her not to trust anybody again..
Don’t blame her.
“I did..
I brought myself here..
I was wondering why you aren’t in school , so I followed her here and to be honest….”


“Get out of here “…
She yelled at him interrupting him..
” Nma listen..
Just …”

“She said you should leave here now…”
Onyinye barked

And without another word , he left feeling so hurt and unhappy.
She should have heard him out first.
“Why are you concerned about that bitch?…
Are you in love with her?”..
His nosy sub-concious mind jeered at him as he started his car..
” just shut up”…
He yelled in anger…
“She thinks she has it all..
Until she crawls at my feet begging for mercy ..
I will never let her be..”
He swore under his breathe
Gritting his teeth angrily as he drove home roughly…
Daniel and his temper..

Onyinye sat down beside her friend ..
Helping her out with the topics they treated that day at school..
When we are through with biology can you help me in further Maths?”..
She pleaded softly pouting her lips which no one could refuse..
” No way…
Am not buying that..
You won’t bribe me with it ..”
Onyinye protested with laughter..

“Why not?..
You’re my friend..”

“But am not good in further maths…
The only person that can help you is Olisa ”
She smirked..
“No way..
You know, Olisa and I are not in good terms …
He wants to get in my pants and I won’t ever allow such”
She opposed angrily and onyinye couldn’t stop laughing.
She had quarrelled severally with Olisa over his lecherous life style and the mere thought of asking him for help is giving her goose bumps.
He’s very brilliant, she admits but going to Olisa to ask for help is like borrowing money from devil.
He must surely ask for something in return which she’s not ready for.

“Then go to Daniel ..
He’s one of the hottest brains in our class and I think he likes you too..
He wouldn’t hesitate to help you out”
She winked at her.

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“You’re sick..
I have brains too ..
Only that I have been missing school recently”
She bragged and onyinye couldn’t stop laughing…
“Fish head”
Nma cursed and she roared more in laughter..
She just smiled, onyinye is right but she rather die than go to that sinful soul for help.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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