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Episode 05.

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For one week, she didn’t go to school, she stayed indoor as was instructed by her mother nursing her wounds and ached soul.
Sometimes, she wondered why God has decided to punish her this way
What’s the essence of being pretty why there’s no peace of mind???
She just wished that she’s ugly …
Well not that ugly but something in between…

She sighed again, glancing at the wall clock in her room and counting the time , waiting patiently for her best friend to come back from school.
No need waiting for mama cos she always comes back late in the evening.
You could be wondering about her siblings or anything related about her family but the truth is that she’s fatherless and the only child.
Her father died years ago even before she comes of age …

Mama had wept day and night for her beloved husband. She was advised to remarry but because of the love she has for her late husband, she decided to stay back and build his home with or without him .
She’s a trader and that has sustained her and her little daughter for many years now …
She will forever be grateful for maazi okeke her husband’s younger brother for his support even when others turned their back on her …
Mama is a strong woman

The boredom is killing her and she stood up from her bed unable to take it anymore, her stomach rumbled loudly.
Oh God!!!!….she’s hungry .
She sighed again , opened her door and dragged herself to the kitchen .

Daniel kept looking around for any sign of Chidinma but he was greatly disappointed when he couldn’t see her at school for almost a week .
What’s the essence of going to school when his heartbeat is not in school???
He sighed , but wait a minute…
Did he just call her his heartbeat???…
He gasp and shook his head ..
He’s just missing her and nothing else…
“Just be honest with your self…
You have started developing feelings for her ….right???”
His subconscious mind jeered at him .
It can’t be..
Just that I miss troubling her”…
He concluded and just that, the bell rang for dismissal .

He packed his books and hurried outside colliding with onyinye who was in a hurry too.
” what’s wrong with you?”
Onyinye yelled in frustration.
“Am sorry …”
He apologized and she was surprised.
She has never seen him talk calmly to a fellow classmates talk more of her .
What’s the secret?
She wondered, something is definitely fishy somewhere.
She reasoned .
“Please can we talk?”
He pleaded calmly.
“OK ..
Go on am all ears.”

“Where’s your friend?..
I have not seen her for almost a week now …
Is she alright?”
He asked .
“Yes ..
She’s doing okay ..
Any problem? ”
She asked again and Daniel could sense she doesn’t like his presence.
Just tell her I said ” hi”..
He smiled at the last part .
“No problem”
She said and stomped out.
“Can I at least give you a ride ?”
He yelled after her .
“Don’t bother …”
She yelled obviously irritated .
He sighed in defeat and entered his car but an idea struck him.
He smirked triumphantly, started the car and trailed behind her.
He must dig out where she or her pretty friend lives today.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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