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Episode 04.

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She ran home in tears followed by onyinye who went after her yelling and shouting her name for her to stop and tell her the reason for her suddenly hastiness but all fell on deaf ears . all she wanted is to reach home and if possible borrow wings from the birds in the sky and flew home to her mother . her heart ached and she sobbed bitterly , luckily for her , her mother was at the backyard spreading the already washed clothes and singing joyfully to her Creator…
” mama…
Mama ooo “
Mma cried towards her making her drop the clothes she’s spreading instantly in alarm.
She’s already scared .
” chidinma …”
She called as she walked towards the direction of the voice.
She cried again and ran into her arms sobbing bitterly. Her body shook with sobs and the mother was touched .
“Calm down and tell me what happened.
Who hit you like this?”
She asked as she sighted the red lumps on her head and bruises on her hands .
Her yellow face has swollen cos of several blinding slaps she received earlier.
” mama.
Its father Anthony…
He …he …he..”
She cried
What did he do to you ?..
Tell me Nwa m…”
She urged impatiently
” he tried to rape me this afternoon and he did this to me .
Take a look at my body “
She said showing the lumps on her hands and cheeks…
” holy Mary !!!…
Did he succeed? “
She asked scrutching her chest in fear.
“No mama…
In an attempt to save myself, I hit him with a bottle.
Mama I think he’s dead .
I have murdered someone, a priest of God for that matter.
What do I do ma ?”
She cried but the mother hugged her instead.
“You did nothing wrong .
I believe he’s not dead .
Don’t think much about it , God has saved you from lion’s den.
You’re truly a lucky child.
What if he has succeeded in having his way with you ?..
What will I tell my Creator…
People will condemn me for failing my duty as a mother .
Don’t worry , everything will be fine.
Just go and bathe .
Am taking you to hospital”
” which hospital? “
Onyinye asked out of breathe.
She’s been running to catch up with Nma but it seems she’s a little bit late .
Her eyes widened as she stared at the lumps and bruises on Nma’s body .
Talk to me …
What happened to her?”
She asked again
” onyinye..
I should be asking you that ..
She’s your friend, you should know better..”
“Jesus …
Don’t tell me that father Anthony did this to you chidinma?”
She exclaimed in horror and Nma nodded in tears
No questions.
Wait here, let me lock the doors .
Let’s take her to hospital.
As for that priest, my God will judge him “
She said as she used the edge of her wrapper to wipe the tears that has already rolled down her chubby cheeks.
She Angrily marched inside to lock the doors.
Is only God that will fight this battle for them.
Who knows what might have happened, if God had not intervened.
Father Anthony later woke up in the hospital the next day .
News circulated that arm robbers invaded the parish house and nearly took his life . he couldn’t bring himself to reveal the truth .
At first, he had feared that the girl he molested will reveal the truth but he doubts if fear will allow her to actually spill the beans but what he seems to forget is that nothing is hidden from God Almighty.

And no matter how victorious it may appear , the wages of sin is death.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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