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Episode 02.

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She was shocked to the marrow
No!.. This shouldn’t be happening to her. This clearly shows that her dream will come to manifestation if she’s not careful. She stood still staring intently at the stranger before her that he wondered if he has any stain on his face.
Well, let her stare, he’s used to girls drooling and fighting over him..
Hers is not exception.
He smiled at his small victory
“wow so soon..
She’s already falling for me ”
He thought.
He cleared his throats and she woke up from her slumber of thoughts.
” hey… ”

He said softly flashing her one of his coolest smiles that no girl would ever resist but to his utmost dismay she threw her face away to the amusement of onyinye
” Am Daniel…
Am currently a new student, do you mind offering me some help…
Am kind of lost here… ”
He said calmly
” do I look like a Shepherd to you? ”
She asked trying her best not to let the anger that’s building up in her to consume her…
He’s even flirting with her
How dare he????…
” Am sorry…
Just don’t get me wrong…
I just want to know… ”

” she’s not interested in talking to you.
Don’t you get it ???..
Go find someone else that’s going to help you out. We’re already late for school.
Nma let’s go ”
Onyinye said and dragged her away

For some minutes, he was speechless..
No girl has treated him the way these dirty girls have done now
He looked at his well ironed uniform and neatly polished shoes and wondered the reason why they didn’t fall for his looks especially the one that called herself chidinma.
Deadly anger swelled up in him as he angrily kicked his tyres
“chidinma or whatever you call yourself, I will make you crawl at my feet and begged to be fucked
Nobody messes with me and goes scot free ”
He let out an evil grin and opened his car.
He has wasted his time enough, time to go to school and teach that peacock a lesson she won’t forget in a hurry


Onyinye helped her with everything she needed to do in her new school before settling down to her class. Luckily for her, she was placed in the same class with onyinye and that made her felt more comfortable even though it seems to her that everyone in her class is staring at her in an awkward manner .. The girls were jealous of her cos she’s far more the prettiest girl in school
The way the guys were staring at her is making her to puke
Especially that sinful soul she met on her way to school.
Well she can’t do anything but to ignore the demon from the pit of hell, he’s so annoying
Why did they have to place him as her seat mate In the first place???..
He’s sure sent in there to tempt her but she’s not going to let him succeed.
” mother Mary will never allow any harm to come to her daughter ”
She thought and did the sign of the cross.
The whole class burst into an uncontrollable laughter
They had been watching every of her moves…
They should laugh for all she cares..
She has made up her to be strong at all cost .


To Be Continued…. . . .

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