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Episode 18.

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What has Temmy done to this girl that is making her cry like that, and that will be the second lady around me crying today.

I hope Temmy did not do anything too harsh or hurtful”. I was still in thought when my phone rang again and this time it’s Janet. I wanted to ignore her call but felt she was just calling to know my well being.

Me: Hello Jane Janet: Hello Will, Please I need to see you (her voice cracking)

Me: Hope there is no problem Jane? Are you crying?

Janet: Please I have to see you. Can I come to your place?

Me: (Why is all of them crying now? Is today worlds’ crying day?)

Janet calm down. I took a drug and needed to rest. Why are you crying? Did somebody hurt you?

Janet: No, I really need to see you this evening.

Me: (Well I can’t leave Funmi here for you and I’m not too strong) Is it something we can discussed online?

Janet: No, it can’t be discussed online, it’s when I see you.

Me: Well you have to cool down first, maybe I should call you back because I can’t leave this place now and I need to rest, and I hope you understand that. Janet: Alright no problem. When are we going to see? Me: tomorrow or probably on Monday

Janet: Promise? Me: Yes I promise Janet: Thank you. I love you Oh! How I wish I can reply “I love you too” but that was some weeks ago. My affection for her has evaporated, faster than alcohol.

I initially thought she was crying because Temmy did something at their side.

Though, I trust Temmy not to go that far. Come to think of it, what’s making her to change her mind of a sudden, and what about her fiancé in abroad.

Well I refuse to be anybody’s extra tyre. Some minutes later, Temmy burst into the room, obviously angry

Me: Temmy what’s wrong?

Temmy: Sincerely what’s wrong with us? Sensing what he is likely going to say next, I covered his mouth giving him sign that Funmi is still around. He did calm down after hearing that Me: So what’s the problem? I received both Rachael and Janet’s call and they were both crying with Janet showing a funny expression of love towards me. I wonder how their room will look like this evening.

Temmy: I don’t care how it looks like but you offended me bro. Me: What did I do?

Temmy: Really when did we stop talking sense into each other’s brain

Me: We are growing up I guess Temmy: Damn that! I was going extremely astray and you let me. I got deluded with love and neglect my priorities yet you were just looking at me. From 100 level to 400 level, we read and go to night classes together but you’ve started going all alone while I wasted my life away at her side.

Me: Keep your voice down bro, we can’t make sense with anger.

Temmy: I am sincerely angry

Me: Just calm down okay. You did not waste your life away at her side, you spent your with the one you love. Besides we are grown up bro, we can’t always be on each others neck

Temmy: Why not? It make us behave well, put us in check and makes our academics to flow in a rivers of abundance.

Me: Yeah, you are right, but the moment we start having relationship, we have to put the ladies into consideration. It can’t be business as usual. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your fiancé to hate your best friend because he’s sharing her time.

Temmy: Seem this issue of dating is a wrong step at a very wrong time.

Me: No bro, we are the one that handled it wrongly. We are supposed to balance it up so that we don’t use present to affect the future and neither do we neglect our present for the unseen future. Balance is the key.

Temmy: You are right with that

Me: That’s why I told you not to take any harsh decision

Temmy: You don’t understand. I almost got you killed today and that makes fell very bad.

Me: You are not my supervisor that coerced me to go there, neither were you the one that reset my brain into factory default setting with plank. It wasn’t your fault. For how long was I off?

Temmy: Up to 3 minutes bro

Me: 3 minutes? And I had that long weird dream that looks like I was there since forever? Anyway, next time I’ll watch my mouth.

Temmy: You weren’t hit because of what you said. They only use that as an excuse. They hit you thinking you are me.

Me: How do you mean?

Temmy: The guy that hit you is Rachael’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend according to what she told me this evening.

Me: Really? That’s unpredictable. Why will he want to harm you?

Temmy: Because Rachael just broke up with him yesterday

Me: What? Yesterday like real yesterday?

Temmy: All these while I was the side guy, she was cheating on him with me

Me: I disagree with that bro. I have a feeling they’ve broken up a long time ago, maybe she just made it official yesterday.

Temmy: Official or not, they were dating and that does not justify why she never mention it to me.

Me: I don’t support lies, transparency is the key. But come to think of it, if she had told you, would you still go for her? Would your feelings remain the same? She was only trying not to hurt your feelings bro.

Temmy: And she’s not hurting my feeling now? Me: Yeah, poo happens bro. I even thought the issue was about beer.

Funmi entered the room from the kitchen, she was obviously listening to our conversation.

Funmi: Sorry to interrupt but will you guys like to eat now?

Me: Wao! That’s fast. I’m not ready to eat though

Temmy: Funmi leave food for now and let’s talk Funmi: I hope it won’t get too cold to eat. I’m all hears

Temmy: I don’t know if William has told you this, I don’t like what I saw today

Funmi: (sighs) I know and I’m so sorry.

Temmy: I know you are sincerely sorry, which is why I’m telling you this. You need to change Funmi.

Funmi: I know, I’ve tried to change several times but it never work. I’ve been drinking for a long time and do smoke sometimes too.

Temmy: You smoke too? You really need to stop girl, you are killing yourself you know that. You are a lady and you are going to be a mother. Her eye has started getting filled with tears again with her head going down gradually.

Me: Funmilola remember your promise to me. No crying remember?

Funmi: (Used her hand to wipe the tears) I’m sorry. Me: Listen, the way out of this is very simple. You have to do away with your friends that are encouraging this.

Funmi: You told me that before. But I’m going to need your help to do that. Will you help me? Me: Yes I will help. Continue with them and you’ll become worse.

Temmy: Also no going to party of any such again. Look for another hobby to replace partying with or you can be having cigarette and alcohol free party. Do away with any alcohol or cigarette in your possession. You want to be away from them as much as possible.

Funmi: Thank you

Temmy. I’ll try my best. You guys will have to help me through it, especially Will.

Temmy: He will.

Funmi: Thank you guys. I’m sorry for what I said to you at the party Me: No problem, you were on another level that time.

Funmi: I wasn’t really drunk. I knew what I was talking about then and I’m really sorry.

Me: Apology accepted.

Temmy: Guess we can eat now. Me: You guys should go on. I want to recollect my mysterious dream during the time I passed out.

Funmi: I’ll love to hear about it. Me: Believe me it is funny and mind blowing at the same time. Less I forget, Temmy you need to settle things with Rachael. She’s a good personality and she’s sorry.

Temmy: How can you tell?

Me: I told you she called me crying. She sound so sincere and I believe her. Please call her tonight before you sleep. You are the man you know. Try understanding things from her perspective. I’ll also speak with her when I get the chance to. It’s Rachael I wish to see in white when I best you

Temmy: Okay I’ve heard you, Rachael’s brother. Are you going to call Janet too?

Me: Call her to say what exactly? I’ll see her later

Temmy: Just be careful with her. I’ve lost trust in her totally after what I saw and heard about her. She got too many things to hide.

Funmi brought the hot amala and they continue on the consuming operation but I wasn’t able to join them as I felt so filled. I instead took some juice while we watch a movie on the system. Aramide did call me before I went to sleep, she asked about my health and said there is something we need to discuss. Uche did call again, but I neglect her call all the same. The funny thing that ended the night was from Janet’s text message. It reads “Baby I’m sorry I rejected you earlier. I’ve realized my mistake and I’m ready now. Please let’s talk tomorrow.

Dream of me, I love you”. Well I’m not the one in control of what my night dreams will be, so she’s in OYO. By the way, would you suggest I go back to her, with the possibility of her been engaged?

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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