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Episode 09.

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I checked my phone for the time and it’s some minutes after 2pm. I couldn’t believe I’ve stayed that long. As I was about slotting my phone back into my pocket it rang and it was Temmy.
Me: Hello boss
Temmy: Guy how far now, you said you’ll call, where are you?
Me: Long story boss, I’m on my way back home.
Temmy: Safe journey bro, Rachael and Janet ask you to bring something unique from Akure.
Me: O boy, I did noy go to Akure, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you everything when I’m back. I’ll get them something though.
Temmy: Alright bro. I’ll be going to their side anytime soon
Me: No probs, hope my food is still intact.
Temmy: I’m not sure, later bro.

Him saying “not sure” means they’ve probably consume the food. With the way I’m feeling hungry, I decided to do what’s unusual of me. I branched at eatery. I must confess, I don’t have that thing for eatery. This will be my second time of entering or eating in any eatery since I gained admission to the school. The first being when I was trying to impress Sandra. I took her there on my birthday while I was in two hundred level.

I entered the popular eatery close to my lodge and met some extremely dressed ladies occupying more than half of the seats, chatting and making jest of each other, laughing out loud not minding others sited there. I went straight to the attendant to order for fried rice. While ordering for rice, the ladies suddenly stop laughing leaving the whole place silent except for the TV commentary. Just like every other persons in the eatery, I looked towards their direction to see why they stopped, lo and behold they were all staring at me. I withdrew my eye and the attendant
Me: Is something wrong with me?
Attendant: (looked at me and smile) You are okay sir,
Me: So why are they staring at me?
Attendant: You don’t know?
Me: I’m lost
Attendant: You are looking great.
Me: (looked at myself again) thanks, but that shouldn’t be a reason for staring. By the way how on earth is this combination attractive?
Attendant: Looks great on you
Me: Thank you (smiling)
Attendant: Drink?
Me: Bottle water.

Their silence makes more audible the commentary coming from the plasma TV located at a corner. I found my way to the other side of the eatery staring at the football highlights being displayed. In a short while my food was brought and I started to do justice to it. I took my time eating, simply because I was enjoying the football highlights. The football highlights ended and started that of baseball or cricket, I don’t really know the difference and this made me focus on my food. As I was about to finish the meal, an attendant place placed a chill Five-A-Live juice on my tray.
Me: I’m sorry, I did not order for this
Attendant2: One of the ladies asked me to put it for you.
Me: Which one? (I looked to their side only to discover they’ve left)
Attendant2: She has left
Me: I’m sorry I’ll have to return this, I don’t even have the belly I’ll drink all this to. I’m filled up already, thanks to this water.
Attendant2: She already paid for it. You can take it home

This is not good for my ego. I don’t even know who to say thank you to the next time I see them. I stood up and went straight to the attendant to pay. I tendered a One thousand Naira note to her.
Attendant: Your meal has been paid for
Me: (confused now) by who?
Attendant: The same person that bought you the juice
Me: Please can you describe her to me? Do you know her personally?
Attendant: She said she’ll get to you
Me: Really?
Attendant2: Don’t worry bros, she’s the rich one among them, others are mere following.
Attendant: She’s also cool and kindhearted. She’s not a bad girl like her friends.
Me: Hmm, alright thank you. You guys can buy airtime with this then.

I handed over the 1000 note to them to which they were both happy and appreciative. I needed to do that to earn a little of my pride back. I headed home from the eatery, trying to know which of the ladies it could be. I realized I did not look at them long enough, I’m not sure I’ll recognize any of them.
I got to my room and decided to take a nap. I put the fan on while listening to a rock selection with Taylor Swift’s “You belong to me” first on the track list. It was the knock on the door that brought me back to consciousness.
Me: Yes who is it?
Person: It’s me (her voice sounded like that of our next room neighbor Ronke)
Me: (I opened the door and saw her holding a nylon bag) What’s up Ronke, it’s been long I set my eye on you. Will you come in?
Ronke: I’m not coming in jare, my project is really eating up everything about me
Me: Oh, sorry.
Ronke: You are enjoying now, at least you can sleep. I’m only here to pick something
Me: Then use that opportunity to rest
Ronke: You don’t understand, my eye must not leave those rats
Me: It’ll soon be over, don’t worry.
Ronke: Thanks. I saw one of my faculty mate outside our lodge and she asked me to give you this (she handed the bag to me and left immediately)
Me: Thank you Ronke
Ronke: You are welcome

“Now this is getting weirder, who is this one again? And she said “she”. Who do I know in the faculty of medical sciences?” I opened the bag and saw two packages, one cloth-like and the other like a letter, both well wrapped. I decided to open the letter first and it read “please call me if you recognize the cloth. Funmi 080…”.

“Funmi? I don’t think I know any Funmi”. I unwrapped the cloth, lo and behold it was my cardigan. Now it’s making sense, and I could now remember her name was Funmilola. I picked my phone dial the number on the short note and my phone displays “Funmilola”. I terminated the call immediately, “how did her number got saved on my phone?”. I was still thinking how this could be possible when she called back. I ignore the call, picking it would mean I flashed her to call back. While trying to remember the scenario of that day I recollect she took my phone for a while. That must be how she stored the number without my knowledge. I dialed the number again and she picked up.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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