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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 12.

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So exams came and past and boom it was holiday.

I was back home, reminiscing about what has happened in school last term, My Facebook account was blowing up with friend requests of girls from our school.

Even Deborah my crush sent a request.
Debbie was my classmate, pretty innocent looking girl with seductive lips.
I have stalked her trying to get her attention to no avail but here was my chance.

I used my big brother’s phone to snap h*t pictures with my new clothes just to live up to my reputation.

One afternoon, I got a message from Debbie , the was a big smile all over my face.

I replied and we got talking.
We gisted till we were out of topics and then I asked ” How her holiday is going? ”

” so boring ” she replied

Things got interesting when she told me where she stays (few streets from mine) and how her dad travels and her mom is always at the shop.

Everywhere just set but how would I make her invite me.

I decided to always buy big something from her mom’s shop till I became her favorite customer.

Things went well, I was always buying stuffs above five hundred (N500) .

One day I ran into Diana at the shop, and the mum was busy praising me to her about how I patronize her and blah blah blah (this woman doesn’t know I want to f**k her daughter).

I started meeting Diana at the mum’s shop, gisting with her whenever I want to buy stuffs till one day I went there and she wasn’t at the shop .

“Mama where is Diana? ” I inquired
” She is at home, not feeling too well” she replied .

I went online and her last seen was 23hrs ago.
Hay ghad!!! What is wrong with her.

I decided to check her at home.
I knocked at the door knowing fully well that only she would be home.

No response, decided to check the backyard and there she was…… Beautiful as ever, I’m thinking she’s straight out of the bathroom cause she’s hanging her p*nties and towel with a wrapper over her body like shawarma.

” Diana ” I whispered
She almost jumped out of her skin.

” What are you doing here, you will get me in trouble ” she dragged me inside to avoid nosy neighbours .

” Mum told me you were sick, was checking up on you” I replied .

She laughed ” I’m not sick, I just wanted to escape shop for today.

” You beautiful ” I complimented her
Getting close and k*ssing her. She reciprocated throwing her hands over my shoulders.

k*ssing her and playing with her shy b**bs, dropped on hand to her thighs and ran my hands inbetween her bare skin till I reached a well shaved p***sy, wet and messed up.

Going inside might make her change her mind, so I saw on a bench while she sat on me.

Taking all of me inside as she held my throat, having a little vibration .
Her warm p***sy squeezing the life of my d**k so tight.

I began pumping my d**k in and out of Diana’s p***sy as she bounced up and down on me.

My thick co*k in constant contact with her sensitive cl*t as she m*aned.

“Don’t stop please, hit me harder ” she begged in a slutty tone.

I grabbed her hair and went AWOL on that p***sy.
I knew my holiday just got better

While I was making a whore out of innocent Diana her jnr sister caught us.

Threatened to tell her mum, after so much begging. She agreed to a deal.

Wanna know what the deal was?

Chill till the next episode
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To Be Continued….. . . . .

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