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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 11.

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Being the s*x toy of the head girl made me popular, she comes to check on me, send snacks to me, well I stop doing labour and was always in her classroom or assisting her supervise other work.

Snr Halima was her best friend. She’s Hausa, daughter of an ex military officer. She got big a*s always bouncing around in her tight skirt.

One day during labour while I was with Snr Sophia, Snr Halima walked giving me a dirty seductive look and whispered into Sophia’s ear .

She laughed and looked at me saying “I don’t think he is strong enough”.

Halima replied ” don’t be a quick judge ” .

I was confused about what they were saying but with Snr Sophia by my side
“Oh well f*ck it, no one is touching me”.

Halima grabbed me up sat on the desk and stroked my d**k

Damn, her soft palms were turning me on.

It’s been so long I had something huge, sure I could take all of it

Sophia and Halima giggled.

” Just take it easy on him ” Sophia begged
I know how bitchy you are, she added

She grabbed me in between her legs shifting her flower panties one side and slip my d**k inside.

It’s been a while since halima got a thick d**k tingling her p***sy.
“oh yes, oh it feels so good, oohh f*ck me!! ” Halima mo*ned .

Raising my head up I could see Sophia at the window peeping to avoid us being caught but damn was she rubbing her cl*ts and playing with her boobs.

My d**k all covered in the hot juice of Halima
Not wanting to get off as she locked her legs and played with my n*pples while my stiff hard d**k kept thrusting in.
Constantly making contact with her cl*t .


Her pretty firm b**bs were rock hard.

God! I need some of that d**k, Sophia couldn’t hold back
Walking towards our desk .

Halima grabbed her and they started kissing. What I usually see on p*rn was right before my eyes.

Sophia went wild telling her to s*ck her breast as she fed them to the waiting mouth of Halima.

I could feel my balls tightening, damn the tight juicy p***sy and the crazy scene was just too much.

Six shots and I had empty my sac inside halima.

I wasn’t done, I took my d**k out as Sophia stuck her fingers inside the wet messed up p***sy of Halima. Fingering her as my s*men dripped down her a*s.

I got myself hard enough on Time and went behind Sophia .
She raised on leg and kept on the desk.
I moved my hands up to her bre*st and began playing with the hard nip*les, Halima had s*ck .

I looked at Sophia’s fat a*s, running my hands all over it, squeezing her a*s cheeks. I got on my knees and kissed it, running my tongue lightly in the crack of her a*s.

Using the juice dripping out of her wet p***sy to rub round her a*s.

I got up and thrust in my hard d**k inside, as her tight p***sy squeezed my d**k causing her to collapse on Halima while I took over the fingering work.

Fingering Halima and f*cking Sophia while they both kiss each other was the bomb.

This put me on the edge, Like the very age.
I announced that I was c*mming

And both Sophia and Halima got on their knees as Sophia s*cked and stroke my d**k so fast.

Soon I was nutting all over the faces of this ladies with satisfaction.

“I told you don’t be a quick judge” Halima said licking off the c*m with a big smile


Run along its time for dinner, I wore my short and ran out cause I was damn exhausted and hungry .

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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