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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 10.

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Out of the hospital like a king.
Body count already at three (3) .

Henry couldn’t wait to gist me about the numerous girls he has fingered

Ah I exclaimed.. Just one day I was sick and you have gone far.

Well, we are the hot cakes now and I’m not dulling for any reason. Henry replied.

I laughed and gisted him about the hospital saga.

During assembly the next , I was standing on the line jejely when my classmate tapped me and whispered “Head girl wants to see you after assembly ”

WTF! What did I do, I thought.

Snr Sophia was one rude fierce lady. She even had power over the head boy. No one dares her.
I have been escaping traps since I got to this school.

After assembly, I went to the back were prefects , there she was with her perfectly iron shirt.

She excused herself from the rest and walked towards me,
You!! She commanded pointing at me.

Yes snr I calmly replied.

She took a hard long stare and me .
So you are the guy making all this little girl know what a d**k feels likes .

Sorry snr.. I don’t understand.

Before I could raise my head up, a heavy clap collapsed on my face.
Follow me!!! she ordered .

We got to an old classroom where I was facing the wall with my hands up. No one dares interfere in the head girls matter. So I was left to face my judgement.

Facing the wall and thinking what I did wrong. Just then I felt her hands around my zip before I could say jack she stared caressing my c*ck, before I could say Robinson my hard d**k out.

Well you not that bad, at least you can feel the wall the wall of my p**sy.

Now get on your knees, I got on my knees and just like that I was facing the bald p**sy of the head girl.

Now eat it.. My hands tried to hold her thighs but I got clapped
“Don’t hold me ” she commanded still pressing my head, suffocating me

I had to step up my game, eating her till her legs were high above my head.
The head girl is w*t for me was all I could think about.

I kept on eating her p**sy till she couldn’t help it

“F**ck me already ”
She was ready to be f**cked, she so wanted my d**k to slide in and out of her and rub her clit. She began to move slowly licking her legs around me as I increase the pace, keeping steady eye contact as I tatatatatata her. She was good, m*aning and holding my neck as she enjoyed every thrust.

I could feel my balls starting to tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I c*m. Snr Sophia stiffened and had a crazy orgasm.
Sophia yelled “choke me, please choke me, I was c*mming.

From now I’m your new school mother, whatever you want, come and meet me.

From Miss Jumoke to Maria to Mirabel and now the great Snr Sophia

My rise to the top just got better

To Be Continued…. . . .

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