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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 09.

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News got out around the students of how good I was, well me and Henry.

I would meet love notes hidden in my locker from anonymous girls who didnt know how I might react .

One day I broke my leg and had to be hospitalized in the sick bay.
I hated the smell of drugs and the rude nurses at the bay.

Lots of girls came to my window to tell me sorry, get well soon thingy. I was like a mini celebrity.

Like on the same bed with me was Mirabel, the most shy girl in school. I can count the number of time I have heard her talk.

She got curves, sweet seductive curves.
Thoughts of Fucking her ran thru my head but arrgghh ” you are sick nigga ” was the replied I got.

Around 12 it was light out, all the nurses had gotten somewhere they would sleep. I couldn’t sleep, guess I still had my eyes on Mimi.

I had to bring up a conversation if I wanted to fuck this chick.

Mimi, are you awake? I asked

No, I can’t sleep.. The smell of drugs is making me sick she replied.

Why can’t you sleep she asked

Weather it’s the devil or konji , I don’t know but I said ” I want to fuck you ”


The was a cold silence .

Mhen, I have fucked up I said to myself.

Hmm, aren’t you scared of the nurses catching us she inquired.

Who cares about them I replied with confidence.

I knew she was interested and scared,
I went to her bed held her from behind…….. Her cold breath as my hands grabbed held of her boobs, squeezing those tiny boobs and playing with her nipples.

Pleasure she hasn’t had before, she held my hand as her kissed her neck.
I could tell she was holding her moan.

Lifted her night gown up as I shifted her pant and fingered her. She kissed me, moaning inside my mouth .

” I have never been so wet like this, even when I masturbate ” she confessed.

I stuck my dick inside her wet pussy. It was so tight.

Welcoming me with with a tight grip, her soft innocent moan can’t be compared with the steady pounding I was giving her pussy.

She let out a cry ” I will cum ”
I didn’t stop. I kept on pounding till she vibrated and moaned out .

When to my bed and all we did was laugh.

To Be Continued…… . . 

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