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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 08.

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Henry got excited as usual because, well, his head was filled was nasty things that could happen.

I just laid on my bed thinking about what will happen.

It was time for lesson and we file up to match to our classes. I slip a paper to Maria telling her to come to Miss Jumoke’s office. She smiled and I left, few minutes after Henry followed and then she joined lastly.

” Well I heard you and Henry were peeping around my office when you were suppose to be in class “Jumoke questioned them.

No ma they chorused, we came to call him (them pointing at me) to class.

I sat quietly just staring at them.

Maria you want to see his d**k right Jumoke teased her. It’s huge, can you handle it.

Her voice trembled as she barely replied no nonchalantly .

Okay, let’s get the show started Jumoke gave a weird smile. Maria take out his d**k.

Henry was already hard thinking about whatever was going through his head.

I kept calm as Maria unzip me and took out my d**k .

” Now s*ck it ” Jumoke ordered

But ma I called Maria replied.

Henry come over here let me show her demo.

Henry’s d**k wasn’t bigger than mine. But it was sure big. Jumoke took all of it inside her mouth. I could see Maria paying close attention to how Henry was s*cked.

I could hold much long, I forced Maria on my d**k. Making her take all of it inside.
If she wasn’t gonna be a bitch, I will so make her on.

She s*cked on my d**k till her saliva covered it..gagging on it and breathing heavily.

Henry on the other side had gone so far, spanking and f**king Jumoke with so much aggression.

The sweet sound of her thighs hitting on him was enough to make you know he wasn’t playing.

” yes daddy, give it to me harder. Please don’t stop ” Jumoke turned to plea with henry .

” You are a whore ” Henry said still spanking and spreading her ass cheek.

” Yes, yes a bad one. Punish me ” . Tears rolled down Miss Jumoke’s face.

Things like that got me so so into beast mode as I turned Maria around lifted up her gown, shifted her pant one side and drilled that monster d**k inside.

Godddddd!!!!!! Maria let out a moan.
Slowly I started increasing the pace, banging her till her legs were vibrating.

“f**k me harder, please don’t stop” Maria was moaning out as I kept on hitting her hard from behind. Her gown all over her ass and would have sweaty stain but she didn’t care.

I grabbed her neck and began to choke her to also keep her quiet cause her moan were getting louder .

It was like she was possessed as she twerked on me like a pro. I couldn’t hold back as I c*mmed all over the floor.

That’s when I realized that Henry was exhausted and Miss Jumoke was still rubbing her cl*ts m**turbating at the scene of me and Maria.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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