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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 07.

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” Maria ” Henry called out in shock

What are you doing here he asked

Biology teacher is in class and I came to get you guys she replied

But the way why are you peeping through Miss Jumoke’s window eh

” Nothing, let’s go back to class”Henry tried taking her to class

” Let me go ” she replied and opened the door to meet hard d**k inside Jumoke’s honeypot.

Oh my God!! Maria shouted. What are you guys doing.

Before I could say jack, she ran out straight .

I’m so so dead I said to myself

We are so dead Jumoke replied she trying to get me hard.

Please I have to go back to class now I begged running out .

When I got to class, the biology teacher has already gone far, I sneaked inside unnoticed and there was the bulking eyes of Maria staring at me.

After the class, I went to meet Maria to beg her not to tell anyone about what happened earlier. She didn’t say anything, just staring at me like I was some mad man.

“Wouldn’t you say anything “I inquired

So you are fucking jumoke eh, no wonder you are forming big boy for me.

That’s not true I cut in
You are still my friend and I don’t form for you.

Sha I wouldn’t tell on one condition she replied with a grin .

What could that be I asked

I want to see you d**k that’s all

Wait see my d**k why, I’m not showing you anything I replied standing up

Oh I will just tell the principal then.. I could see the seriousness in her eyes .

Okay fine, this evening during lesson.. We will meet up I assured her.

I met up with Henry and told him about Maria’s propaganda.
He suggested I tell Miss Jumoke about it before agreeing.

Good idea!!

I went to Jumoke’s office and discussed it with her.
She smiled and said so she wants to see the d**k. Maybe she wants to have a taste.

Well during lesson invite her to my office and also come with Herny.


To Be Continued….. . . .

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