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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 06.

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Henry ran after me

My gee wait for me, I just wanted to get somewhere I could wash my face far away from Jumoke’s office.

We got to a nearby tap and I stopped to wash my face, waiting for Henry to bombard me with questions.
He stopped and hugged me so tight.

“Why are you hugging me Henry” I asked

“Guy so you weren’t lying about you and Jumoke” I could see a big smile on his face

Why should I lie? I asked with a stern look

Well how would I believe you ‍♂️

Henry why were you peeping I asked him

” Well I looked for you at the hostel and didn’t find you
Then Dayo said you were with Miss Jumoke so I figured to see what you two were up to “he replied adjusting his collar.

What if she saw you eh, what would you say

” Relax man, I was watching you two, there was no way she could have saw me.
But man you a bad p***sy eater, next time she asked you to see her please let me know so I be your eyes ” he added

I smiled and pushed him away while we headed to the hostel.

The next morning , Maria came to my desk smiling and all acting weird.
Being so nice and touching my face.

Maria, what is the problem? Why are you being so nice I asked

So I can’t be nice to my crush eh she replied with a smile

Maria please go away I laughed over the crush thing.

Just then Dayo came to tell me that Miss Jumoke was calling me.

Maria murmured ” You and this Miss Jumoke sef and left for her seat.

I took a piece of paper and wrote follow me and drop it off Henry’s hand and left to see my queen .

On getting to her office, she was moody. Her beautiful smile was lost..
What is wrong MA I asked with care

She began apologising about yesterday and yen yen yen. I didn’t come for this

It’s okay, it felt good I tried to cheer her up

She smiled and nodded her head

She was on a tight long skirt which showed her curves and as usual I got h*rd.

After two encounter with her I was bold enough to make advance.
So I sat on the table my already h*rd dick facing her.

You this boy, you weren’t like this she teased me

Well you spoiled me I replied trying to unzip my short.

Let me help you with that. She took my dick out and gulped in a huge amount of saliva.

Her warm mouth welcome and dick and started playing and stroking it slowly.

I whispered in her ear ” I want to f**k you ”

She smiled raise her skirt up and whispered ” yes Master ”

I just wanted to f**k that big a*s
So I bend her over, shifted her pant one side and slip my dick inside her wet p***sy.

She groan as all of me when in.
“I have never f**ked a p***sy before
This is better than I imagined ” I said in my mind

Pounding her and spanking her a*s, grabbing her b**bs as the bounce with every thrusting, the thought of f**king her with her clothes on dragged me to climax.

Just went I lifted my head, there was henry giving me thumbs up.

I could feel my cum reach the tip of my dick .

I will cum MA I struggled to talk

Cum over my a*s she replied bitting her tongue and playing with her nipples.

I lost control and nutted all over her a*s

Just then a voice shouted “Henry what are you doing there? ”
I could recognize that voice
It was Maria ‍♂️

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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