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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 05.

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I followed her quietly like a sheep about to be slaughtered .

” Where are we going to ma ” I asked
” Some where we can have fun ” she replied smiling.

Ah fun?
Was I about to get laid I thought.
Maybe it’s just the normal b**wjob but I will take my chances I concluded.

We got to her office ,and knowing it was just me and her.. I got hard thinking about how I want to f**k her till she calls me daddy.

Why are you smiling she asked with a stern look.
I didn’t call you here to do anything with you she stomped her authority.

I’m in shocked, so why we here ma I asked with curiosity.

She smiled and sat on the table , spread her legs and drag me close to her.
Took my hands to her p***sy and whispered ” feel how w*t you make me ”

And damn yes she was so w*t..Thick w*tness. The one that you will know she has reach stage 7 .

Eat me up she commanded as she spread her legs up balancing her back on the table.

This was when I had to bring my watching of p**n experience.

I bury my face in between her thighs and French kissed her p***sy . Placed my thumb on the clit, putting the pressure of them while I used my tongue to tease her hole .

“You’re a bad boy ” she moaned bitting her lip .

Ikr ….. There was this vanilla flavor taste whenever my tongue touched her p***sy.
I couldn’t just stop, I fingered her and still kept my tongue on her w*t p***sy.

Her hands all over my head..
At one point, she begged me to stop, Begging and trying to push me away
But I was forming bad guy
And boom
She squirted all over my face.

She got up and started begging and apologizing.
I didn’t know what to do or say

I was my first time. I just ran out of her office. Just to meet Henry peeping at the window

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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