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Teacher JumokeEpisode 04.

Henry was already waiting for me at the hostel
Oboy gist me.. Wetn sup you and s*xy Jumoke( as we usually call her) .

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“She gave me a b**wjob ” I replied still thinking about what happened.

Henry laughed hysterically that tears came down his eyes
You say wetin(him still laughing) .
“Go to the sick bay and report that you losing your mind over a teacher ” he replied while standing up.

I didn’t know how to prove it, I just stared at him as he walked out of my corner still laughing.
At the dinning hall, I barely had one spoon of my food. Thoughts of what happened couple with why Henry wouldn’t believe me.
I made up my mind that I wouldn’t think about it cause I was already having serious headache.

The next day a Monday, a start of a new week. Every student looked neat and so did I .
We were to have Mathematics during the third period. Chemistry was first, how I wished time ran like the water in our tap.
I just wanted to see Miss Jumoke. Finally it was the third period, my eyes fixed on the window to see her walk down our class.

Twenty minutes gone and no sign of her. She barely miss classes, what could happen.
Was she ashamed of what happened but she made us do it , I tried justifying myself .
I stood up and went to check in her office, but she wasn’t there.
I was so sad, why wouldn’t she come to school. I went back to classes and barely followed up what they were doing, I was norm and just staring with my head doing multiple thinking.
Finally, school was over and no sign of Miss Jumoke, if she didn’t come to school in the morning what makes you feel she will come for lesson (me and my inner man discussing) .

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I tried to cheer myself up, gisting with the guys and making noise just to forget her.
Well it did work, I was trying to read during our prep time since Miss Jumoke wasn’t coming no more till I heard “Goodmorning Miss Jumoke ” the class greeted.
I lifted my face up and there she was.
It was like the movies, breeze blowing her hair and her smile captivating me.

Well lesson went on and she acted like she didn’t see or should I say ignore my existence.

What could be wrong ?
Why is she doing this to me?
Maybe it was just a one day something.

The bell rang and lesson was over, it was sport time and everyone ran out of the class, I tried locking my deck to meet up with the rest .

” No sports for you, follow me ” Miss Jumoke ordered.

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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