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Teacher Jumoke

Episode 02.

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My short stained with my hot c*m and some droplets on my hand. I manage to stand up, trembling as if I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Cmon don’t be shy, we are all Learning .The soft comforting words of Miss Jumoke got me hard in an instant .

I stood up thinking if she noticed it or not. Before I knew it. She barked at me ” follow me ” and stormed out of the class .

Or shit I’m in big trouble…. I hurried and followed her, not minding the c*m stains on my short.

We got to her office and she ordered me to kneel down, she sat down pressing her phone and not even saying why I was being punished.

Her pen fell of the table and she ordered I pick it up, I bend down and holy shit!!!!

A fresh p**sy!!! She was p*ntless and well shaved …. I stared at it for a while before picking up the pen and giving it to her. Did she do it intentionally or something . Question flew into my head.

Why aren’t you concentrating in class… I’m I not teaching you good enough

You are a great teacher ma.. I promise to pick up I said with my eyes fixed on her b**bs.

Will sucking my b**bs make you pick up faster, cos I noticed how you stare at them.

This was my chance but how would I reply without being caught inbetween cross fire.

No ma ,I will pick up just fine I murmured

What can you say about the c*m on your short, she asked with her eyes fixed on me

The devil in my head shouted ” Busted ”
So she saw it, damn what should I say

It’s a stain ma, my voice trembled

I will be teaching and you will be staring at me and be wanking yourself.. Do you think it’s only you that like enjoyment.
She said this with a big smile dropping her phone and staring at me. My d**k made a kick……….

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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