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Episode 19.

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Lara smiled absent mindedly at herself, its been a month since Tony left, he’l be back soon.
“Can’t wait!” she said aloud to the empty room.
She decided to call him…
“Hello Baby?” Tony’s voice said from the other end.
“Good morning to you.”
“morning how do you do? Hope you slept well?”
Tony asked.
“Not that well, and you?” she made a face as she spoke.
“same here, missing ya loads.” he laughed.

“So you’re coming back this weekend?”
“Nooo, the doctor said I should for two weeks more.” Tony explained.
“Oooh” she groaned.
“hey hey hey! Two weeks is just like two days, no need for that okay? I’ll be back soon. There are many thing I’d like to show you!” he said soothingly.
“Many things? Like?” she laughed and on and on, their conversation went till the door bell rang.
“Hey hold on! I’ll call ya later.” Lara said before ending the call.
Deji was at the door.

“ah! Ore mi atata, my friend, welcome!” she hugged Deji.
“This one you are looking fresh ehn?” Deji teased.
“You can say that again.” Lara giggled as she served her friend.
“When is the hubby coming back now?” Deji asked gently.
Lara was taken aback, Deji never referred to Tony as ‘the hubby’ before,
“Errrm, i just called him on phone, he said next two weeks..” she explained.
“Next two weeks!” Deji echoed after her, she looked pleased by the information.
“Yea!” lara felt a strange feeling, she knew Deji very well, that look on her face isn’t for nothing.
“Excuse me!” deji said as she made a call.
“Hello, Lady?” she said.

“The client should be in town in the next fourteen days, yea, business should be cool!” she smiled mischievously.
“Okay, bye, get all arrangements ready please.”
she ended the call.
“The client? Next fourteen days?” Lara asked quietly.
“Yea, just some sort of business.” Deji avoided her eyes.
“Business? What type?”

“Oooh, Lara please! I didn’t come here for an interview na!” she laughed.
“Okay” Lara sighed. Deji has been acting strangely for some time now. She hope there won’t be troubles.
“So tell me girlie! How’s Tony? His health?” Deji shoved her playfully.
Lara laughed, some how she felt more relaxed.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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