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Episode 15.

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“No darling, you can’t do that, look at his condition” Ifiora forced his wife back into her seat.
“We’re here to rule out some case, not to fight.
Tony, Lara’s mum came to us, she wants you to divorce her daughter…” Ifiora gestured towards Funke.

“Yes o! Be ni! You must to divorce my daughter
o! My daughter can’t marry an impotent man o!
Lai lai!” Funke started to rant.
Amara exchanged looks with her husband.

“I meant it o! Its me Funke that talk it! I need grand children, and they don’t fall from heaven shey you know that! A man must to perform ni, and when you can’t perform, we’ll look elsewhere.” Funke’s body shook as she ranted, her gold bangles making chipping sounds.
Tony bit his lower lips. Life could be cruel sometimes.
“that’s so rude! We are not quarrelling here!”
Amara tried to pacify Funke.

“Robb ke! Mentholatum ni! The quarell has just begun niye o! Tell your impotent son to divorce my daughter o!” Funke turned to face Amara aggressively.
“Please calm down.” Ifiora told her.
“See who is talking! Like father like son! Who knows maybe you too is an impotenti?…”

“You don’t dare insult my husband!” Amara shot back at her.
“How can you become this lousy? Is it how you Yoruba’s behave?”
“Behave ke! You will soon see behaviour! Let me go and tell her fathers people that’s when you’ll see the real Yoruba behaviour. Oshi!” Funke yelled at her before stamping out the room.
Amara gaped at her. People change so easily, could this be the same woman whom they lavished so much money on?

To Be Continued…. . . .

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