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[STORY] MY CHILD (Episode 01)




Episode 01.

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Doctor Uchechukwu Nweke was a medical doctor in one of the government hospitals in the state. Besides that, he had his private clinic which was better known for the services it offered to elderly people. Doctor Uche as he was called was the fourth child of his parents. He had two older brothers and one older sister. He was eleven years younger than his elder sister who was his immediate senior sibling. He was treated as the baby of the house by his family members who loved him dearly. They (the family) made sure he had all the care and provision he needed to grow. In the society, his brilliance and kind heart endeared him to people. He was academically sound and socially fit. In his private time, his father Mr Nweke, had always referred to Uche as a blessing in disguise.

When Uche was twelve years old, his mother died due to the negligence and mistakes of the doctor who attended to her. Her death was a heavy blow to Uche who was the closest to her at that point. As the baby of the house with siblings who were way older, Uche became his mother’s pet and was always in her comfort. Learning that his beloved mother’s death was caused by human mistakes, Uche decided to become a doctor and help save people from dying out of human errors. With determination and support from his family, Uche made his decision a reality and became a medical doctor. After his housemanship, he was luckily employed by the government in one of its hospitals. Few years later, with the help of his siblings who were well placed in the society, Uche was able to establish his own clinic which he named ‘Humanity Clinic’.

True to its name, Humanity Clinic showed true humanity. Doctor Uche made sure the charges for their services were affordable. He always allowed patients to buy their prescribed drugs from anywhere of their choice. Also, he paid extra attention to aged people and made sure they found comfort in ‘Humanity Clinic’. His clinic was more of an NGO. Due to the act of kindness which oozed out from doctor Uche’s clinic, his patients base increased daily and he was grateful to God for using him to touch lives positively. He was that good.


One day, a woman in her fifties came to the clinic and requested to see the doctor. She was a new patient so a new folder was opened for her. Just as was the practice, her vitals were checked and they were within the normal range. She was then led in to see doctor Uche. On sighting doctor Uche, the woman gaped and staggered slightly backwards. Doctor Uche rushed to her, held her and led her to a sit directly opposite his. The woman bent her head and rested it on the table for a while. Doctor Uche allowed her to regain herself before asking her what brought her to the hospital. When she raised her head, she couldn’t speak. She just moped at doctor Uche who was confused. “Are you alright Ma?”, the doctor kept asking as she looked him directly in the eyes.

After a long of staring doctor Uche in the face, the woman said “I’m your mother.” That statement amused and at the same time surprised him. He thought the woman was having a psychological stress from the loss of a child and tried to calm her down. But the woman repeated what she said, this time being more direct and exact. “Uchechukwu, I am your biological mother”, she repeated. Doctor Uche calmly refuted her claims by giving her a few facts about himself. “Ma’am, my mother died years ago. I don’t know who you think I am but I’m not your child. My name is Uchechukwu Nweke and I’m the son of Mr Linus and late Mrs Edith Nweke”, Uche calmly told the woman. “I know who you are my son. You have just told me who you think you are”, the woman insisted.

Doctor Uche was beginning to get upset by the woman’s insistence but didn’t want to sound rude to her. He still believed the woman was having a post traumatic stress disorder from the loss of a child and he didn’t want to aggravate her problems. “I suggest you meet a psychiatrist ma’am”, Uche told her. The woman didn’t say anything again. She just stood and walked towards the door. She halted just by the door and said “you have a dark patch on your inner thigh, just beside you scrotal sack”. Uche froze momentarily. The dark patch on he had on his inner thigh could have only been known to his family members and not a strange woman who had popped out of nowhere, claiming to be his mother. He wondered how she could have known. As he was still wondering, the woman added “that dark patch was a birthmark nature used to distinguish you from my others. I was the first person to see it on the day I gave birth to you, my son.”

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Doctor Uche’s heart started racing, his confusion heightened and his countenance changed instantly. He barely managed to ask the woman who had put him in quagmire to leave his office before sinking back into his seat. In his mind, he wondered if what the woman said was true. He decided to relate his encounter with the woman to his father and find out if there was any truth in the woman’s claims.

What did his father say?

Find out!!!

To Be Continued…. . . .

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