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[STORY] IKENNA (Episode 10)




Episode 10.

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If there was one thing Ikenna had learned to like besides fucking a beautiful a*s it was preparing an a*shole for a good riming. After several minutes of finger fucking her p***sy and a*shole, Ikenna couldn’t wait any longer and he had to get his d**k back in her beautiful a*s. He had been thinking about her a*s all week. Ikenna removed his fingers and lined up the head of his d**k at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly.

Ikenna’s d**k head popped through easily and Aisha let out a little groan as the large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her a*s. Aisha let out a groan as her rear pa*sage was stretched once again to accommodate his d**k. She didn’t even think about the possibility of pain any longer since she had been broken in the last time by Ikenna.

Ikenna felt her a*shole tighten around him and he continued to slowly stroke in and out of her tight a*s until every inch was tightly packed up her rectum. Aisha really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. Ikenna began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as he penetrated her with long hard strokes that used the entire length of his thick d**k. Aisha was going wild as she loved the feel of his d**k as it pulled out and then came crashing back in as his big heavy balls bounced off her p***sy. Aisha was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When Ikenna reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded with yet another orgasm.

Ikenna continued to hammer her a*s with long strokes, then suddenly he felt that familiar tension in his balls and he knew he was close. Ikenna began to pound his raging d**k harder into her jiggling a*s in search of his release, which also increased the intensity of her orgasm.
She was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the cover of the bed begging him to c-m. Ikenna felt powerful and dominant with his impressive d**k stuffed up the beautiful a*s of Sade’s mother who at that moment could not get enough of him. Aisha lay submissively before Ikenna on all fours as he towered above her like some stud with a strong s*xual hold on her.

He took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into Aisha’s a*s. Ikenna did that three or four more times and then he let out a loud groan as he emptied his seed deep into her bowels. Ikenna couldn’t believe how much c-m he produced this time as his d**k continued to hammer into Aisha’s a*s.
When Ikenna was finished he pulled out of her a*s and Aisha collapsed on the bed utterly spent. He slumped down next to her quivering body. Ikenna looked over at Aisha and he noticed his seed oozing from her a*shole as it had the last time.

It resembled a natural spring as c-m just seemed to bubble up when she tried to relax her quivering anus. Ikenna once again couldn’t resist the urge to finger Aisha’s a*shole. He reached over and fingered her a*s pushing c-m back into her hole then he removed his finger and watched as Aisha squeezed some c-m back out of her a*s.
Ikenna fingered her again and made a little game of pushing c-m back in and watching Aisha push it back out.
“I’m ready for that tea now,” he whispered.

Ikenna got out of bed and put just his shorts on. Aisha put her gown back on without even looking for her panties. They went to the kitchen and Aisha heated up the tea. She looked at the wall clock and saw that it was 11:30 AM. They had been at it for two and a half hours. Aisha put out some snacks and juice for them. The two of them relaxed and ate the breakfast and then Ikenna was ready for more action.
Ikenna fucked Aisha two more times that day and she orgasmed several times before she just pa*sed out from the s*x. As Aisha slowly recovered from the s*xual marathon, Ikenna boldly took a shower in her bathroom.
He came out of the shower drying off and displaying his chiseled n*k-d body. Ikenna was proud of his body and

Aisha stared at the young dude. As Ikenna got dressed Aisha told him that she had a breakfast meeting with her girlfriends in the morning.
“What time do you leave and what time do you get home?” Ikenna asked.
“I usually leave around 9:30 and return at 11:30, why do you ask?” Aisha inquired.
“I just wanted to know what time I should be here tomorrow,” Ikenna said.
“Ikenna, I think that we should take tomorrow off. I could use a break,” Aisha said almost pleading.
“No way,” Ikenna stated firmly.
Aisha was about to protest some more but then she decided against it. “Very well, if you insist,” she said surrendering to her lover.
“Good I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ikenna and then kissed Aisha goodbye.
He kissed her full on the lips and drove his tongue into the throat. Aisha gasped but she kissed him back just as enthusiastically. Then Ikenna left the n*k-d Aisha in her own bedroom and he left the house. Aisha checked the time and she was pleased that she had time for a bath before her husband got home.
It was 9:00 AM Sunday morning when Ikenna arrived and Aisha was shocked to see him there. She thought that he would stop over at 12:00 noon when she had got home from her breakfast with the women.
“Ikenna you can’t stay, I have a breakfast meeting and I need to hurry,” Aisha lied about the time unconvincingly.
“I know I wanted to give you something to take to the meeting with you,” Ikenna giggled.

Aisha was dressed in a light dress with the skirt cut just below her knees. She wore undies under the dress so that light did not shine through. Ikenna had decided to fuck her before she left the house. Ikenna grabbed Aisha by the hand and pulled her toward him. Then he stood up, got behind her and pushed her down on the kitchen table. He felt his d**k stiffen immediately and he pulled her dress and slip up above her hips.
“Stop it, stop it his instant. What do you think you’re doing,” Aisha screamed at him.
“As I said, I’m going to give you something to take with you,” Ikenna replied.

Aisha looked incredibly s*xy with her dress pushed up to her waist. Ikenna then pulled her panties down as far as he could. Aisha tried to resist but Ikenna was too strong and he kept her bent over the table. Then he scooped some butter out of the dish and pushed it into her anus. Aisha panicked when she realized what he had in mind.
“No, please no, not in there, please don’t fuck me there again, not today, not now, please,” Aisha pleaded.

But Ikenna was not to be denied in fact he got more excited as he thought about it. He rubbed his butter covered hand up and down his shaft a few times making it very slick. Then he moved his d**k to Aisha’s anus and pushed ever so slowly. Aisha gasped as the mushroom head cleared her sphincter and slipped into her.
Aisha, by now, had been butt fucked several times by Ikenna so there was no pain just the humiliation of it. Ikenna began fucking in and out watching his d**k slide in and out of Aisha’s curvy a*s. She looked so vulnerable and so s*xy with her dress and slip up around her waist and her panties down. Her a*s was framed by her clothing and Ikenna loved the look as he worked his d**k in and out. Aisha just remained still, bent over the table as she awaited the moment when he would c-m in her a*s again.

Ikenna was extremely turned on and he did not last long fucking Aisha’s a*s. His balls tightened, his body stiffened and he plunged his d**k all the way in. Ikenna fired ropes of c-m deep into Aisha’s rectum and filled it with his seed. Aisha’s anal muscles moved of their own accord and milked Ikenna’s d**k as it spewed into her. Ikenna then eased his d**k out and wiped it on a nearby table napkin. Then he pulled Aisha’s panties back up and covered her c-m filled a*s.
“Let me clean myself up,” Aisha pleaded.
“Nonsense,” he answered as he pulled down her dress and slip and smoothed them out.

Aisha was embarra*sed as she had never been so humiliated and now she had to travel to her meeting with her a*s full of c-m. Ikenna stood by and watched as Aisha tried to compose herself before she left the house. He smiled as he followed her eyes to his still hard d**k as he stood there n*k-d.
“I’ll take good care of your p***sy when you get back later today,” Ikenna announced as Aisha rushed out of the house.

On her way out Aisha grabbed a bath towel and stuffed it under her undies as she sat in the car. By the time she got to her meeting, her panties were soaked as was the towel with Ikenna’s c-m. Aisha decided to take her panties off so that would not wet her panties and have it soak through to her dress. That morning she sat in the restaurant without panties and she felt very wicked.
After breakfast, Aisha drove home with the smell of s*x in the car emanating from her panties and bath towel. By the time she arrived home was as horny as she had ever been and although she was still annoyed with Ikenna, she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her again.

When she got home, Ikenna was watching TV so Aisha went to her bedroom to change clothes. She just started to undress when Ikenna entered the room wearing only shorts. He walked up behind her and then led her over to the full-length mirror in her bedroom. He stood behind her as she faced the mirror and he wrapped his arms around her kissing her neck at the same time.
“We need to make love,” Ikenna whispered in her ear.

Ikenna then unfastened Aisha’s dress behind her neck and eased the top down and off her shoulders. The top of the dress drooped around her waist and Aisha felt like a woman on her honeymoon. Ikenna caressed her shoulders raising goosebumps on her skin and Aisha was sure that he would remove her bra next but he didn’t. Ikenna dropped to his knees behind her and pulled her dress down to the floor. He lifted one foot at a time so that Aisha stepped out of the dress entirely.
The slip was next. He pushed the clothes to one side leaving her standing in only her heels and bra. Ikenna smiled to himself when he saw her without her panties.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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