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Don’t Stay Too Long In Your Boyfriend’s House



Kosi Ugo

Written by Kosi Ugo

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Umu nwanyi ibe m;

Let me tell you something many of you don’t know.

You see enh, see finish is a thing in many relationships and you women are the cause.

There’s a time in a man’s life when he needs the company of a woman and there’s also a time in a man’s life when he needs to be left alone.

That point, he doesn’t want to be with anyone; he just wants to have his space and think about stuff.

It’s now left to you as a woman to understand this and know when you’re needed and when you need to go.

Some of you will pack your bags and go to a man’s house to stay for a month.

Why? Are you a refugee or something? If you’re a refugee, you should be going to The United Nations for assistance and not to stress the life of an innocent, young man.

See enh;

Problems begin to arise in a relationship because your continuous presence in a man’s house can get too irritating.

That’s why after staying some days in his house, you begin to notice some changes.

His mood begins to get sour. He begins to flare up unnecessarily. He starts giving you silent treatment. And the vile ones might now look for a cause to hit you at the slightest provocation.

These things happen, because he wants to be left alone and he doesn’t know how to make it known to you.

It’s now your duty as a woman to know when you have overstayed your welcome and pack your bags and leave.

Don’t wait till things start getting sour before you take your leave.

“It’s always best to leave when the ovation is loudest.”

That point when it looks like you both can’t get enough of each other, is when you should tell him you want to go back to your house.

Even though it’s going to be hard, but, trust me, that nigga will always look forward to seeing you next time.

For me, the highest should spend in a man’s house is just three days. Aside three days, any other time you spend with him is just to make him feel like a prisoner in his own house.

Make him look forward to your next visit. Make him crave for you.

The longer you spend with him, you begin to notice that the sex now becomes boring if he even decides to touch you.

He no longer gives you head and does all those tingling things you like; he just goes straight to shift your pant and thrust you like you’re some ashawo.

It’s see finish, my dears!

As for those of you that are permanently living with your boyfriend, na una I dey pity pass.

You migrated from your own house and crossed the seven seas and ocean to come and live with a man. Your mates are migrating to Europe, but yours is to migrate to Kafanchan or Bida to live with the one you love.

You’re an Onye Mgbu, but you have no one to tell you.

Written by Kosi Ugo

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