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7 Untold Health Benefits Of Pap (Akamu / Ogi / Eko)



Pap and Akara

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This article contains the health benefits of pap. Pap, also referred to as Koko, Ogi, or Akamu, in the Nigerian Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo languages, respectively, is just a local staple food produced from processed whole corn grains like guinea corn, millet, and maize. Pap is widely drinking across all ages, essentially because of its nutritional values and easy digestion.

Traditionally processed pap includes the same bitter taste and smells. This makes many people hate the consumption of this all-rich food. Modern processing of pap like that way of Andrey’s Fresh Pap present pap in various variants with lasting refreshing flavor and taste that’s more inviting for many to drink.

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Nutritional Content of Pap

Research shows that pap is full of essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamins ( A, C, B1, B3, B5, riboflavin), selenium, phosphorous, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, and chromium. It also contained high amino acid-like lysine, isoleucine, tryptophan, valine, phenylalanine, and leucine. One serving of pap is approximate to has 152 calories.

  • What are the health benefits of pap?
  • How long does it take PAP to digest?
  • How can I speed up digestion?
  • What is Ogi made from?

How long does it take PAP to digest?

Once you eat, it takes around six to eight hours for food to enter your stomach and small intestine. Food then enters your large intestine (colon) to absorb water, digestion further, and finally, remove undigested food.

How can I speed up digestion?

  • Eat less meat.
  • Drink more water.
  • Eat more fiber.
  • Drink yogurt.

What is Ogi made from?

Ogi is just a traditionally fermented food manufactured from cereals like millet, maize, and sorghum and often drinking by adults and infants in Africa, especially, West African countries, including Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria.

Listed below here are the health benefits of pap:

1. Lowers cholesterol

There’re two major cholesterin varieties within your body, like lipoprotein [LDL] and HDL [HDL]. The previous, LDL, is often considered ‘bad cholesterin because of the proven fact having an associate degree significantly more than it within your body would maybe cause plaque to produce in your artery walls, and then blood circulation a problematic factor. This could maybe also result in excessive strain on the center and would maybe even cause high vital signs, attack, and stroke.

On the aspect, pap has a decent level of magnesium, zinc, Cr, and several potent properties that lower the degree of ‘bad cholesterol within your body.

2. Regulates vital sign

Pap is an excellent supply of metallic elements and has zero levels of metallic elements, making it a perfect food for people with a high vital sign and people who need to maintain a healthy vital sign or avoid developing cardiovascular disease. Another advantage of taking potassium-rich foods such as pap is that it aids in change the effects of metallic elements within your body as conjointly easing tension in your vas walls, thereby protecting you against myriads of health problems that could have to sprout forth.

3. Good Source of Energy

The millet, maize, and guinea corn kernel’s major chemical element is starch, which gives around 72 to 73 percent of the kernel weight. Other carbohydrates are simple sugars found as sucrose, fructose, and glucose in amounts different from 1 to 3 percent of the kernel. Pap, therefore, is a wonderful source of carbohydrate contained in the starch that is needed by the body to produce immediate and adequate energy.

Carbohydrate-rich foods such as pap don’t just help the body with energy but also stimulate mental alertness and facilitate the metabolism of fat for energy.

4. Easy to digest

Pap is super easy to digest and gives immediate energy. Its high water content lets the body easily remove unwanted elements and substances by increasing the rate you urinate. It’s, therefore, most convenient and perfect for convalescence people recovering from sickness.

Pap can also be perfect for those who have digestive conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), irritable bowel disease (IBD), or a sensitive stomach, as it doesn’t irritate or cause disruption of the digestive system.

5. Highly beneficial for nursing mothers

In Nigeria, pap is preferred to nursing mothers soon after delivery since it includes a high level of energy, water, and various other elements that promote the easy and adequate flow of breast milk for lactating mothers. It also aids in regaining strength after suffering from one sickness or the other.

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