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[STORY] OGA LANDLORD (Episode 134)

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Episode 134.

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I called her line several times but it didn’t connect and I also tried Carl’s number who drove her to airport but didn’t connect.
I dialed Ugochukwu’s number and he picked after ringing thrice.
Ugochukwu’s voice: oh boy! Shantel na milk and honey.
Me: I no call you to tell me about promise land, abeg… show for my house now now.
Ugochukwu’s voice: wetin happen?

I ended the call and waited for him for three hours before he showed up, we quickly drove to the airport.
I was just looking around until we got to a place were lot of people had gathered, I came down quickly and asked a man standing with the crowd.
Me: oga, no vex wetin happen here?
Man: I just come now.

I asked like three more people before someone told me a tragic accident happened here and two cars caught fire.
They didn’t really came out to see what happened because of the gunshots that rocked the area.
I went back to the car and met Ugochukwu who was unmoved in the car were we parked before coming out.
Ugochukwu: wetin happen there?
Me: them say na accident and gunshots, those people just dey talk like people wey no know wetin happen there.
Ugochukwu: you just dey bother yourself, you know whether Veronica don elope with her boyfriend go U.S change number.
Me: you release your sense inside Shantel toto?
He laughed and I got inside the car both of us drove to the airport to check if the plane she boarded have left, we confirmed that the plane has left.

I tried to verify if Veronica really boarded the plane but they were just claiming classify information, I had to call the Governor and he helped me got through with the details I wanted.
Veronica actually boarded the plane alone without Carl, I was relieved but worried about how the call ended abruptly maybe na network.
Ugochukwu: you just dey worry for nothing, abeg enter make we commot here.
Me: my body dey do me somehow.
Ugochukwu: when you turn prophet of doom? alaye! abeg enter make we vamoose here.
I joined him in the car and we went back home, for two days I didn’t hear from Veronica I wasn’t comfortable.
I later learnt that Carl died in the accident I inquired about the other day, Aisha is on the beat but I happy say Veronica don commot from the country.

A knock landed on my door and I asked who it was, the person introduced herself as Cynthia.
I opened the door and find Cynthia standing, we got inside the room.
Me: babe, you don come back from village?
Cynthia: abi.. so, how far na?
Me: I dey oh..
Cynthia: what of your babe?
Me: she don travel.
Cynthia: I wan invite you to my wedding and everybody for the yard.
Me: with your soldier boyfriend?
Cynthia: which soldier boyfriend ke?! I don see fine bobo wey wan marry me.
Me: congrat, aunty Cyn.
Cynthia: you cook anything?
Me: operation no near my kitchen.
Cynthia: my hear word.
She got into the kitchen and finished my food, my phone beeped and I checked it.
Is a message from Aisha.
“Come to my house without your dog”
My mind fly, I laugh small when I realized the dog wey she dey talk about na Ugochukwu.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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