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Episode 05.

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3 hours later I and Sandra where coming out of the cinema, just finished watching a Zombie Apocalypse film and Sandra had been screaming all through the movie..

” you promised me you won’t make me watch horror movies ” Sandra said looking half frightened and half excited as we came out of the cinema

” yeah I know but didn’t you like it? ” I asked with a smile

” ……well… I need enjoy it but it was too scary ”

I laughed then gave her a hug ” my little baby is scared, but you should remember that your superman won’t let anything or anyone hurt you ”

” promise ” she said making a cute face

” yeah I promise, now let’s go get some ice-cream ” I said and she clapped her hands like alittle child

” yeah.. yeah, ICE CREAM!!! ” she exclaimed excitedly

She put her arms around me and held me in a tight embrace

” yeah I know you love that very much ”

” yeah I love ice cream but I love you more ” she said and we kissed for the briefest of seconds

……..after getting the ice-cream we took a cab and headed home, but not mine hers

” ….so your dad is at home right? ” I asked again inside the cab

” why do you keep repeating this same question…. Don’t tell me you are still scared of the man? ” Sandra asked

” well I won’t say am scared__ ” she cut me short

” good because there is no reason to be scared of him and besides he is no longer your Maths teacher, so he can’t punish you ”

” I know… but there is still one punishment he can give me though ” I said

” and what’s that? ” Sandra asked looking puzzled

” he could take you away from me….and that’s the worst punishment ever ”

” that’s so sweet ” she said smiling ” but the truth is my dad has already accepted you as my boyfriend he is just trying to act tough so you seat tight and don’t mess up ” she warned

” oh really… well it’s cool…i mean am not scared ” I said but even I didn’t believe what I just said

As we drove through the busy roads and streets of Lagos State I noticed its been long since my path has crossed this route, this was the same route to school and I haven’t gone to visit my school since the last day I stopped being a student

I started having memories of all those years in school, it was really fun but the best moments where my SS2 period
It was really amazing….jezzz I totally forgot to tell Sandra about Miss Esther forth coming wedding

” babe….Miss Esther finally replied my emails ” I said to Sandra who was busy chatting on her phone

” oh really….so what’s up with her? What was her reason for totally snubbing us from her life? ” She said as she glanced at me for a few seconds and continue chatting on her phone

” well… I didn’t ask her that ”

” you should have ” she replied still chatting

” O… K ” I said and then stared at Sandra for a while, she was so engrossed in her phone and the person she was chatting with
” who are you even chatting with? ” I asked with a frown face that she didn’t see.

To Be Continued… . .

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