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Episode 04.

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“ my God!! mummm!! ” I cried out totally panicking in fear

I had to tell myself to calm down she was still alive and I have to act fast, I remembered one movie I had once watched and what the actor did when he faced this kind of situation

I know it was crazy trying what I saw on a movie on my dying mum but I had no choice we lived alone and before I can get my nearest neighbors for help it might be too late

So I gave my mom a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) exactly as I saw it being done in the movie

I lied her down on her back and kept on compressing her chest as many times as possible I occasionally stop to do some rescue breathing by covering her noise and blowing a large amount of air through her mouth

She wasn’t responding and tears was already forming in my eyes “ please mummm wake up ” I cried but I wasn’t giving up

I compressed her chest harder it was almost like I was giving her multiple blows on her chest

“ arrhhhhhh ” she grasped for breathe as she woke up

I embraced her tightly and by this time I was crying freely…….

Some minutes later my mum was lying on her bed and I brought her breakfast to her “ mum am still not happy with your decision, I think we should go and see the doctor ”

“ don’t worry am feeling better now there is no need to see the doctor ” she said and then made a gesture for me to give her her food that was in the tray that I was holding

I gently placed the tray on her bed “ mum you almost died today… I was so scared please go to the hospital and run some check up
This haven’t happened to you before now am scared it happen again ” I said and to be frank I was really scared and concern for my mum

“ alright….. I will go to the hospital but it won’t be today maybe tomorrow or Monday ” She said and took the plantains that I fried with the eggs “ you tried on this plantains it tastes great ”

“ thanks mum…. But why can’t you go to the hospital today, this is your health we are talking about ”

“ well in case you forgot am going to work today, see I know you are concerned for me but seriously it’s nothing I slipped and fell down….its suffering from one terminal illness or something like that ”

“ but mum__ ”

“ No buts dear, seriously am fine, thanks to you my superman, my handsome man Daniel Chris ” she said smiling with her hands robbing my head

“ mum don’t try to sweet talk me, am not happy with you ” I said then stood from her bed and walked to the door

“ am sorry… where are you going to? ” She asked sounding sad

“ am not going anywhere I want to bring you your water ” I said and a smile formed on my face when I saw she was smiling

I love my mum very much and I don’t want anything to happening to her, something tells me her condition is worse than how she is putting it and I have a strong feeling it has something to do with my dad leaving for Abuja
I wished he could just come back home and everything should go back to how it was, one big happy family
But it’s not as easy as it sounds and frankly I don’t know why
All it takes is for Dad to send a formal application telling his employees he needs to transfer back to Lagos to be with his family… Or don’t he miss us?

Because if he misses us the way we miss him he would have done this a long time ago……

Hours later my mum had done to work despite my best enough in trying to convince her to go to the hospital or stay at home so I could watch over her
“ am the parent here young man, you can’t tell me what and what not to do ” she had told me when I blocked the door and prevented her from leaving

To Be Continued… . . .

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