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Episode 03.

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“ I don’t know what to say, you are really a life saver ” I said to the pretty girl who had just helped me do my groceries

“ I guess thank you will be enough ” she said and it was as if her face was made just to smile, she has a very charming smile
And I couldn’t help but stare “ Sorry where are my manners, am Daniel Chris ” I said stretching my hand out for a handshake

“ am Vanessa Udo ” she said but wasn’t able to shake my hands because of my load she was carrying
“ am sorry, I have just lost all manners today ” I said as I took my bags of food stuff from her hands

“ it’s alright ” she said

“ …..well thanks again for what you did for me, to be honest I was totally lost I wonder how my mom copes with this.. ” I said giving out a sigh
“ yeah moms are the best…. But it’s really not that hard it’s get easier with time ” She said and her smile ever graceful

“ yeah maybe.. Or I think ladies have a special gift by God that makes them very organized ”
She giggled “ I wish… You really funny ”

“ honestly its__ ” I was cut short when a call came through her phone

She has a really funny ring tone which made me laugh alittle

“ am sorry I have to get this ” she said almost embraced at her ringing tone

I nodded my head

I stood and listened to what she was saying not that I was ease dropping or anything like that but she was just a yard away from me
It was clear she was talking to a boy over the phone, am guessing her boyfriend because she kept on laughing and blushing throughout there conversation and he was not even there in person
And I don’t know why I felt weird inside maybe I was alittle bit jealous
I don’t even know the girl… Men think straight I had to tell myself
You have a girlfriend who loves you, you can’t start having feelings for every random chick

“ am sorry it was by boyfriend calling ” She said after ending the call, her face was still red

“ yeah I thought as much ” I said not sounding surprised or excited

“ how did you know ” she asked looking surprised

“ it’s a NO brainer really… were really happy talking to him and your skin being light was a major give away ” I said

“ OK…. How does my skin complexion affect this? ” she asked puzzled

“ well it’s makes it easier to know when someone is blushing, your face was all red when you where talking to him ” I said smiling

She quickly covered her face with both hands “ my God was it that obvious? ” she asked shyly

“ if I said no, I would be lying…. But it’s a good thing it shows you love him, and trust me that’s beautiful and it’s not something to be shy about ” I said removing her hands from her face

I laughed alittle when I saw her eyes were closed shut “ come on open your eyes ”

She opened her eyes slowly “ well it’s true I do love him very very much but I don’t want it to be that obvious…. Guys tends to take a girl’s love for granted when they know she loves them very much ”

From her tone I could tell she was talking out of pasted experience… Maybe one or two heart breaks
“ what can I say, boys are jerks ” I said jokingly “ but if you meet the guy that loves you even though he might be a jerk or even a pervert he will treat you like a princess
So you don’t have to bury your love OK ”

To Be Continued…. . . .

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