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Episode 02.

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I wanted to say No, it was close to my lips but the way Funke looked at me, as if my answer will determine if she would still be alive or dead made me say something I knew I will regret later
“ …sure I will come with you ”
“ thank you so much, you don’t know what you just did for me right now ” Funke said giving me a hug
“ it’s OK, what are friends for ” I said gently holding her
“ ….so we should get going now ” she said with much urgency
“ won’t you have something to eat first my mum is preparing one of her delicacies am sure you will enjoy it ” I said and I had the feeling she hasn’t had a good food since she arrived from the States….

Some minutes later

“ this is lovely ” Funke said as she sank her teeth into the fried chicken “ uhmm yummy ”
“ I told you, you will enjoy it ” I said also taken a bite of mum’s wonders, I can never get tired of eating her food even when I get married I still will be eating her food, I have always told my mum this

After having our meal we head out to see Funke brother in the Lagos federal Prison kirikiri located in Apapa Lagos
On our way I had started to regret why I said yes to Funke, I have never been to a prison yard before in fact I have never been to this city before

The Uber driver could sense I was tense and he turned on the radio in his Toyota corolla car and Nigerian songs kept playing, normally I enjoy listening to our local music songs but on this occasion it sounded like noise to my ears

All the while Funke was holding my arm and her head resting on my shoulder, I wasn’t particularly comfortable with that but I wasn’t rejecting it either
We didn’t say anything through the journey not even a single word, but each time I looked in her eyes, it’s was as if she was talking to me

I still could see love in her eyes and it was obvious she still have feelings for me which was surprising because I was the course of much sadness in her family

I have really caused her much pain this past year and sometimes I wished I could have done things alittle bit different, I should have thought more about how she would have felt
I guess I was carried away by anger and the spirit of vengeance and now I feel like I owe Funke
I have to be careful the way I talk to and treat her I don’t want to hurt her any further than I have done…

The cab stopped when we got to our destination, there was a fowl smell that filled the air as I got down, maybe it was all in my head but I felt the air seems toxic
The big massive wall towering high surrounded the whole building making it almost impossible to see the prison clearly, but I could tell it was huge….

Some minutes later we were waited in the reception and I could see lot of prisoner’s who were visited by their loved ones
Some prisoner’s where calm as if they had seen the errors of there ways and are remorseful for what they had done while some prisoner’s were still hardened as hard can be, there stares are like wildfire, having a rough look that put the fear of God in me
they care less of the people that came to visit them, some even curse and shout at their visitors and the prison guard had to step in

As I saw all this things happening I wonder how Funke brother will react when he sees me, it may be worse than what I have been seeing maybe he will stab me with a folk or strangle me with his hands
I didn’t have to think long about that as I saw him coming, all his handsomeness and swag had left him, all I could see was a prisoner, it was as if he had spent all his life in the cell

On seeing her brother Funke was in tears
“ Oh my God ” she exclaimed as she ran to meet him
I nearly instinctive held her back, because I thought he might hurt her, but I withdrew my hand when I realized how stupid my reason was
“ what have they done to you ” Funke said as she embraced her brother with tears coming down her face
I stood and watch as both siblings held each other Daniel was already in tears, it’s been almost a year since anyone payed him a visit

To Be Continued… . . .

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