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Episode 01.

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Dear Miss Esther
I don’t know where to start from, I was never good at writing letters or mails, but it’s been too long, more than a year now since I last saw you

I hope you are doing great wherever you are, I hope you are happy that’s always what I have wanted for you happiness.
Well I and Sandra are still too gather, she is as beautiful as always and she also misses you, I knew things were kind of weird between the both of you but trust me she really did love you
As you well know we are through with high school Thanks be to God

You won’t believe it, I scored 270 in my UTME exam, I know you want to know about Sandra’s scores
Well you know she is a genius, she got 345 she really did overshadowed me there but am happy for her
We are sty waiting for our WAEC result though
I know you most have noticed I haven’t mentioned Ayo’s name, that’s because things haven’t been great between us since for left and I hope things could get better
That’s enough, I don’t want to bore you with my life stories but I hope when you receive this mail you write back
Your sweetness
Daniel Chris
“ do you think she will write back ” Sandra asked as she held Chris tightly who was lying on the bed with his laptop resting on his laps
“ I wish she will, I want to know if she is alright ” I said giving Sandra a kiss on her forehead
“ but this is the sixth mail you are sending to her, yet no reply ” Sandra said sitting upright “ I think she don’t want to talk to us again ”
“ Hmmmm you might be right, but I hope she is alright ” I said faking a smile
“ I know is hard, but we have to move on, it’s clear she has ” she said robbing me on the head with her soft hand “ so what about your dad have you heard from him? ”
“ yeah I do hear from him, I don’t think he is coming back from Abuja anytime soon, he just got another promotion ” I said in a sad tone
“ what another promotion, this is his third promotion in under a year, I thought his staying there was temporary? ” Sandra said sounding surprised
“ yes it was, but it’s like they want to tie him down there with stupid promotions ” I said frustrated
“ don’t they know he is a family man, with a wife and child waiting for him at home ” said Sandra
“ do you think they care, it’s my mum am worried about, she claims she is alright but sometimes at night she cries, she really do miss him… I really do miss him ” I said
“ am sorry my teddy bear ” Sandra said hugging me….
The last year had been full of tears and joy, you can say it’s a mixture of both, I can still remember when we came back from the airport

My mum was so happy and she cried freely, letting all her emotions out, it was great to see how much she loved me, I felt her love that day and I made a promise to myself to always make her happy but it’s like am failing my promise
Every minute that passes that my dad is not here it’s like a little of my mum is dying, I hate seeing her like that because I knew there is nothing I can do to help her

But everything haven’t been all bad for me, as you can see I have been doing well academically and it’s all thanks to the love of my life Sandra, she has been a blessing in my life and am happy she is here with me
Her Dad had finally agreed I could date his daughter, but it came with some conditions, you will find about that later
But the most important thing is that she is with me, nothing else matters….

“ teddy bear, I got to be going home now, I don’t want my dad to give me all those his long lectures ” Sandra said
“ alright baby, let me see you off then ” I said as I put on my clothes…
“ mum we are going now ” I said to my mum who was in the kitchen
“ oh my daughter are you not staying for dinner ” My mom said
“ Thank you Ma, but I have to get going home now my dad would be worried ” Sandra said
“ but the food it’s almost ready ” My mum insisted
“ but mum she told you, she has to go besides she had ate lunch with us, please I don’t want her father to be mad at me ” I said
“ you are right my son, OK maybe next time my daughter ”
“ yes ma, and the food I ate this afternoon was really delicious and am sure this one will also be ” Sandra said with a smile…..
As I escorted Sandra out we both held hands together
“….. your mum is really a nice lady and she still looks young and really beautiful ” Sandra said
“ yeah she is, the two ladies in my life are really beautiful and sweet ” I said staring at her with much love in my eyes
“ stop that ” Sandra said blushing
“ stop what ” I asked playing dumb
“ the way you are looking at me, you making me blush ” she said with her cheek already turning red
“ really, do you really want me to stop ” I asked holding her on the waist
“ uhm…. Not really, I like it ” she said smiling
“ I would have given you a kiss but people are staring at us ” I said
“ who cares ” she said as she placed her lips on mine
No matter how many times we had kissed, it still felt like our first kiss, I still feel those butterflies in my stomach
“ you are amazing, you know that right? ” I said as we stopped kissing
“ I know but you can still tell me how amazing I am, I won’t get tired of hearing it from you ” she said with a lovely smile on her face

“ if I start telling you how amazing you are, we would sleep here and your dad would have my head, but what I can tell you is that I love you ” I said and we both hugged tightly
I waved her goodbye as she entered the cab and went away, it’s always sad to see her leave, since we are no more in school I only get to see her during the weekends and the time flies very fast whenever she is around there are so many things to do, and talk about but little time to do or say them……
A month had passed since my last mail to miss Esther, I had lost all hope of ever hearing from her, but as I went throw my mail on my laptop
I saw that I had an unread message, it was from miss Esther she had replied my mail, I quickly opened it to read
Dear Chris
Sorry it took long for me to reply you, I saw all the mails you had sent me, and every single one I got, I smiled as I read them, I wanted to reply you, to tell you that I missed you and that I still love you
Yes my feelings haven’t changed towards you, but I knew if I replied those mails you sent, I won’t be able to forget about you and I had to
I had started a new life over here at Ibadan, I have gotten a job and this may come as a surprise to you, and it’s the reason am writing to you
Am getting married, yes you heard me right am getting married to a guy I met at the company I work in and we have been dating for 4 months now
He is a lovely man, he loves me and I care for him too but I pray one day am able to love him the way I love you
But anyways am using this medium to invite you for the wedding and Sandra is very much welcome to come in fact everyone are invited
I will be sending you another mail containing the date, time and venue of the wedding
Yours faithfully

As I read through the message, I was happy that miss Esther was doing well and that she had found someone she wants to settle down with
But I couldn’t help feeling sad alittle, I know it might sound selfish but a part of me still felt something for her but I have to kill that feeling now that she is getting married
I would love to attend the wedding, even if it’s to see her face just for the last time…
So many things had happened this passed year, so many things have changed, friends I have lost and friends I have gained
I could still remember when I came back to school after they had announced that am no longer a student of the school, it was crazy even though it came with some consequence
Like loosing my head boy status, and the numerous questions from fellow students who wanted to know why I decided to leave then came back
I Never knew lot of people cared about me, I always thought nobody would missed me when I was gone….
“ Chris!! ” My mum called from the sitting room breaking my thoughts
“ MA am coming ” I replied closing my laptop
“ someone is looking for you at the door ” She said
I stopped when I noticed I wasn’t putting any clothes on, I quickly went to the wardrobe and took the available clothe I saw, who could that be on a Thursday morning? definitely not Sandra I said to myself
As I walked to the sitting room I kept on thinking who could the person be, when I entered the sitting room I saw the back of a girl sitting on the couch and when I walked further she turned and I saw her face
“ hello Chris ” she said
“ Funke! ” I said in surprise
She had left with her family to America when there son Daniel lost the case to Miss Esther and was sentenced to 25 years in prison

“ what are you doing here in fact what are you doing in Nigeria… I thought you had gone ” I said
“ is that your wish for me, you want me gone right? ” she said already looking sad
“ No that’s not what I meant…am just surprised to see you, that’s all, you know you travelled with your family, so__ ”
“ yeah I know but am back again, I guess America is not for me, am going to be staying with my grandparents ” Funke said
“ did your parents make the trip? ” I asked
“ No, am the only one that came back, they could not bare the shame I guess, their only son in prison ” she said
As she talked about her family and her brother I couldn’t help but feel guilty about the role I play in making her brother end up in jail

“ am sorry about your brother…. Hope you are alright ” I said and I could not help but feel like a hypocrite for asking her that question
“ I don’t know how I feel, but I will like to visit him in the prison, that’s why am here ” she said sounding emotional
“ OK…. So how can I help ” I asked
“ please can you come with me, I can’t see him alone ” she said
Her request was a strange one, I wasn’t comfortable going to the prison to meet the man I help put there but that’s the least I can do for Funke….

To Be Continued…. . . .

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