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7 Reasons to Wear a Hoodie When Exercising

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A lot of people prefer exercising with their hoodies on. But has it ever occur to you why they do it? The answer can be pretty logical and also quite a length.

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There isn’t a single reason why you should wear a hoodie when exercising. However, seeing as 2020 is the year of tips and tricks, we’re here to give you our 6 good reasons why you should definitely make the change.

Without further ado, grab your hoodies and listen up.

1. Hoodies Hide Your Belly

Pretty straightforward and pretty self-explanatory, wearing a hoodie will hide any excess fat you might wish to remove in the near future. And let’s face it, some people can get quite uncomfortable with their bellies.

While you shouldn’t really bother about it, it goes without saying that there are people out there that like to watch and judge. This is very counterproductive towards the whole “no one judges in the gym” narrative, which is certainly untrue.

Because of that, wearing a hoodie might be just the thing you need to hide your insecurities. And it gives you extra motivation to hopefully take it off one day and train judge-free.

2. They Are Quite Useful

If there is one thing that a hoodie can do is store stuff you might be carrying on you. This is precisely why a hoodie is not only a fashion trend but a kangaroo pouch.

When running, lifting, or doing any other activity in the gym, you’ll mostly be listening to music. It’s hard to keep the MP3 player or your phone in the pockets as it can bounce off pretty easily.

The end would result in the device getting damaged. So that’s why you can put it inside the hoodies pocket and train hassle-free.

3. They Keep You Germ-Free

This one is especially the case when going to the gym. Namely, chances are your local gym gets visited by a lot of people. And what is the only thing that every person does in a gym? They sweat a lot.

If we also add to the fact that all that sweat drops on the floor, on the training mats, on the gym equipment, and all that, then we can safely assume that the gym is a pretty gross environment.

However, if you have your hoodies on, then you are making sure none of the sweat gets onto your skin. This way you can safely use any gym equipment lay down on any mat, and train, again, hassle-free.

4. They Make Sure You Sweat It Out

Onto the best reason why you should wear a hoodie when working out is the fact that you sweat much more in it.

Everyone knows the importance of a good sweat when working out. Sweat not only helps you slimmer down faster, but it removes toxins from your body.

It is a natural way to detox and cleanse your body from negative “garbage” that plagues your body.

And don’t think for a second that detox hasn’t become a buzzword in our society. Everyone seems to have cool ways to detox properly. But everyone knows that the natural and best way to do it is through sweating.

And this is where we have a conflict of interest. Since the best way to sweat is by working out, wearing a hoodie will make that a possibility and then some more.

But let’s talk about why we need to sweat some more.

Everyone knows that the liver and kidneys have a hard time processing harmful toxins that enter our bodies in different ways. These toxins are harmful to us as they prevent our organs to function properly.

While nothing dangerous at first, everyone needs to detox at some point. If you can’t do it forcefully, then our bodies will do it naturally through sweat.

You don’t have to work out nor stay in the heat to do that; the body has its own way of eliminating toxins.

And this has been backed up by solid research. The science is real and very clear on the matter. The more you sweat the easier to remove harmful toxins. And since hoodies can be quite warm, they will cause us to sweat more.

5. They Are Comfortable

Making it easier to sweat, being fashionable, protecting you from germs, and being able to hold your things together is why we use hoodies for exercising.

But here is one more reason that we haven’t mentioned. It goes without saying that hoodies are quite comfortable. Make no mistake about it; we wear them because they’re so comfortable.

A lot of people cannot wait for autumn and winter just to put on hoodies, but you can also do it in the summer and spring months. By wearing hoodies for exercising, you are not only being fashionable but also wearing a comfortable piece that makes things that comfier.

Sure, it might be very uncomfortable in the heat, but it makes it that much less of a problem.

6. You Burn More Calories

And the final reason why you should wear a hoodie when you exercise is the fact that you burn more calories with it. This has nothing to do with.

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