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[STORY] TORMENTED (Final Episode 47)




Episode 47. (Last Episode)

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“You may think you’re getting the short end of the stick but when it’s all said and done, God will make sure that you don’t lose anything truly valuable. Moreover, he will make sure you get your just reward. Your responsibility is to remain calm and peaceful even when those around you are not.” Joel Osteen

When she puts Talia down, she finally comes face to face with me; her gaze meets mine and my demeanor changes. She smiles at me but i don’t smile back, i know it’s strange but i am not excited to see her.
“Fred,” she says
“Mummy! Are you moving back in?” Talia asks
“Yes,” she responds and i shot her a questioning look, like what the hell is going on? But she ignores me and walks over to where Taylor is sitting.
“Baby! How are you? Aren’t you excited to see me?” she asks
Taylor has her eyes on the television she doesn’t even spare Tasha a single glance.
“I don’t want you,” she responds before she rushes over to me and i scoop her in my arms before wrapping her arms around her beck, embracing her.
“Fred? What did you do to my child?” Tasha asks
“You are joking right?” i ask
“Did you turn her against me?”
“You chose a man over your children, you turned your back on them do you expect them to run into your arms just because you are back?”
“We need to talk,” she responds
“Girls, go to your room, your mother and i need to talk.”
I put Taylor down before they run up the stairs to their room. For a moment, silence engulfs us both then Tasha clears her throat and finally breaks the silence.
“What are you doing here?” i ask
“Is that a way to welcome your wife back home?” she asks
“Ex- wife,” i respond.
“You and i know that the divorce isn’t finalized,” she says
“We have both signed the papers and have agreed on the terms and conditions, the only thing left is the court hearing and then we are done, so why are you here?”
“What if i don’t want us to go through with the divorce? What if i regret walking out on you and the children?” She says, inching closer to me stopping only when we are inches away. Her hand reaches out and gently caresses my lips. I push her hand away and angrily look at her.
“What do you think you are doing?”
“Is that a way to treat your wife?” she asks
“Some wife you were,” i respond bitterly
“I know i hurt you deeply but i am really sorry Fred, i miss you a lot, i want to come back home,” she says
For a moment there i don’t respond, i just stare at her as if she is a ghost.

There was a time when i wanted to hear these words from Tasha, there was a time i desperately wanted her back i could have done anything possible to bring her back but not anymore.
I loved Tasha with every bone in my body and every beat in my heart. I loved her with everything i had. Losing her was the most painful experience of my life but i didn’t kill me, it made me stronger.
I have done so well for myself the past months, i am actually in a better place and i won’t go back to what broke me.
“Fred, i miss you a lot please let me come back home, we don’t even have to go through with the divorce,” she pleads.
“Why?” i ask
“Because i regret walking out on you, i am really sorry please forgive me,” tears stream down her cheeks.

I won’t buy this, i know Tasha very well, she is a manipulative woman, i am sure she is only back because things didn’t work out with the other man.
“And what happened with Kai? Aren’t you guys expecting your first child?” i ask
She wipes her face with the back of her hand, “I lost my son.”
“I am sorry for your loss.”
“I just want to start all over again with you and the girls, please forgive me,” she grasps my arm. Her other hand reaches out and grabs my chin, lifting my head so our gaze can meet. “Find it in your heart to forgive me please.”
“Tasha? I loved you with as much passion as any man could muster and you walked away. I know our marriage wasn’t perfect but i loved you a lot, i was everything a husband should be but you cheated on me, i begged you to stay and you laughed in face, why are you really back?”
“I know i hurt you, i don’t know what came over me, it was the work of the devil, i am back to my senses please, please, please, forgive me,” she lets go of my hand and gets down on her knees.
“You don’t have to kneel down, i forgave you a long time ago,” i say
She stands up, “Does it mean i can move back in?”
“No! I forgive you but i am not taking you back, we had our time together and it didn’t work out, i am done Tasha, i am so done with you,” i say words that i have been keeping in my mind for weeks.

“What do you mean you are done?” My intestines squeeze up into a knot as i feel the blood rush to my face. I was sure he would take me back, what the hell is going on here?
“I am in a better place, i am fine without you. I am sorry i can’t be around the same person who broke me and caused me pain every single day, being with you will be a reminder of the bruises and wounds of the past, just let me be.”
“Lord what have i done?” My heart begins to race faster than normal, where will i go from here? What will people say about me? I broke my own marriage for someone who doesn’t even give a shit about me.
“Please, i will do anything you ask me to please Fred,” i plead. I never beg, i am not so good at such things but i am desperate, i want my husband and daughters back, i don’t want Fred to find someone else.
“Don’t do this to yourself Tasha, you are still the mother of my children and you will always be a part of my life, pick yourself up and start all over again.”
“Forgive me,” i cry
He is about to say something else when a knock sounds at the door.
“Come in,” he says
Prisca marches into the house, “Fred you won’t believe what i just watched on facebook, Tasha was humiliated by…,” she pauses when she notices me.
“If it isn’t my adorable best friend,” i fake a smile.
“What are you doing here Prisca?” Fred asks
“I came to show you something.”
“And i thought i said i want nothing to do with you, i even told you that i don’t want you to tell me anything about Tasha, why the hell are you back?” he asks
“I am sorry i couldn’t keep the news to myself.”
“Just keep it to yourself from now on,” he responds
She ignores him and looks at me, “What are you doing here?”
“None of your business,” i angrily respond
“Oh, now that things have gone sour between you and Kai, you are here to beg Fred to take you back?”
“Prisca? Haven’t you done enough damage?”
“Oh please, you cheated on your own i didn’t force you to do it.”
“You laid a trap for me.”
“Just leave Tasha,” she says
“Prisca,” Fred begins, “I think you have over stayed your welcome please leave.”
“Yes, leave,” i say
“You are gonna take her back?” she asks
“Just leave,” he responds
“You know i love you Fred, i can treat you better than Tasha, please don’t kick me out.”
“You and Tasha are birds of the same feathers, even if i wanted to find someone else, you are the last person i would think of choosing,” he says
“Leave my house,” he yells, i can see tears running Prisca’s eyes as she grabs her bag and walks towards the door. She is such a b—h did she think Fred would choose her over me?
“Now that she is gone, can we talk about us?” i ask Fred
He shots me a cold look before he says, “Get out of here, i don’t want to have anything to do with you.”
“Fred,” i take a step towards him and i am met with a push from him.
“Leave! i would rather die than allow you back in my life,” he says.
More tears fill my eyes when those words escape his lips, i know i deserve this but that doesn’t help ease the pain. I shouldn’t have fallen into the devil’s hands, i have lost a perfect man and it’s all my fault.
“Fred?” i try one more time but he doesn’t even spare me a single glance.
“Close the door behind your back when you leave,” he says as he turns around and heads towards the stairs.
I slid down to the floor sobbing. I still can’t believe i have lost him for good, my heart is shattered. Lord it hurts.



Kenzie awakened to the sound of her son crying, she snapped her eyes open. A quick glance at the clock told her that it was thirty minutes past sixteen.
She rolled out of her bed and walked to the other side of the room, her son Ryan was standing in his crib with tears streaming down his cheeks.
“Hey hun,” she said softly as she grabbed him in his arms.
Ryan quieted down as Kenzie lowered herself into the rocking chair then he rested his head on his mother’s chest. Kenzie sang to her son softly and a few minutes later, he fell asleep again.

Kenzie closed her eyes as her son continued sleeping with his hands clenched tightly in her dress. Nothing felt as peaceful as cuddling with her son, she enjoyed every moment she spent with him.
Ryan was everything she had ever wished for even though he came at a time when things were unstable between her and her husband, she would never trade him for anything.

She was still lost in thought when Kai walked into the room.
“Hey,” he said
“Hey,” she responded softly.
“Everything okay?” he asked gesturing to the child in her hands.
“Okay,” he said as he moved further into the room, he leaned in and kissed his wife’s cheeks then he gently kissed his son’s head.
“Where is Sofia?” She asked
“I am here,” Sofia rushed into the room.
“Shhh!” Kai said
“He is sleeping?” she asked
“Okay. I will come back later,” she said before she rushed out.
“How was work?”She asked as her husband sat next to her.
“Work was okay,” she responded.
After the drama with Tasha, the two had undergone some counseling and though it was hard for Kenzie to forgive her husband, she eventually did and now they were trying to make things work between them.
Kai was trying to be a better husband to his wife, he was no longer friends with Prisca and the other gang members, he had vowed never hurt his wife ever again, he had even gone as far as apologize to Tasha for leading her on.
“Prisca? Wake up,” he vigorously shook her.
She snapped her eyes open as she loudly yawned, “What is it Mike?” she asked
“You have to leave.”
“My wife is on her home.”
“I thought you said she would be out the entire weekend.”
“She changed her plans you need to leave right now.”
“Fine,” she rolled out of the bed, picked her clothes and quickly got dressed.
“I will call you,” he said before he pushed her out of the room. She shook her head as she quickly rushed out of the house she wasn’t in the mood to deal with Mike’s dramatic wife.
After failing to get Fred to be her man, she had resorted to sleeping around with different men, single or married she didn’t care as long as she had a man in her bed at night.

Anna stared at the photo on her phone and her heart ached, it was a photo of Fred and his fiancé. Since Fred had blocked her on all social media platforms and they no longer worked together, she had created a fake account just so she could stalk him. It had been two years already but she couldn’t get over him, what hurt the most was that he was with someone else, what did she have that this other woman didn’t have? She wondered as she took a sip of her wine.
“You need to stop drinking,” Trish said
“He is engaged,” she said
“Girl it’s been two years, you have to move on.”
“I wish i could.”
“You can if you try.”
“He is perfect for me.”
“Whatever,” Trish said shaking her head, she was tired of advising her friend to get over Fred “I am going out, will see you later.”
“Okay,” she responded before she focused her eyes back on the photos.

Tasha stepped out of the car and walked towards the door, it was a Friday and she was here to pick up the girls. She and Fred were officially divorced and Fred had full custody of the children though he had given her some visitation rights.
Taking a deep breath, she knocked twice at the door and waited, a moment later Crystal opened the door. Tasha stared at her Ex- husband’s fiancé and her heart ached, never in her wildest dreams had she thought Fred would move on. It had been two years down the line yet she couldn’t get over him and the memories they had created, no one would ever love her like Fred did, if only she could take back the hands of time.

“Hey!” Crystal smiled
“I am here for the girls, are they ready?” she asked
“They are almost done, please come in,” she opened the door wider and stepped aside. Tasha was reluctant at first but eventually she walked into the house. Fred had moved to a new house after their divorce.
“Please sit down.”
“Thank you.”
“Can i get you anything?”
“I will get the girls,” she said before she rushed up the stairs.
She walked back into the room some minutes later with Taylor and her bag.
“Talia will be out shortly.”
“Hey Mummy,” Taylor said
“Hey Babe, ready for the weekend?” Tasha asked
“You don’t look excited.”
“I wanted to spend the weekend with dad.”
“But it’s okay, i will go with you, daddy says it would be disrespectful of me to say no to you.”
Tasha was about to respond when Fred walked into the house.
“Babe,” he said
“I am here.”
He walked into the living room and lightly kissed Crystal on the lips before he gave her the flowers in his hands.
“Thank you.”
“You are welcome,” he said before he turned to look at Tasha, “How are you?”
“I am fine.”
A few minutes later, Talia walked out with her bag.
“Shall we?” Tasha stood up.
The girls hugged Crystal and their father before they walked out of the house with Tasha. Tasha couldn’t help but feel jealous of the bond that her children shared with their step mother, things were not supposed to end like this it should have been her in Crystal’s position.

“Thank you,” Fred said as he pulled Crystal into his arms.
“For what?”
“Being being a good companion, you are beautiful, caring and humble you are everything i have always wanted in a woman. You are my home i can’t wait to call you my wife.”
“And i can’t wait to call you my husband,” she smiled.
Fred was happy life had given him a second chance at love and happiness, after divorcing Tasha he thought that was it for him but when he met Crystal everything changed.

When they met, Crystal had just come out of a bad relationship with her daughter’s father and neither of them had the least bit of interest in starting a relationship but fate had other plans.

They got talking and it wasn’t long before they realized they were attracted to each other, with Crystal, Fred felt safe and supported.

He didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else when he was with her, he just had to be him she loved him just as he was. He also loved how good she was with the girls, they totally adored her.
“I love you,” he whispered
“I love you even more,” she responded. And that was all the assurance he needed, he knew if he had Crystal by his side, he could conquer the world.
You may be broken right now and you might feel lost and helpless but in the end everything falls back into place. The right person will make you feel complete, healed and intact as if no piece is missing from the puzzle. They will not leave you with doubts. You don’t have to ask if they want to be with you or not, you just know that no matter what you thought you had before, this is better. Everything is perfect since they came along.

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