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Episode 08.

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Greg picked up his car keys as he move towards the door.
“Where do you think you are going…I feel so sorry for you Greg…so sorry, so you want to go and die out side there… is all fine…don’t worry in few minutes from now you will understand better…you don’t play with the lion’s tail and get away with it…I told you I will nail you to the earth and is about time…

“What do you mean darling….I’m going to my office, I already told you earlier…I will be back by evening…
“don’t you darling me…call me Klein, I am more comfortable with my name, senseless man, so you want to go to your office so that Fiona, your whore, can come over, you are very wicked, I still wonder what kind of man of God you are, what did I even see in you and settle with you, aside the your fine face you are so stupid…you left me at home to go and dine with some useless girl, a bar cheap whore, what do you even see in her, I am more beautiful, and more of everything than her. you watched her that day insult me and call me names and you never said anything, you did not even stop her or push her out of your office, you just sit and relax as she insult me, and when I left your office and stood behind the door and listen to both of you talk, you where not even angry with her or question her why she have to insult your wife, you were rather calm as you and her talk…I felt like killing both of you right there but I had a better plan, and is already in progress…

“Klein…this is too early, just yesterday you were all good and nice and today you have gone back to your old self…I knew it…I just know that you are up to something…I wasn’t comfortable with all your niceness…I wasn’t at all because that’s unlike you, I’m still hoping on God for a big miracle and you are part of the miracle, I want a happy home, I want to come home everyday to a loving and understandable wife…who will cook a meal for me just like you did yesterday, encouraging, supportive and always happy to have me around…and if I haven’t said thank you yet…I’m grateful for the meal…is being years I tasted a well cooked food from you…I just wish everything you did yesterday was all real…because it was too good to be true… I wish tha…
“keep quiet, nonsense…so you enjoyed yesterday meal, that’s how your downfall will also be enjoyable to you…do I look like your cook, I had a mission yesterday and it has being accomplished…and it will start manifesting in few minute from now, I am so glad you enjoyed yourself last night, but that’s all the enjoyment you will ever get from me, it was like a last super Greg, that was your delicious last super, you know as Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus that’s how you have being betrayed by your loving wife…hahahaha…I am really good at what I do…I am a real actress…I acted it all and you bought into it…you are just a shadow of yourself…you are finished Greg…your whore…Fiona will never see you again…I will be a better parent to our son than you will ever be in your entire life…to hell with you Greg…when I said I will nail you to the earth you took me for a comedian, I talk and do, I don’t joke when I’m serious, well I needed to stage it all so that you can fall into my hands helplessly and I will have you where I want you…and now that has happened I am the happiest woman I alive…
“What are you even talking about… you are confusing me…what did you do…what did you do Klein…I don’t understand…what are you really ab..ou…
His stomach began to hurt…he could no longer stand upright…it was as if the hotness that was coming from his stomach was burning into his chest…he held his stomach and then his chest as all he could say was Jesus…he was trying to say the name out loud but he couldn’t find his voice…he started begging Klein get him a cold water maybe the hotness will stop but Klein was standing afar laughing, Greg fell to the ground and tried to speak again…
“What…di.did you do to me…K…k..lein…I loved you…I valued you, I respected you, I cherished you with my life yet you find joy in wanting to destroy me…why do you hate me…what is my offense Ki..Klein…whaaaat…tell me…did you put something…in the food…last night…how…what is going on…please I need water…please give me water let me drink…I can’t get on my feet…my inside is burning…the heat is too much…please I need water to drink…I want water Klein…Klein please…please…Jesus…Christ…help me…water, I beg of you Klein…

Klein was laughing as she move to the fridge and get a chilled water, she put it far from Greg and ask Greg to crawl and get it if he really want to drink water…Greg tried to reach the water but Klein moved it back, far away from him, she urge him to come get the water again…he was loosing his strength as he began to search his pocket for his mobile phone, he brought out the phone to call somebody for help, Klein on seeing the phone rush to him and slapped him across the face before retrieving the phone from him, she threw the phone to the wall and it broke into pieces, she took the water and poured everything on Greg’s head and body, as Greg turned to get some drop of water to his mouth to quench his dry hot throat, Klein poured the remaining on the ground and stepped on it, after which he asked Greg to craw to it and drink the water from the floor, where she was standing, Greg tried to craw, not minding that Klein was standing on it, all he needed was just a little drop to see if the hotness in his throat could stop, as he tried to crawl Klein came and kicked him hard on the stomach and then to his face…Greg was in pain as he cried out in agony…he held his stomach…he was weak but was fighting hard to remain calm despite darkness was already crowding his eyes

“I am the type of woman you shouldn’t mess around with, you brought this upon yourself Greg…you did by allowing Fiona to insult me…you watched her and did nothing, you brought this on yourself by picking interest in another woman…oh darling…I said I was going to destroy you and the time has come…nobody…I mean nobody will ever save you from this…not even God that you pray to morning afternoon and night…nothing will save you from my claws…absolutely nothing… I am far too dangerous than you can imagine…and a good actress too…do not worry after you are gone, I will put up a good act for people, they will never suspect…trust me I am very good at what I do…
Klein brought out a short sharp kitchen knife and a gun and placed it in front of Greg
“open your eyes and look at this beautiful weapon before you…and you have to chose one, do you want to die gradually from that pain or you want me to help you and end your life so quick, because I hate you suffering like this and I want to help you as a the kind and loving wife that I am, this pain you feel now is going to take time before it finally kills you, it will cut every of your intestine after which it will destroy your heart and you will finally loose your breath, and just then you will beg for death before death finally comes, but I really want to save you from all that trouble by ending it quick my darling husband…so chose either the gun or the knife, the knife is quiet sharp, I will just dig it into your heart and off you go and the gun has only two bullet but one will do the work for you…so chose darling…my fine husband…is a pity you will be gone this way but like I said nothing and no one can save you…chose quickly, I will be fast about it, look up and take a pick between the two, don’t waste my time…

Greg tried to say something but he was too weak to mutter a word, he tried again but the word hooked in his truth, he was weak, he was dying gradually, as he kept on praying in his heart for God to save him, he knew that Klein will kill him anyway even if he did not chose any of the weapon, he was scared because he had wanted to watch his son grow up, he has wanted to help so many people that God entrusted to him, he never ever thought his wife will bring his downfall, he wanted to cry out, he wanted to plead with God to help him because right now he felt helpless, and just then as he tried to look up at Klein he saw her with the sharp knife
“I think the knife will do the work perfectly, the gun will make too much noise and may call for attention but I will just dig the knife to your chest straight to your heart and that will be the end, so my darling fine pastor husband…I bid you farewell to the other world, in your next life never you mess with strong woman like me, good bye and may we never meet again, this is our final bus top, it was nice riding with you in this so called marriage, I am done and so you are…Greg…

And as she raise the knife, targeting his heart, Greg found his voice to scream, he called Jesus as he saw the knife coming down to his chest, he screamed so loud and awaken from his sleep.
His body was covered with sweat, the dream has felt so real, the dream was still so fresh in his heart as he widened his eyes in shock, he look straight at nothing, the day has break, he wondered how long he has being sleeping, he tried to understand it all but got more scared as he thought of it, it has felt so real to him.

Greg was panting heavily as he sat up from the bed and look around him, he saw Klein sitting beside him and looking at him with a worried face…
“Darling, You have being struggling in your sleep…I guess it must be a night mare…
She tried to touch Greg but he move back from her, before standing up from the bed, he ran to the next room with sweat all over him and locked the door, he can hear Klein calling his name but he was breathless as he fell on his knee beside the bed.

To Be Continued….. . . 

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