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Episode 02.

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Author; (Benjamin)
[email protected]

Things get out of control

She was getting too close and closer to me. I swiftly washed soap off my face and on realizing well , she was completely naked.
“Oh my God!”, I sighed

She turned on the shower and the water was so romantic in the way it poured with us underneath. We held ourselves so tight and I couldn’t believe that it could be possible to kiss under the water but it’s the best moment I have ever experienced.

I kissed her like it was a job interview, so carefully yet nervous to make a blander.
I can not tell how moved from the shower room to the bed but we were there doing the inevitable at the moment.

I was feeling so sympathetic basing on the way she ‘scream-cried’ but the feelings just urged me to enter far much deeper.

It was in the third round when I realized that I was punishing my own sister, my own blood.
Above all we had not protected ourselves in any way.

“No..!!! No….!!, Shan, we are making a blander”, I said while panting like a dog after a failed hunting mission. I did not want to look direct in her eyes but she was so free with anything.
Instead she was praising me the more, claiming that that her guy was good and old for no good reason.

I went back to the shower and this time round I closed myself inside.
After a shower I took her to a nearby restaurant and bought her Lunch because we had not eaten any other thing other than the forbidden fruit.

We ate when my head was cast down thinking of how reckless I was to be lured by my sister into such a mistake.
Later on I bid her farewell and went back to my room with my head still cast down cursing myself for being so much foolish.

For the whole of that week I was sickly yet I didn’t have any problem with my health. Whenever my aunt called, I used to feel the guilt at heart but I kept on telling her that Shan was very fine.
I started avoiding Shan because I didn’t want any of my friends to suspect anything.

Some day aunt Julie called me and told me that Shan had reported me accusing me of dodging her on several occasions.
I explained to her that we were in times of tests and so I couldn’t find enough time not even for myself but I promised that as soon as I was through, I would surely give her enough time.

One day when I was almost forgetting everything and that was after a period of 3 weeks, Shan destroyed my mood again when she told me that she was likely to be pregnant. She had missed her routine.

I lost around 3kgs at that moment and it was true because she had come along with a laboratory report verifying everything.
I had nothing else to do other than sitting with her and hatch a plan on how to deal with that problem.

To be continued…

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