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[STORY] MARRIED TWICE (Final Episode 45)

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Episode / Chapter 45 (Last Episode).

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JENNIFER rushed out of her apartment and straight into the car
It was obvious she was late for where she’s going to

She put the key into the ignition and zoomed off
Soon a call came into her phone
“Damn”, she cussed and took the phone from the pigeon hole
She looked into it and smiled, it was Priceley
“Hey dear”, she said, her left hand on the steering, her right hand with the phone
“Hey babe, where you, you are keeping me waiting”, Priceley complained into the phone
Jennifer sighed
“I’m sorry, I’m on my way”, she said
“I’m waiting, and tell that damn car to bring you here at once”, she laughed and the call ended
Priceley was putting finishing touches on his bandhgala in readiness for the marriage
He sprayed himself some passion perfume and walked out of the room

Still petrified why Jennifer hadn’t come yet, he picked up his phone to call, then boom, there was Jennifer’s car driving in slowly
He smiled and walked to the car after it had screeched to a halt
Jennifer alighted
“Hey”, Priceley shouted, “you aren’t even dressed yet”
Jennifer looked at herself and sighed
“How do you want me to dress? You forgotten I’m no Indian?”
Priceley shook his head
“Come in and get dressed, I got some sari for you”, he intoned and they both walked into the house
He had Prisha do the dressing for her and then they were ready to leave
Priceley was waiting downstairs for her, he was already feeling agitated
The best man and bridesmaid, are still yet to leave
What nonsense
Then he looked up and saw her coming down the stairs, counting her steps
He walked up to her and offered his right hand
“Here princess”, he said, she smiled and placed her left hand on his and they both walked to the car
“We’re late you know? And you caused it”, Priceley said as he opened the car door for her to enter
“I didn’t”, she said, rolling her eyes, “we both caused it”, she laughed
“I think I’ll have your lips cut off”, they laughed
He revved the car and they zoomed off
The marriage hall in the Sujit’s mansion was well decorated, and befit for a marriage of class
People roamed about, some just arriving
The place was extremely crowded, and filled with figures of high caliber, standard and importance to the society
Sharuna’s schoolmates were all there in their numbers, teachers included
Kesmanee’s business associates and employees weren’t exempted
Everyone was just present
The bride was dressed up in a red and white Panetar sari, and the groom in a red and white Sherwani.
They were beautifully dressed
Soon, the marriage kicked off and the rites were carried out
The most important rite, which is the Saptapadi, was carried out
The bride’s and groom’s clothes were tied to each other
The bride’s Panetar was tied to the groom’s sherwani, and the Saptapadi was carried out
They took steps round the fire, seven steps to be specified

Then the bride offered a drink to the groom, and they both walked to the center of the hall and knelt down, where both parents prayed for them
Now, proclaimed husband and wife
All done, Kesmanee took hold of Sharuna’s hand and stood her up
Now, they were facing each other
Sharuna was somewhat shy, her heart beat so loud and fast
Her face was down, her eyes looking at the floor
“Look into my eyes, my lady”, he whispered to her
She slowly raised her head
Their gaze met
“I knew this day was gonna come”, he said, “no matter what happens, if we were meant to be together, it shall be so”
She smiled and looked into his eyes
“What will be will be”, she whispered
“I love you”, her lips wobbled
He smiled
“I love you too”, and he brought his head down as their lips met in a passionate kiss
The people cheered, and threw shimmering confetti of flowers over the couple


“Mummy…..candy, we haven’t bought candy”, little Alishia cried out, pouting
She was sitting on the cart, pushed by her father, alongside other things they had bought
They were at the shopping mall
Sharuna stared daggers at her, and she instantly kept quiet
Kesmanee saw all that happened and laughed
“Don’t worry sweetie, I’m gonna get you some candies”, he said
Alishia smiled
Sharuna looked at him and frowned, “you are spoiling her you know?”
“Because I love her”, he laughed
Sharuna looked at her wrist watch,

“it’s late already, we have to leave for mom’s house now. Haven’t we bought all we needed for the party?”
Alishia’s face brightened up
“Are we going to see granny?”, she asked
“Yes baby”, Sharuna replied and ruffled her hair
Now, they were at the entrance of the mall
Kesmanee rolled the cart towards their car, Sharuna walked beside him
“Mr Kesmanee? Oh my God, Mr Kesmanee”, a lady called out to them
She was walking into the mall
Kesmanee looked at her
“Cindy?”, he called, and stopped
“Yes, it’s me”
Kesmanee scoffed, his eyes showed anger
“Please Mr Kesmanee”, Cindy said and went on her knees, not minding the people around
“Please Mr Kesmanee, I’m sorry for everything, I’m really sorry”, she pleaded
Sharuna was surprised, there were already causing a scene
“What’s the problem?”, she asked
“Please ma’am, help me beg your husband to forgive me, please”, Cindy pleaded
Sharuna looked at Kesmanee, who was just staring at Cindy disgustingly
“I’m waiting baby”, she said to him
He had to forgive, Sharuna had talked to him
She didn’t even care to know what she did, and she’s asking him to forgive
Anyway, he shrugged
“Stand up, I’ve forgiven you”, he said
Cindy smiled and got up
“Oh thank you so much”, she said
“Thank her”, he pointed at Sharuna
She turned to her and said, “thanks ma’am, thanks for forgiving me. I’m really sorry”
Sharuna smiled
“No problem”
“So, what about Sissy, your friend?”, Kesmanee asked
“She ……she’s okay. She’s gone back to Philadelphia; her homeland”, she explained
“Okay, we are heading somewhere, take care”, he began rolling the cart
“Okay sir. Thank you”, she left
They walked to the car, put in the goods they had bought and Kesmanee rolled the cart back into the mall
Few minutes later, he was out, and they zoomed off
Priceley and Jennifer were walking towards the parking lot, ready to board one of the cars
“We’re almost late for our destination, and it’s your fault. It’s always your fault”, Priceley complained as he was opening the car door for her
She laughed
“That’s not my business”
“Stupid”, Priceley said and closed the door, then walked over to the driver’s side
“Did you just say stupid?”, Jennifer asked
“What would you do?”, he asked
“Okay, I’ll strike later, you know me”, she said and he laughed
“I don’t have time for you, but ..”, he brought his lips closer hers and gave her a quick kiss before she could stop him
He laughed, revving the car and they zoomed off
Kesmanee and Sharuna got to their destination; the Sujit’s mansion
They alighted and walked into the building with the things they had bought from the mall
“Hey Dad”, Sharuna called out to Dr Sujit as soon as she sighted him
“Daughter, woah! Look my people”, he exclaimed and they walked up to him
“Grandpa”, Alishia shouted and ran up to him
He caught her and gave her a peck
“How you little kid?”
“Fine”, she pouted
They all greeted and soon, Priceley and Jennifer arrived
They were holding a family get-together party
“Uncle Priceley, aunt Jenny”, Alishia shouted and ran to them
Jennifer carried her, while Priceley ruffled her hair
Vida called Sharuna to the kitchen, to help her
“How have you been daughter?”, she asked
“Fine mom”, she replied
Vida nodded
“You know, Dr Sujit and I are expecting a baby”
“What!”, Sharuna scoffed
“I mean……how?”
Vida laughed
“Your dad badly needed a child from me, so we went through the artificial insemination”, she explained
Sharuna sighed
“Well, that’s good”, she said
“We’ve got the best family”
“And we don’t ask for anymore, thank God for that”.

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