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Episode / Chapter 33.

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IT’S morning, Sharuna yawned as she got up from bed, to prepare for another day
She dragged herself into the shower and had a light bath, then she got dressed
Picked up her bag and walked to the dining for breakfast
Dr Sujit wasn’t there, she shrugged and had breakfast alone

Minutes later, she was ready and then took the stairs to the parking lot
She still wondered where her dad might be
As she got to the parking lot, he was there
She saw him standing by the green Sienna.
“Hey Daddy, good morning”, she greeted smiling
“Morning, I’ve been waiting here for you”, he said looking her over
“Me? Besides,I didn’t see you for breakfast”
He nodded
“Yeah, I was up early”
“Okay, but dad…..”, she paused
He turned to look at her
“Yeah? Go on”, he nudged her
She took a deep breath and exhaled

“Dad, didn’t you think it’s time I learn to drive? I mean, it gonna reduce stresses for you. You coming to pick me up and all that”, she paused in order for what she had said to sink in
“Besides”, she continued, “they’re a lot of cars available”
He thought about it for a while
“Well, it’s a good idea. Don’t worry about that, I will fix it”
She smiled
“Thanks Dad”
“Welcome. Now get into the car let’s leave here”
She happily entered and they zoomed off.
As soon as Dr Sujit dropped her and drove off, she walked into her department
She got to her class, thank God, everywhere wasn’t so filled with the students yet
The few who had arrived, were either busy with their phones, or trying some sculpturing practicals
She got to her desk and sat
It was one desk, one student for convenience, and each desk was separated far from the next, as the class was wide enough
As she flopped down on the chair, she laid her head on the desk
Priceley had just driven his father to the institution; his place of work
After making sure that his father was now sitted in his office, he proceeded to Sharuna’s department
It wasn’t yet time for classes to commence
He went in and saw Sharuna with her head down on her desk
He walked up to her, smiling
“Hey”, he tapped her desk and she raised her head up
“Good morning”, he was the first to greet
She looked at him, he was sheepishly smiling and was holding a fancy handpack.
“Hi”, she replied shortly
Priceley smiled, at least she replied his greetings
“How was your night princess?”, he asked
She scoffed
“Fine and yours?”
Now, he was stunned
Was she really asking after his night
All he felt at that moment was nothing but happiness
“My night was awesome, with you in my heart though”
She pretended like she hadn’t heard the last sentence
“I got you something”, he raised the handpack and dropped it on the desk
“Here”, he said smiling
She looked at him, and then the handpack
“Thanks”, she managed a smile
“My pleasure. I will be leaving you now, before your teacher makes me one of you today”
They laughed
She really laughed, thanks goodness
“You should please. Thanks again”
“Welcome. Have a great day”
“You too”, and he walked out
She looked at him as he left, and she shrugged
Then she took away the handpack from the desk and placed it on her laps, and she peeped in
Yeah, it was red roses
She inhaled the fragrance
Then she picked up the other gift, it was enclosed in a packet
She opened the packet, a gold chain was looking at her
The gold chain was sparkling diamonds and oh!
It made her remember Kesmanee
A gold chain was the first gift he had gotten for her
But it was far more precious that the one she was looking at now
Because it had come from a far more precious person
It brought memories of Kes, and they all came, flooding back in full force
Those memories always brings tears to her eyes, and instantly, she started crying

She kept the gift on the floor beside her, placed her head on the desk, and began sobbing silently and softly
She had been crying for about five minutes, when a teacher strode in
Everyone adjusted, going back to their desks in preparation for the teaching
But Sharuna stayed still
Then the teacher noticed
“Sharuna?”, she called
Sharuna sniffed and raised her head up, cleaning her eyes with her face napkin
“What’s wrong with you?”, the teacher walked up to her
She shook her head
“Nothing….. just that, something entered my eyes. I’m fine, thanks”
“If you say so”, the teacher shrugged and walked back to the front of the class as the teaching commenced
They had closed for the day as usual, she hurriedly packed up and ready to run down to the provision store where she normally waits, before Priceley shows up
She had strapped her bag to her back and was about leaving when she realized she hadn’t taken the handpack along
She sighed and turned to look at it on the floor
It was just a gift anyway, it meant nothing else
She took it and left the class in a rush
Seven steps down the stairs, she saw him coming up
She cussed, hitting her forehead with her hand
What does he wants now?
She hopes he would just walk by, without talking to her even
“Hey, you are already leaving?”, he asked as he saw her
She didn’t say anything
“Trying to escape again?”, he smiled
“Pardon? Escape who? Am I a thief?”
He laughed

“You know what I mean. Come on, let’s go downstairs”, he nudged her
“Excuse me? I wasn’t waiting for you to come before I go downstairs, you can go”, she said, not making any attempt to move from where she stood
He laughed
“If you don’t say anything, I wonder who else would say something”
She ignored him, still standing
“You seem difficult, but not for me”, before she knew it, he had swept her off her feet and taking the stairs
“Hey! What the hell you think you are doing? Drop me”, she yelled
“Are you ready to come with me with your legs? Or I won’t drop you down”, he said looking at her
She kept mute
He continued walking, still carrying her
“You deaf?”, she shouted
“I asked you a question”, he pressed on
“Okay, I will”, she gave up, “now, drop me down, will you?”, she yelled
He looked into her face, still holding onto her

Then he brought his head down, his lips close to hers and was about brushing it on hers, when she pushed his head away
“You crazy or something?”, she tried freeing herself from him, but couldn’t
Then he dropped her down
“Um…..I’m sorry for that”, he said to her, but it was useless, she had already walked away
He followed her
“I said I’m sorry”, he repeated when he got to her
She ignored him, now walking towards the road
“Where are you going?”, he was forced to ask
“Not your business”, she snapped
“I’m asking you a question Sharuna”, now there was authority in his voice
She noticed it and turned back to him
“I’m going to wait for my dad….”
“At where?”, he interrupted

“At the provision store over the road, I hope you are satisfied now?”, she turned and continued walking
“Come with me, I will take you home”, he said
Sharuna turned to look at him
Was he crazy??
She ignored him and continued walking
“Your dad isn’t coming for you”, he said, making her stop in her tracks
“What do you mean?”, she asked
“Well, he asked me to take you home”
She wasn’t satisfied

“My dad cannot ask you to take me home. I know him too well, what do you mean?”, she demanded furiously
His face fell
“Well, I talked to him, and he agreed”
For a split second, she stood in anger looking all daggers at him
She felt like getting hold of his neck and strangling him
And to make it worst, she had no t-fare on her
For her dad, he has done well
She was gonna confront him once he gets home
“You going?”, Priceley asked, bringing her back from thinking
She sighed and nodded
“Wow!”, he exclaimed and they walked to his car.

To Be Continued…… .  . .

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