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[STORY] THAT NIGHT IN ROOM 401 (Episode 15)




Episode 15.

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I knew I heard the gunshot and I heard a scream, No! Two People were screaming, No! Three people were screaming, No! Four people were screaming, No Five people were screaming…, Simultaneously, I also felt a sharp pain in my stomach….

Jawegbona, the herbalist was right, the gunshot did have effect on Larry. The moment, we shot at him, he stopped in his tracks, the bullet had gone straight into him, he looked down at his chest and was surprised at the blood. At that same time, he looked towards his house when he heard the screaming of his six children…

“What have you done Grace?” Larry said looking at me in pain as he fell to the ground…

“Who told you my secret? Grace! You have wiped out my entire family…Every of my seed is going to die”….He said while gasping for breath….

Ifakolade was pleased, he took me by the hand, and pulled me, but I couldn’t move, as I looked down, I saw blood dripping down my leg… “The baby!”
“Grace… You… Shouldn’t have done this, by killing me. You have killed my innocent children … “Larry said

“When a Father sins, it is sure his seeds will reap from it” Ifakolade said, but he became shocked as he saw the blood dripping from my thighs…

“Oosamuyiwa, You are also affected…?” Ifakolade said with so much alarm in his voice
“Of course you fool, she is carrying my seed…” Larry said in pain as he started chanting some incantations while he was coughing blood…

I was beginning to feel dizzy. Ifakolade noticed I was losing blood, so he carried me in his hands, and made a turn to leave when we heard…

“Stop right there, if you make any move, I will kill you both” Ifakolade turned and right there I saw Gbenga, Larry’s younger brother… Gbenga was shocked when he saw my face…

“Sis Grace! Sis Grace?”… By this time Larry’s wife was outside, she was shaking…

“The children are coughing blood” She was shocked to see her husband groaning in pain with blood gushing out of his mouth…

“Gbenga, what is happening here? Why is Larry and the children coughing blood? “Then she notices the gun in Gbenga’s hand… She immediately thinks otherwise…

“Gbenga, what did you do to my husband? Why did you shoot him?

“It’s not me, it’s Sister Grace,” he said pointing towards my direction…

Larry’s wife looked towards my direction but apparently she did not see me… It made sense, Gbenga was like his brother, he had been fortified like Larry, no wonder he could see us, but Larry’s wife couldn’t see us…

“Sis Grace… Which Sister Grace? I can’t see anyone, and whose blood stain is that on the floor”. Larry’s wife said in confusion as she couldn’t see Ifakolade and I, but she saw blood dripping from me…

“Can’t you see her Bridget with an assassin?” Gbenga said in frustration

“Gbenga, I can’t see anyone, what is happening here, Larry is no more talking…. Larry, LARRY… Larry… Say something, the children are coughing blood too…What is happening? “…

One minute please…
My prayer for you this moment:
Sudden death will not be your portion. You and your household will not die untimely death. Death that did not kill you in 2018 will not have power over you in 2019… In the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


“Sis Grace, what did my brother do to you?, He worked with you with his life!” Gbenga said as he tried to resuscitate his brother

Definitely Gbenga did not know the truth about what really transpired between Larry and I. It must have been between Larry and His father…

Gbenga pointed his gun at me, while I was still being carried by Ifakolade.

Very Swiftly Ifakolade fired a shot at Gbenga In order to defend me, but the unexpected happened, the gunshot had effect on Ifakolade instead…

Ifakolade did not realize that Gbenga must have been fortified like his brother. Larry’s wife knew something was up, when she heard a gunshot so close and nobody was around..

“Who fired that gunshot? Gbenga what Is happening? Larry is not breathing again” Larry’s wife was crying…. She ran inside to meet her children

Gbenga was walking towards me in tears and anger, Ifakolade was groaning in pain from the gunshot… I was crying bitterly, was I going to lose Ifakolade, Was Ifakolade going to die on me… If Ifakolade died now, he was going to miss heaven… Larry was going to miss heaven too… I didn’t plan so many deaths like this… And the children coughing blood, what was that about? I was also bleeding, does it mean the baby was dead as well…?

My head was pounding, my tears were flowing, I could hear the screams and hard cough of Larry’s kids, I could see Larry’s wife running back to Larry and crying over her husband…

LARRY HAD DIED! How the mightily fortified had fallen…Even charms had their limits

Gbenga on seeing that Larry was dead started walking towards me, he pointed the gun at my head about to shoot….

All I remember is that in the hit of that moment, Ifakolade took my hand and placed it over his hand and shot Gbenga.

It worked!
The gun also had effect on Gbenga with the joining of my hand with Ifakolade.
Gbenga fell…

Larry’s wife on seeing Gbenga on the floor with blood and the sound of a gunshot from no one, she knew something was not right, she started screaming..
I was still in shock of how the day was turning out, Larry was dead, that was expected, but his six children, were they going to die as well?, Gbenga was dead as well, now Ifakolade was lying and groaning in pain about to die too….

I needed to save Ifakolade, I couldn’t let death take him away too, but there was a problem, I was having serious abdominal pain like cramps and I was dizzy…

To Be Continued….. . . . 

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