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[STORY] THAT NIGHT IN ROOM 401 (Episode 13)

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Episode 13.

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Ifakolade took me to his house, or what he called a house.. His place was an uncompleted one bedroom apartment with an attached toilet and bathroom.. His kitchen was an open place in the compound. What made the scenario worse, was the number of touts that were living with him.

When we got to his house that midnight, the moment we stepped into the compound, I practically went into shock as I saw the uncountable number of bodies sleeping on the floor in the compound, we had to cross over sleeping bodies.

As a special guest and wife to be, Ifakolade took me inside the bedroom, only to find a couple making out on the bed. The sight was highly irritating, they were sweating in this stuffy and smelly room. Ifakolade was mad at them, as he tried to pick up a bottle to hit it on the man…
” Shepe, how many times have I told you to stop bringing a woman to my room, You dey craze”. The young man started apologizing… I had to step out for some fresh air, so it came to me as a shock, when Ifakolade told me, that was the room I would be sleeping…. Suddenly the urge to throw up took over… I was going to throw up, if I stayed one more minute in that dirty hole, he called a room.
I told him, I was going to sleep outside.

” How will you sleep outside Oosamuyiwa,.. You know what? I will clean up the room myself” Ifakolade suddenly started using a soft voice as he spoke to me…

“Oosamuyiwa, I am sorry for how all these is turning out, I am not as bad as I appear, I am a very nice person, it’s just destiny. If I had the opportunity of going to school like you, I would have turned out better than this…” He kept on ranting as he was clearing the room… But all that was on my mind was how I was going to escape all these without losing any one close to me…
Jawegbona!!!….” Yes!.” I was going to see the herbalist who said I had to marry Ifakolade in order to have my revenge on Larry. Maybe, this story was false and it probably was my mother and Ifakolade’s way of making me get married to him… I remembered they had secret talks before telling me about Baba Jawegbona.

” Oosamuyiwa, do you know Destiny can not be changed, it may just be delayed… You know when we were younger, we used to play husband and wife… See how God is playing everything out…” Ifakolade kept on talking, but my mind was somewhere else… My mind was with Pastor James, I was wondering what he was doing… I knew he would be listening to one of my tracks…

” God, please just this last time, let me clear up this mess with Ifakolade and Larry, then give me a chance with pastor James… I promise not to mess up again, I promise to pick up the pieces of my life back in Jesus name I pray” I prayed silently as I looked absentmindedly at Ifakolade.
I was not sure if God heard me, but I had done my part. The next morning, I told Ifakolade I wanted to take a walk around ..
” You want to run away? ” he said as he was cleaning his gun… His group of touts were hailing ME as the Don’s wife..
” NO..”…I replied as I was not planning to tell him where I was going…
” If you try to run away, have it at the back of your mind, that I have your family and pastor boyfriend “… He said…

The gate rustled and as we turned to see who it was… My heart jumped… Pastor James. Ifakolade was angry… I rushed towards him before Ifakolade kills him, especially with the gun in his hand, but Ifakolade blocked my way…

” Yes Pastor, what are you doing here?”
” I came here to see Grace”…he said looking at me and not Ifakolade.
” I don’t have Grace here, I have Oosamuyiwa..and I don’t think you have a business with Oosamuyiwa… ”
” She is not Oosamuyiwa, she is Grace… ” Pastor James said with anger in His eyes… I had never seen him angry before..
” Oosamuyiwa… Tell this man your name before I do something you won’t like, he is asking for someone who doesn’t live here.. Oosamuyiwa, what is your name… ”
I swallowed hard, as It took everything for me to say it…
” OrishaMUYIWA “…..I said…

Let us pray:
O Lord, any circumstance, any temptation that will make me deny you, the temptation that will make me turn back from You, let it not happen to me. It is true You test our faith, but the temptation that is beyond my reasoning, temptation that is beyond my faith, O Lord of Host, let it not happen to me in Jesus name.

Pastor James shook his head…
” So Pastor , out of my house… ” Pastor James walked out but I didn’t care what was going to happen, I ran after pastor James and held him so tight, holding his face and looking intently into his eyes…
” Pastor James, I have a plan… I promise you… I am coming back, I just need to clear up my mess” I said with tears

” Grace, You don’t need to clear up your mess, you don’t have the strength, Let Jesus clear it…I Am ready to stand by you.. We can make a report at the police station,…”
” Nooo, the scandal will be too much for me, and besides If I let Jesus clear it, I may lose you or another member of my family, Ifakolade is determined to shed blood and so is my mother…. Let me just do this.. I don’t want another blood on my hands, 3 people have died because of me… Please understand Let ME just do what Ifakolade wants and I promise.. after Larry’s death I am done… ”

” I hope I don’t lose you, I have a feeling if you go with Ifakolade, I will lose you… Please Grace… Please…” He said holding me firmly

” Time up.. ” Ifakolade said from behind… ” Pastor James, she has given you her word, once she is through with me, she will come back to you.. Why can’t you be patient?” Ifakolade said mockingly
Ifakolade pulled me back into the compound…. I saw Pastor James going away, and that was the last time I saw him before it was too late…

Too late for what? Wait till you read the next part… But before I drop my pen… Later that day, I went to visit Jawegbona’s shrine under a disguise and this was what he had to say…
” I never said you both should get married, all I said was that there had to be sexual intercourse between you both, before going to kill the man… You may or may not get married”…Jawegbona had said…
Now, I got the whole picture, I didn’t have to marry Ifakolade, all we needed to do was have sexual intercourse… I was ready, I didn’t care if I was pregnant.. My body didn’t mean much to me anymore… Let Ifakolade do what he had to do that night and the next morning we would set out to the city to kill Larry…

I confronted Ifakolade and told him I had seen Jawegbona, he wasn’t Happy but he agreed we didn’t have to get married. I had the most painful and most regrettable intercourse of my life that night… I was shedding tears as Ifakolade was tearing me apart… The more he was having fun, the more hatred I had for Larry…
It felt like rape and he constantly used his massive dirty hands to cover my mouth from screaming in pain…
I couldn’t wait for the day to break as I couldn’t sleep anymore. ..
By 4am Ifakolade and I set out for the revenge mission after eating the concoction Jawegbona had prepared for our FORTIFICATION…
The day didn’t turn out as I expected, It was a BLACK DAY for me….

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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