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[STORY] MOTHER-IN-LAW (Episode 25)

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Episode 25.

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“So what is the way out now?” Mrs. Asibong asked. “We need more sacrifices. The ones you offered earlier are virtually nonexistent. Maybe we should not have accepted future sacrifices from you. With those sacrifices on our altar, things would have been different by now,” explained the priest. “You accepted what I offered; I even slept with your young lord, how come all that suddenly count for nothing? How about the money I gave?!” Mrs. Asibong fumed. “We need blood madam! With blood we will do a lot for you right now!” said the priest. “I have no more blood to offer you! Your words count for nothing! You boasted that you and your shrine specialize in war, how is it that right now my fellowship has left you looking like a puppet shrine?” “You just don’t understand Mrs. Asibong. Your fellowship took this current case to a higher ground. They offered five young virgin young people to an altar higher than ours. The spirits who took your daughter in-law’s womb rank above us. As it is, there is very little we can do. Give us blood and we will turn this situation to your favour.” “This can’t be happening! I can’t believe what you just said…” said Mrs. Asibong. She turned to her friend Ibinabo and asked, “Why in God’s world did you bring me to such a place Ibinabo?”

“Frankly, Eme I am as shocked as you are,” Ibinabo said helplessly. “There will always be something you can do, Mrs. Asibong,” the priest said to encourage her. “I can offer you nothing! I have lost my faith in you and your shrine! Maybe you want me to offer you my life…” She paused. “Okay, take Janet’s life! Since her womb is gone, she is no longer useful to my son or to anyone.” “Yes! I think in this situation that is a good offer, priest,” concurred Ibinabo. “The spirits who took her womb left with much more than that. As we speak, some intestinal parts from Janet are lying on an altar somewhere in Haiti. We cannot take her as a sacrifice anymore. A higher altar has received her. Don’t forget you had given her to us earlier. Even if your current offer was valid, we already have her life. You have to give us another life,” the priest explained further.

Mrs. Asibong turned around, gestured at Ibinabo and said, “Let’s get out of here! There is nothing here for me. I will go plead my case with the fellowship.” “The fellowship will not hear you Mrs. Asibong. I think you should know that the sacrifice you offered to us caused them great pain. If you leave here without offering any human blood, you will be taking a great risk. Your fellowship will be happy to eat you alive. Believe me, without our protection no one is safe in your family,” warned the priest. “Thanks a lot, priest. Right now I will prefer to handle this situation by myself.”

Without delay, Mrs. Asibong and Ibinabo got into the vehicle which had driven them to the shrine and they headed back to her house. “What are you going to do now? From what has been done to Janet we can see that your fellowship is out for blood,” Ibinabo inquired. “Let’s hope Jumbo has not killed my gate man…” she was saying. “Your gate man?!” Ibinabo interjected. “Yes, he claimed to know what to do. I will prefer to leave my destiny in his hands than your lousy priest and boy lord.” Mrs. Asibong dialed Jumbo’s phone number and waited impatiently for him to pick. “Please pick up. Pick up Jumbo,” she said to herself.

*** Emmanuel’s House *****

“I have not made up my mind to leave you. I love you with all my heart and I do not regret getting married to you. I am very sorry for the things I said to you. Please forgive me.” Janet was surprised his openness about being wrong. She had expected him to dig his heels in and ignore her. She was going to say something when she felt something crawling down her right thigh. She touched it and it felt watery. When she brought her hand to her face to see what it was, what she saw was blood. Fear seized her heart. “Baby look,” she said, raising her hand for Emmanuel to see. “Oh no! Not again! Where is that from?” Emmanuel asked moving closer to her. “My thigh. I think is from my private part.” “You are not menstruating. How could you be bleeding now?” “Aaah!” Janet screamed clutching her tummy. She had felt a sharp painful movement in her stomach.
Emmanuel grabbed her in his hands as she tottered on her feet, seeming to crash to the floor. “What is it baby?” Emmanuel asked, almost crying. “Something is moving around painfully in my stomach!” she cried out. Emmanuel lowered her to the floor and reached for his phone. He placed a call to his friend Samson. ‘Sammy please drive over to my house now! Janet is dying! Something is moving about in her stomach! Please help me!” “Emmanuel take her to a hospital and call for a pastor to pray for her! I will meet you at the hospital. Something horribly wrong is going on in your family. The spiritualist you spoke to yesterday about your problems is dead!” Samson said, sounding really scared. “What did you just say?” Emmanuel asked, shaking from head to toes. “You heard me right! The man is dead. His servant told me the spiritualist claimed to have found out who is after you and your wife. After making that claim, he was attacked, according to his servant, by a snake right in his spiritual house,” Samson explained.

“Help me baby!!!” Janet cried out from the floor where she lay. Her cry jolted Emmanuel. He dropped the call and ran to her. “Help me please, baby,” Janet pleaded. Her bleeding had increased and so was the pain she felt. Her face had begun to look pale. Emmanuel sprang to his feet, picked her nightgown and got her dressed in it. Lifting her, Emanuel bolted out of the house, heading for his car which was parked outside.

**** Mrs. Asibong and Her Gate Man *****

“What do you mean by you cannot find him?!” Mrs. Asibong shouted at Jumbo. “Madam, we have been here for over one hour and yet there has been no sign of your gate man,” said Jumbo. “You have killed him! Just tell me the truth! You have killed him!” Mrs. Asibong continued to shout. “Calm down and hear him out Eme,” Ibinabo pleaded. “I won’t, he is lying to me! Tell me Jumbo, why were you not picking my calls? I called you several times, did I not?” asked Mrs. Asibong. “Madam, you are not listening to yourself. Do you actually hear the things you are saying? How could you wake me from my sweet sleep, order me to kill your gate man and I would still be here after killing him. Have we spoken since you gave me that instruction? Why on earth would I lie to you then?”

“ Taawai!!! ” Mrs. Asibong slapped Jumbo. “Don’t you ever talk to me that way again!” shouted Mrs. Asibong. Jumbo robbed his hand on his face, laughing. “Madam, Jumbo has told you the truth, we have not killed your gate man. Only God knows where he went to. We have not seen him since we arrived here. Maybe he has a Fulani girlfriend he went to visit seeing you had left home,” said Sadiq, one of Jumbo’s two colleagues. “Sadiq, look around. Does this highbrow, exclusive estate look to you like Oshodi? How on earth would a poor Fulani girl find her way into this place?” “Eme, I told you earlier that your gate man is a wizard. I won’t be surprise if he is hanging in the air listening to all we have said. How did you even find such a man to hire him as your gate man?” Ibinabo asked. “Madam, you don come back? You no waste time o! ” Everyone turned in shock to the direction the voice came from. It was Musa, he had his bow and arrow loaded and ready to shoot. “Where have you been Musa?” Mrs. Asibong asked angrily. “I have been here listening to you.

When I tell you say I can catch any thief you think say I dey lie, ba ?” Musa asked derisively. Jumbo and his two colleagues reached for their guns but dropped them suddenly to the ground, because their guns had become too hot to touch with bare hands. Musa guffawed at them. Much to himself than to them he said, “ My juju no get part two.”

He approached them menacingly with his bow and arrow strained on them. Backing away, Mrs. Asibong began to plead with him. “Musa, please don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot anybody, please! I need your help! You said you can help me, abi ? Now I need your help. Your dream is true. You saw right, I am in trouble please help me Musa!”

To be continued …….

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