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[STORY] MOTHER-IN-LAW (Episode 24)




Episode 24.

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Mrs. Asibong was sound asleep on her bed. The time was 2:15 am. Then her phone rang. It was the priest whom she gave the lives of Janet and her unborn child. With an angry sigh she reached for her phone. “Hello priest, why call me at this odd hour? Is everything okay?” she asked. “All is not well! You have to get down to our shrine this minute!” said the priest, loudly. “What is wrong priest?! How do you expect me to drive out by this time all alone?” “Mrs. Asibong, you have no choice than to do that. All the lives in your family depend on it. I have called your friend, Ibinabo, she is on her way to your house with some people. You have to get down here immediately!” “Okay priest, I will come over to the shrine now that I know Ibinabo is on her way to my house with some people. Please can you let me in on what is wrong? Please I beg of you.” “Mrs. Asibong, there is trouble. Your fellowship has offered a counter sacrifice to undo the sacrifice you offered to us.”

“My fellowship? I thought you had silenced them once and for all. How is this possible?” Mrs. Eme Asibong asked, feeling like fish out of water. “I hate to admit to you that we underestimated them. Have you spoken to your son and his wife?” “No, I have not.” “Please get in touch with them. It is highly important that you do so right now,” said the priest as he hung up the phone.

Mrs. Asibong was beside herself with worry and anxiety. “What has my fellowship done? Where is all this headed to now?” she said out loud to herself. Her hands were shaking as she tried to call Emmanuel. As if on cue, Emmanuel’s call crashed in, “Hello mom!” “Hello Emmanuel.” “Mommy! We have been under attack for the past few hours! The worst part is that Janet wants to leave me!” Emmanuel blurted out breathlessly. “Calm down Emmanuel! I want to hear about the attack, what actually happened?” she asked. “Mom, as I speak right now, our bed and much of our bedroom are covered with blood…” “Blood! Oh God! From where?” she interjected. “Janet woke me up from sleep with a loud scream only for me to see two spirits in our bedroom and our bed covered with blood. The spirits had in their hands Janet’s womb and some intestinal organs. My wife is not going to be able to give birth to any child ever again! Mom please help! Please help me!” Emmanuel cried.

Mrs. Asibong felt her tongue cleave to her upper palate. She could hardly utter a word. Thoughts of all sorts were going through her mind at that point. What have I done? Mrs. Asibong thought to herself “Mom!!! Are you there?” Emmanuel’s loud query woke her from her thoughts. “I am here Emmanuel. You know what? Make sure Janet does not leave your house! I am going to look for help right away. Did you hear me?” “Yes ma,” Emmanuel replied with hope. “Good. Keep her in your house and make sure she does not leave you.” Before Emmanuel could get the chance to tell her what his father had told him, she dropped the call.

A loud car horn blared from outside the compound and she knew Ibinabo and her team had arrived. Just then her phone began to ring. It was Ibinabo. “Hello IB (short for Ibinabo),” said Mrs. Asibong. “Are you ready to leave with us? The priest told me he was going to call you. You should be ready be now,” Ibinabo inquired urgently. “I am afraid am not yet ready. I spoke with my son, he said they were attacked this morning. The worst has happened IB…” “Get a hold of yourself and get out of your house! We are here to find the solution to your problem,” interjected Ibinabo. There was no time to dress herself very well. All Mrs. Asibong could do was find a wrapper and tied it around her nightgown. She reached for her handbag and phone and dashed out of her bedroom.

On her way out, she found a pair of leather slip-on and slipped her feet in on them. Outside, she yelled, “Musa!!!” The gate man busted out of his gatehouse with his arrow and bow, ready to shoot any intruder. Mrs. Asibong held her hands up in fear and screamed, “Please don’t shoot Musa! I am the one! It is your madam!” “Kei! I for kill am for you now! Where is the thief, madam? ” asked Musa in pidgin English. “There is no thief around Musa. Open the gate I need to go somewhere right now.” “Madam! You want to go somewhere by this time? Ah! It is not good time to go out. Thieves, spirits, they go out by this time.

This time not good for going out ,” Musa cautioned. “Thanks Musa for your concern, however, I must go out now. My son is in trouble, I have to go help him and his wife. Open the gate please.”

“Eme!!! What on earth are you discussing with that gate man? Come out let’s go!” Ibinabo shouted from outside the gate. Musa ran to the gate and then realized he had left the key inside the gatehouse. He ran back into the house, found the key and dashed out. As he unlocked the gate, he narrated a short dream he had to his boss. “ Madam, trouble is find you. I saw it in my dream. Oga come with plenty dead people. I see you mad. You commot your clothe run enter market …” He paused to push the gate wide open. Mrs. Asibong stood transfixed. She could not lift a limb nor bat an eyelid. Outside the gate were Ibinabo and some men. “Common lets go,” Ibinabo encouraged her.

“You have to hear this IB… Musa who did you say you saw in your dream?” Ibinabo ran into the compound, obviously to drag Mrs. Asibong away. “I saw Oga, your husband,” replied Musa. His words struck both Ibinabo and Mrs. Asibong with awe. “Who told you that the person you saw was my husband? I only hired you a couple of months ago. My husband died fourteen years ago!” Musa smiled proudly and squirmed his shoulders with self-assurance. “Your husband is Mr. Asibong. Is he not?” Musa asked. “He is. How did you come to know him?” “What could this mean?” Ibinabo asked in fear. “He came to me in my dream. He told me he is coming…” He paused and drew nearer to the two women. With a whisper he continued, “I know he is angry about something, but I know how to stop him. I am a good melicine (medicine) man.” Mrs. Asibong and Ibinabo looked at each other in disbelief.

“Musa when I get back we will discuss this, okay,” said Mrs. Asibong. Grabbing Ibinabo’s hand, they ran into the car waiting for them outside. On the drive to see the priest, Mrs. Asibong wondered aloud about what Musa told them. “How is it that the chains are on his grave and yet he still moves about causing me troubles?” “Eme, you have to get rid of that your gate man. It is just like he said, he is a medicine man. I fear he may have been looking into your life. I am afraid he was the one who reached out to your dead husband’s spirit. You will be shocked by the level of voodoo these Hausa gate men have,” said Ibinabo. “I swear I will kill that gate man if he is the one reaching out to my dead husband’s spirit.” “I said do it! He is the one! My mirror just confirmed it,” Ibinabo claimed. Without delay, Mrs. Asibong placed a call to Jumbo, her professional assassin. “Jumbo, go to my house right now and remove my gate man from the face of this earth. He has crossed his boundary. Make sure his body is never found.” “Okay madam,’ replied a sleepy Jumbo.

*** Emmanuel’s House ****

Still fuming, Janet stepped out of the bathroom and quickly began to pack her personal effects. Emmanuel did not try to stop her. He had locked the door and wanted her to wear out her anger by packing her load. His silence and gaze had Janet worried. She had expected him to plead with her and try to stop her from packing, but he did not. In-between packing her load, she would stop and look at Emmanuel worriedly. Emmanuel took notice of those looks and pretended he did not. They gave him so much hope. At least she still cares , he thought. To confuse Janet a bit more, he stood up and went into the bathroom and had his bath. It was a hurried bath. When he came out, he had a bucket of soapy water and a rag. After removing the blood stained bedsheet, he began to clean the blood on the floor.

Janet still could not figure out what he was up to. She was aware that Emmanuel had called someone while she was in the bathroom. However, she had no clue who the person was or what they discussed. She felt the outcome of the call was the reason Emmanuel stopped pleading with her not to leave him. Why would he be crying and pleading with me while I was in the bathroom and suddenly stop after the call he made , she thought. To find out what was on his mind, Janet started a shouting match. “I guess you had made up your mind to end the relationship as well, right? Your silence says it all! I should have known it was a big mistake getting married to you,” she said, hoping Emmanuel would reveal what was on his mind.
The Priest, the Shrine

With a run, Mrs. Asibong, Ibinabo and her team ran into the priest’s house. Walking hastily like generals during a war, they made their way into the lavish shrine. On seeing Mrs. Asibong, the priest announced, “Your fellowship has struck us hard! They have removed Janet’s womb so that your sacrifice to us will never be born!” Mrs. Asibong felt giddy, and somehow managed to steady herself. She pondered the words of the priest and asked, “But you told me you people are powerful enough to protect me and my family. How did you let this happen? I slept with that boy inside and gave you millions! How about that?! You took my blood; and all you could do with that was let this happen!”

“Don’t you ever call the powerful one a boy again!” yelled the priest. “Wait, priest. Do you mean that both your cult and her fellowship are at war over Janet’s life?” Ibinabo asked with her jaw hanging wide open. The priest nodded a ‘yes’ dejectedly.

To be continued……

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