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[STORY] MOTHER-IN-LAW (Episode 23)

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Episode 23.

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Janet shook Emmanuel violently amid her screams. Emmanuel woke with a startle, blinking his eyes repeatedly. It took about thirty seconds before the horror before him sunk in. The bed was soaked in blood and two human-like shadows were in a corner of their bedroom holding stuffs he could not decipher. All he knew was that whatever things they were holding were dropping blood to the floor. Without a thought, he jumped out of bed, grabbed Janet and headed for the door. On their way to the door, they were yelling the name of Jesus and pleading his blood. They were too scared to observe what happened when they began to use that name. The two shadows seemed to plunge into some sort of confusion. Twice they rammed into each other as though they were trying to find an exit route in each other. It was as though they didn’t want to hang around anymore and gloat over what they had done to Janet. The excitement on their faces was replaced with the look of dread. Their attempt to escape from the bedroom was successful on the third try. Seeming to step into the wall, they vanished from the bedroom.

Janet and Emmanuel were at the door when Emmanuel turned and noticed that the two devils had vanished, taking with them whatever it was they had in their hands. “Baby! Baby! They are gone! The devils are gone! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!” Emmanuel shouted, his eyes darting about the room.

Janet was not in the mood to say a word. She was sure she knew what those devils had removed from her body, they were her womb and some intestinal organs. She was busy running her fingers all over her body. Things were gone from her body that much she knew. Much to her shock, though she could feel she had been cut open by the devils they saw in their room, there was no cut on her body. It was very strange to her; she could not understand it. Though she could feel the cut of devils’ blades, yet there was not an injury on her body. “Where is the blood from then? I saw them cut me open in my dream. Where is this much blood from? Lord what is this?” she mumbled to herself.

Emmanuel was on the floor praying out his heart. Through the years when people began to die mysteriously in his family, it was his devotion to God which saw him through. Sadly, since things got better and life became less stressful, his faith had waned and he turned his attention to other things. With what he had seen that night, he had no choice than to pray. “Baby stop!!!” Janet yelled. Emmanuel was shocked by the sound of her voice. “I know what those devils left with…” she paused. As if a light bulb had been turned on in his head, Emmanuel sprang to his feet from where he was kneeling, and began to feel his body. The first place he touched was his male organ; from that point, he moved his hands to feel other parts of his body. He was happy to have only blood stains on him.

“What did they leave with?” he asked after he was satisfied with checking himself for any possible missing parts. “My womb,” Janet said with hot tears streaming from her eyes. Emmanuel took quick steps toward her and hugged her in spite of the blood stains all over her. “Don’t say such a thing, how could they take your womb? Is there any cut on your body?” Emmanuel cautioned her, pulled away a bit, and began to feel her blood-stained body for any knife cuts.

Fighting hard to keep a rein on her emotions, Janet began to narrate her nightmare to him, “I saw those devils enter our bedroom in my dream but I could not run from them. They did something to me and immobilized me. I wanted to scream, but could not. I tried to fight them, but I could not. With those knives you saw in their hands, they cut me open and removed my womb…” she paused, breathing heavily. Then she busted into tears.

Emmanuel hugged her yet again and tried his best to calm her. That was hard to do, Janet was terrified beyond words. Amid her cry, she began to explain what those devils said to her hearing, “Baby, the devils said some things while they were removing my womb.” “What did they say?” Emmanuel asked breathlessly, giving away his fear. “One of them said to the other, ‘let us see how she will give birth to that sacrifice’. When he had said that, the other one began to laugh hysterically and mockingly said, ‘when the wait for the sacrifice she gave them becomes endless, they will turn against her and she will run back to us. When that happens, we will demand the most precious things and not just Emmanuel’s male organ’. Baby I heard these words clearly. I still hear them in my head,” Janet concluded.

Emmanuel let go of her. “I don’t understand. Who is the ‘she’ they were talking about?” he asked with a wary look on his face. He was beginning to think again that Janet was a member of a secret cult. “I don’t know who that is; but whoever she is, from what the devils said, she is offering our body parts and even unborn children to devils,” Janet replied. Emmanuel was so focused on who the ‘she’ might be that he lost the meaning of what the devils had said to each other. It took Janet’s words for the meaning to home. As if a light bulb had turned on in his head, he asked with a scream, “Wait! Does that mean my male organ failed because someone offered it to those devils?” “That is what it means, baby.” “Jesus! This is not happening. This can’t be true… Baby is there a chance you are the one they are talking about? Are you the ‘she’? Are you somehow jinxed? Do you belong to some evil cult which I don’t know about?” Emmanuel asked, his face contorted by the anger in his heart.
Janet could not believe her ears. She stared at Emmanuel unbelievably, her mouth hanging very low in shock. “What did you just ask me?” she managed to ask, her words laced with venomous anger. “You heard me right! I demand to know the truth right now! Are you the one they were talking about!!!” Emmanuel barked maniacally, sounding clearly beside himself with anger. Janet had had enough, she took two quick steps and stood shoulder to shoulder before Emmanuel and yelled back, “Go ask your mother who said your father died in vain!!! Go ask your father who said he was killed and that whoever killed him is after me!!!” Her words were so loud that they seemed to push Emmanuel backward a bit. Emmanuel was poised for a fight with Janet when he noticed a figure walk into the bathroom. In anger he went after it, leaving Janet terrified by the way he moved.

When he yanked the door of the bathroom open, he yelled, “Daddy show yourself! Stop hiding in corners!” Then his eyes rested on the words written with blood on the mirror. In utter shock, he whispered, “Baby, you have to see this.” Picking her steps fearfully toward Emmanuel who stood by the door of the bathroom, she asked, “What is it?” “You have to see it.” She was too afraid, so she hid behind Emmanuel and peeked into the bathroom. The words on the mirror read, “Emmanuel stop fighting in vain and go in search of him who killed me. When you find that person, you will have found who is after you and your wife.” When Janet read the words, she sighed loudly and walked away. “Perhaps I wrote that on the mirror also to fool you! You know what Emmanuel, you are disgusting!” she shouted and began to cry again. Emmanuel could not take his eyes off the words on the mirror.

“Who is this person?” Emmanuel asked a little audibly. Just like when Janet visited her father in-law’s grave, a wind blew by and Emmanuel heard a voice saying, “Look back at your dreams after my death. Visit Jeffery’s grave.” Emmanuel held his ears and winced in pain. Though the words were gentle, yet they burnt his ears. “Baby, my father just spoke to me. He has told me what to do!” “Go to hell! Don’t you ever talk to me again! I am witch! I am the person who took your male strength, cut your wife open to remove her womb and offered your unborn children to the devil. Don’t you ever forget that! I am not your baby Emmanuel! I am a witch!” Janet yelled at him, crying. In that instance, Emmanuel knew his marriage had taken a major hit. He had hurt his wife beyond words could describe. Sadly, he had no idea how to mend the broken fence. He stood helplessly looking at Janet as she cried her heart out on the floor where she sat.

“God, what do I do now, I have hurt my wife?” he prayed. Janet sprang to her feet, surprising him. She grabbed her finger and forcefully pulled out her wedding ring and stoned it at Emmanuel. The ring hit Emmanuel on the forehead and bounced off. “I am done with you! I cannot continue to live with a man who thinks I am a witch every time something goes wrong in our marriage. I hate you! Emmanuel I hate you!!!” Janet screamed. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door from behind. Emmanuel picked up the ring and went to the door to plead with her to forgive him. “Baby, I am very sorry. I wish I could take back those words I said. Please forgive me.” “I have told you already, Emmanuel, I am not your baby! I am leaving your house today. Once I come out of this bathroom, I will pack my things and leave you!” Emmanuel ran to the bedroom door, locked it and hid the key. Janet had been deeply hurt, from the way she spoke, he knew she would leave him that day.

To be continued…….

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