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[STORY] MOTHER-IN-LAW (Episode 22)

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Episode 22.

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**** Emmanuel’s House, Bedroom ****

Breathing heavily, Janet stared rapturously at Emmanuel’s body. Every bit of muscle in his body was pulsating. With infectious smile and a happy heart, she whispered, “You are back baby. You took me on like a stallion. At some point, I could not breathe. You are back, my love. We can now make babies; what do you think?” “I have no issues with making babies, but we have to first take seriously what my father told you and find out who wants you dead. I think it will be foolhardy to relegate that and move on. On the other hand, we have not found out why my male organ crashed in the manner it did,” said Emmanuel thoughtfully. “You are right, but how do we go about finding the person who killed your father and wants me dead?” Janet concurred. “Going by what my mother said to you, she knows something about how my dad died. She might not want to let us in on it, but I am certain she knows what we don’t. I will find a way to make her tell me what she knows…” “What if she refuses?” Janet interjected. “Then I will look for alternative ways to find out what happened to my father.”

“I hope the alternative ways will not make things worse than they already are?” Janet asked. Emmanuel gently pulled her over to his body, planted several kisses all over her body and then replied her. “I will be very careful. Whichever means I choose to find out the truth will not put us in much more trouble than we already are. I will make sure of that, okay.” Janet kissed him and whispered seductively, “Okay baby… It feels like it was long time ago that we made love last…” “We just made love now,” Emmanuel interjected. “I know, but that was just a test. Now let’s do the real thing…” “I thought I heard you say you almost could not breathe…” “Stop talking and get down to business, baby. I know you understand my meaning. You are just being silly.” Smiling mischievously, Emmanuel said, “Yeah, I understand you actually…” Janet responded to that with a knock on his head. “Aw!! What was that for?” he asked, rubbing his hand on the spot Janet knocked on his head. “For making me explain too much… You were not done explaining before I gave you the knock, continue or I’ll give you more knocks.”

Acting like a little boy, trying not to offend his mother, Emmanuel continued, “The reason you felt that way was because of the fear we felt over the crash. To me, it seemed like my life was over. I can’t even imagine what must have gone on in your mind. Any chance I will hear them?” Janet began to laugh. “I see, they must have been very terrible to make you laugh this much,” Emmanuel pointed out. “They were bad, dark and evil. I could not imagine living for the rest of life without sex in my marriage. The fear of that killed me a thousand times.” “Was there a chance you would have left me or cheated on me?” Emmanuel asked, looking at her quizzically. “Those two thoughts made me mad. They kept coming at me like storms. I have to admit; I almost went nuts under their crushing blows.” “Did you get to make any of the decisions then? They were possibilities, right?” Janet regarded him for a while and with a smile replied, “I am not that easy to beat down. I did not. Your crash was not even up to a day long. How could I have made such grave decisions that soon? How about you? Were you going to run away from me or go to other ladies to see if they could wake it…? You know when such things happen, somehow, the woman becomes a suspect. Did you think I was a witch?”

A look of guilt took over Emmanuel’s face. He looked down on the bed, unable to look her in the eyes. “I know you baby. You thought I was a witch or perhaps jinxed. When you banged the door and left me, it felt like you banged the door of my heart. Even while we were with the doctor, you sounded like having sex with me on our wedding night was responsible for what left your body,” Janet carefully pointed out. “I am very sorry, baby. I thought that somehow my problem had something to do with you…” “Because it happened the first time we made love, right? Perhaps you thought I had a spiritual husband who took your male strength away for touching his wife,” she interjected. Emmanuel reacted with so much shock at what she said that Janet could see he thought all she mentioned.

***** Ibinabo’s House ****

“I have made up my mind to deal with Janet, and I have decided to do it now,” Mrs. Asibong said to her friend, Ibinabo. “What did she do this time?” asked Ibinabo. “She went to visit my dead husband. From what I gathered before I left work this evening, she managed to stir the spirit of my dead husband.” “This Janet must be very strong spiritually. Did her action weaken the chains you placed on your husband’s spirit?” “No, she did not. However, if I don’t serve her some bitter pills to swallow, she might break the chains.” “How are you going to do that seeing you have made a deal which somehow forbids you from inflicting damaging hurt on her? Don’t forget she is the major sacrifice you have offered to get the restoration and protection you want.”

“I know Ibinabo. My plan is to inflict her with a sickness. If she was not my daughter in-law, believe me, I would have shut her womb and thrown the key into the Atlantic Ocean. She is a pest! An annoying pest!” “I still have not figured out why you hate her this much. If she was my daughter in-law, I would have kept her far away from all this. I am certain you are making a mistake. Have you thought about it that if you inflict her with a sickness, it might affect her ability to bear you the grandchildren the priest spoke of and also the one you have offered to our lord?” “So are you suggesting I sit back and watch her destroy my life?” “She is not after you, Eme. I am certain she does not even know she is doing some things you don’t like. A couple of months ago, she was the best daughter in-law a mother in-law could have. Now she is a devil. Eme, please, be very careful with that girl.”

Mrs. Asibong’s phone began to ring. She checked to see who was calling. It turned out to be Janet. “Talk about the devil and he somehow shows up. The witch is the one calling me. What could she want to tell me?” “That your son’s male organ is back to life and that she has been rocking it all evening,” Ibinabo joked. “You know, you are right. I need to hear that,” Mrs. Asibong said and picked the call. “Hello Jenny girl! What good news have you got for me?” Mrs. Asibong asked as though she was not mad with Janet. “Mommy, the missing servant is back and is working at electric pace. I can’t get enough of as it is,” Janet said with the sound of joy in her heart. “I can’t be happier for you. I think the two of you should seriously give making babies a thought. I wouldn’t want that servant to pack up again without a grandchild for me. In fact, tell Emmanuel I ordered for grandchildren.” “Okay, mommy, I will pass your message across to him.” “Alright Jenny, enjoy the revived servant as much as you can. It is yours for the keeps,” Mrs. Asibong signed off.

Janet could not help giggling at her mother in-law’s comment.
At the bathroom from where she had made the call, she leaned on the wall and laughed hard after the call had ended. The imagination evoked by the comment, “… enjoy the revived servant as much as you can. It is yours for the keeps ” was so graphic that her thoughts went back to some things she had thought when Emmanuel’s male organ was still nonfunctional. At the living room, Emmanuel was on the phone with a man his friend, Samson, had helped him get in touch with. “How long will it take you to find out all I have told you about?” Emmanuel asked. “Give me three days. I sense a strong occult presence around you. I have to be careful with this case, it usually doesn’t end well,” the man at the other end of the call said. “Please sir, do it quickly. Whoever is after me, is also after my wife.” “Yes, you are right. I see covenants involving blood and graves with chains… You know what, Mr. Emmanuel, let us end this call. I need to look into your family now. So much has gone wrong for long.” “Okay, sir.”

All through that evening and late into the night, Emmanuel and Janet did their best to enjoy as much romantic moments as they could. Emmanuel even called the doctor handling his case to inform him that his male organ had come back and had been working very fine. So, that evening was filled with joy and no one was expecting what began about 1: 56 am in the morning. For Janet it was only a nightmare until she snapped out of her sleep with a scream and found her matrimonial bed soaked with blood. In the far corner of their bedroom were two human-like shadows holding in their hands bloody objects which Janet figured out to be some organs from her body. She turned to look at Emmanuel who was next to her only to find him sound asleep in spite of her ear-piercing screams.

To be continued……..

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