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[STORY] Amanda (Season 2, Episode 17)




Episode 17.

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A week had passed since Nathan had been arrested and Greg had taken back his position as the C.E.O of Beecroft Software Empire.

He had given Gwen series of instruction not to take any call from his father or let him into the office; he felt really hurt that his father had fired him without due process and based on allegations.

‘I need another cup of coffee Gwen’ Greg yelled across.

‘Here you are sir, I am wondering if you could still hire another personal assistant’ Gwen smiled as she dropped the tray of coffee and cookies on the table.

‘Really? How hard is it to make coffee’? Greg laughed.

‘Very hard. Let’s face it, Amanda was really suitable for that job, maybe you should get her back’ Gwen suggested.

‘I’ve heard you, I have to work now’ Greg grinned and pointed at the door.

‘Amanda’ he whispered her name and stared at his phone, he had saved her picture in his gallery and he couldn’t stop staring at it.

‘Congratulations man! C.E.O of the year’ Morgan walked in with a magazine.

‘What’s this’? Greg wondered why his friend was so excited.

‘You’ve been awarded as C.E.O of the year by the AEB, it’s a big deal and we’re going’ Morgan flipped the business magazine and showed it to his friend.

‘Why did they have to use that picture of me’? Greg scoffed; he really looked funny in it.

‘And what’s AEB anyway? Never heard of that before’ Greg asked. He had received a lot of awards in the past, this was alien to him.

‘American Entrepreneurs Board, I’ll write your speech’ Morgan offered.

‘That’s if I am going; my father stained my name, how do you think those people will see me’? Greg was still mad even though Nathan had paid for his sins.

‘And your father is sorry, maybe you should hear the man out; Nathan was really one smart a—–e who fooled your dad; it’s okay to be mad but you should let this one go’ Morgan advised.

‘Whatever, I’ll go for it, but I’ll need to go with someone’ Greg winked.

‘Find a date, I’m coming with Alex’ Morgan suggested.

‘Really? I thought we had a BROMANCE thing going on here’? Greg laughed.

‘Yes we do, but it’s time for you to move on from Wendy and the happenings of the past week’ Morgan added.

‘You’re right. I have a date’ Greg’s lips twitched mischievously.

‘Wow, you move fast don’t you? Who’ s she’?

‘Gwen’ Greg replied.

‘you mean your secretary’? Morgan grimaced, those two were too different, I didn’t see that coming.

‘Kidding’ Greg laughed.


‘Better’ Greg replied.

‘So how about Amanda’? Morgan winked.

‘You really liked her and she is hot, all eyes would be on you two for the night’ Morgan suggested.

Greg resisted the urge to smile; she had been on his mind the whole week. When he woke, he saw her face; when he took a bath he saw her eyes and when he was resting, her smile flashed in his mind.

This has to be it. He was in love.

‘I think I love her but I might have ruined my chances’ Greg finally admitted it aloud.

‘Oh my God, this calls for celebration, Greg Beecroft is in love’! Morgan cheered.

‘Hey keep your voice down, she probably hates me for firing her in the first place, besides, I don’t know if she is seeing anyone’ Greg sighed.

‘You know what? I’ll come over house after work and we would devise a plan on how to conquer the blue eyed blonde, how does that sound’?

‘Cool. See you later bro’ Greg grinned and returned to the files he worked on but not before watching her picture one last time.

He was acting like a teenager who was having his first crush; he was actually thinking of a woman, something he had never done. Love was a crazy thing but he felt happy he had fallen for someone as honest and hardworking as Amanda.

A week had passed since she had openly admitted her feelings for Greg Beecroft; she didn’t know what to do with them. She found it hard to focus on other things except his seductive eyes and his hot lips and the scenes of their night of passion kept playing back in her mind.

‘Are you really doing this’? Alex scoffed and stared across her friend who was sitting before her dressing mirror.

‘Sure, I meant it. I don’t need pity money’ Amanda powdered her face and wore a little make up.

‘It’s not pity money for the last time, Greg is a billionaire; he can afford to throw money around; it fell on you this time; you’re lucky’ Alex could never understand why Amanda acted this way.

‘You don’t understand I’ll be back’ she blew Alex a kiss and rushed out of the house.

‘Hey, don’t be too hard on him, he is smitten’ Alex held her mouth. Morgan had told her Greg had feelings for Amanda and she had almost slipped.

‘What’? Amanda paused.

‘Nothing, go ahead’ she replied.

It didn’t take her long to arrive the company.

Memory whisked her back in time and she realized how time had flown. She remembered the first time she’d seen him at the clock; his face was hard and handsome, his jaw was arrogant, from that moment her heart had melted for him.

She had started dreaming about him shortly and now everything she dreamt had come to pass except the part where they told each other “I love you”.

She stepped into the elevator and decided she was doing the right thing; there was no turning back now.

As she reached the floor where Greg’s office was, the first person she bumped into was Wendy.

‘Oh, I am sorry about that’ she quickly apologized to Amanda.

Amanda was surprised, so Wendy the rude lady could apologize?

‘Listen, your mother must have probably told you I visited and I was really mean. I am sorry about that; I know I have not been so nice to you and I am sorry too’ Wendy apologized and scurried off.

‘Wow’ she was thrilled. She felt jealous as she remembered that was Greg’s girlfriend; her heart sank as she neared his office.

‘Mandy’! Gwen almost screamed as she approached.

‘Gwen’ Amanda rushed and hugged her.

‘I really missed you, I was just telling Greg about you today, you look wonderful, how have you been’?

They exchanged pleasantries for some minutes.

‘Can I see him now’? Amanda asked.

‘Sure go in’ Gwen nodded.

She drew one last breath and knocked.

‘Come in Gwen, I have some work for you’ he called to her.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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