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Truths About Technology In Education



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Time has changed everything and we all realize that this has to do with the rising pace of technology and new inventions. With this development and improvement of technology, scientists have created programs and new methods for their more frequent use in people’s everyday lives. Whereas the consequence of all this is the change in the way people think and do. All areas of life are influenced by this spirit of change. Does this include the technology in education too?

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The answer to this is a simple yes! As we are increasingly aware of the great influence of Technologies in the field of education. Computers, the Internet (World Wide Web) and its penetration do not leave the education sector unaffected. The traditional face-to-face training can still be profitable, but the tools available on a digital platform open up new horizons in learning that were not 20 years ago.

8 Hidden Truths of Technology in Education

  • The technology will not remove either the book or the teachers, but the use of technology in the classrooms brings many reclassification in the field of education. As a first step, some teaching methods will have to be abolished or transformed, which scares many.
  • The teacher’s new role is a coordinator and adviser, not a transmitter of knowledge. It does not offer the solution, but it organizes the lesson so that students can find it. The teacher simply monitors, controls, and discusses the problem. This role of the teacher corresponds pedagogically to active learning through discovery. Their task will be to ask critical questions and develop critical thinking and human senses. With the new way of teaching they will have more time to deal with each student separately and his/her needs because they are well aware of his weaknesses and potential.
  • Teachers will be able to organize optional seminars, discussions, lectures, and assignments to groups of students. Thus, they will increase and expand education without limiting either the specific matter or the time.
  • Students will benefit from a variety of themes and will be free to probe into topics of the Pro-Papers that are more of an interest in them.
  • Students can enter any library, books, exhibitions, bibliographies, real museums, etc. at any time through the computer.
  • Students will be better informed and will behave differently, since they will have chosen to participate. In this way, children will discuss tens of thousands of subjects in the twelve years of compulsory education and will be exhibited in a variety of respects.
  • Many students avoid speaking in class because they are shy, uncertain and / or difficult to talk about. It is extremely good for many students to have a lot of time at their disposal to ask questions or answers in a modern or asynchronous (online) discussion.
  • Video Conferencing also enables people to communicate with each other via special applications. It is a great help in distance learning, because through this, you can ask for information about course order, guiding the course, etc.

This development has not stopped, the technology is progressing day by day. For now the teacher and student must be aware of these unique pedagogical and educational advantages as it has lots to offer for the benefit of students, teachers and society.

Benefits of Technology in Education

  • Manages to attract the attention of children.
  • Makes education more interesting, turning it into a game.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • An inexhaustible source of knowledge, easy to use.
  • Greatly facilitates the lives of all of us while opening up new horizons
  • It is addressed to everyone and everyone can find anything that interests them right away
  • Covers gaps.
  • Guides correctly.
  • Defeats distances and links with people who are miles away.

Weaknesses of Technology in Education

  • Such communication, at least in the early stages, is impersonal.
  • People are not familiar with this way of communication so they are a little restrained.
  • There is a disagreement as to whether cooperation through new technologies can be promoted properly. In fact, it is hard to convince people to work with strangers mainly because of lack of confidence.
  • Computers are known to have enough radiation. The prolonged exposure of the student or teacher to the computer may cause eye problems such as myopia or astigmatism, headaches or, even in worse cases, volume in the brain.
  • The purchase and maintenance of the computer or any equipment requires a fairly large amount of money.
  • Sometimes, its use for notes is not very safe, as files can easily be lost or even blocked (by offenders) material accounts.
  • Students get addicted to hours on the internet, spending time on non-educational websites.

How to Overcome the Weaknesses of Technology in Education?

As we recognize the dangers and accept their existence, it is a good idea to deal with them.  Initially, we can limit ourselves that we will deal with computers only a few hours a day. So, probably avoid health problems, and addiction to technology. Use security passwords to avoid breaking personal accounts. For more security, we can use hard disks, where we will copy all the important documents so that in the event of a failure there is no significant loss.

Through the Internet, students can not restrict their encounters to people in their neighborhood or city, but they can chat with people who are thousands of miles away in any other nation. So, students need to learn how to shape and develop interpersonal relationships, as much as they need to be educated, perhaps more.

To conclude many have accused the technology of creating alienation and lack of any communication with other people. If this were true, then school as an institution would have failed because it would not have been able to cultivate cooperation, solidarity and noble rivalry among students. However, considering the benefits of technology, globalization, the purpose of the school is accomplished to help children get the necessary supplies and integrate them smoothly into society.

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