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Episode 22 (Last Episode).

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The day finally came as..I and Nicholas got was a memorable day..I’ll never forget.. everything seemed so magical around Nicholas..I just love him so too much..that I feel like eating up his face…after all the celebration of the newly weds..we went out on our honeymoon…we had our honey Las Vegas..that was the first time of my life..I ve travelled outside the’s called the city of love..I was putting on a short black sleeveless gown..and a brown coat..wearing a sunglass..holding I and Nicholas Nicholas pays..the bills to the a hotel in Las Vegas..we were to spend two weeks..there..having fun..and I can’t wait..I could see the way Nicholas needs me tonight..I also need him…but did it happen..we will find out..
(Room 299)
I and Nicholas walked into the pulled my dress..and went to the bathroom to shower..few minutes later..I got out tying my towel..meanwhile Nicholas already bathed earlier before me..he was laying on the bed as I sexily..walked straight to him climbing the I sat on him..he moved closer to he bent his head down..I blushed..her soft and his lips met her..we bought kissed for a nipples hardened..I could see his c*ck..rising up..he slowly rolls as my body laid flat on the soft bed..our lips were still locked to each he cupped my breasts..I moaned in pleasure..but something wasn’t he tried to start the stopped him..
Theresa:maybe some other not okay..
Nicholas:but..this is our first night can’t do this to me..
Theresa:am sorry..please..
Nicholas:it’s’s okay…
*Nicholas laid back on the bed disappointedly but he knew theresa was his forever so he didn’t need to rush things.. theresa glanced at she rests her head on his chest..he placed his hands round her they both slept off..*

*After two weeks..we returned to Lagos..were..we lived in..a very beautiful mansion which Nicholas dad had bought for us..*

*Two years has passed..after that night which I refused sleeping with Nicholas..the rest of the nights..I tried sleeping with him…and I enjoyed it..but what I don’t get is why whenever I want to sleep with him…it feels so was in the morning..I was going straight to the kitchen to prepare..breakfast since Nicholas dad.. had come to spend the weekend with us..when I heard both of them was probably because of me..not giving birth to any kids..for him..I rushed back to the tears flowed down my cheeks..and just then..I little baby..which I abandoned years..ago…oh..God…is this really happening to me..I spoke to myself as Nicholas walked in..
Nicholas:hey woke..up..already..
Nicholas:are you okay?what’s the matter..?have you been crying
*He sat beside me..staring deep at me..*
Theresa:your father wants a grandchild..… heard our conversation right..?
Nicholas:don’t mind that old cheer…up..
Theresa:it’s just that..that..I had a baby during my secondary days..I was expelled from school..I tried to abort the baby didn’t I was kicked out of school..I gave birth to him..and I abandoned him..right in the hospital..Venus.. hospital and regretting all I did..
Nicholas:did you were pregnant in the past?
Nicholas:(stands up in shock..sighed)I ve a confession to make..
Theresa:go on..
Nicholas:please promise won’t leave me..after what am about to say..
Theresa:nothing in this world will make me leave you just say what…you wanna say..
Nicholas:well..(clears throat)that came to my house.. remember with those girls..oluchi..and vera?
Nicholas:well..I did something bad that night and am so ashamed of my spiked your drink that very night..just to get in bed with you..I couldn’t resist broke your virginity…that very day..
Theresa: what!
Nicholas:yes..Tessy..and am very so sorry..I didn’t mean to but I wanted you so badly..
Theresa:(stood she gave him a thunderous slap on his face)why..why..Nico..?why did you lie to me.. Nicholas?I trusted you..and you believed in are the one who impregnated finished..
Nicholas:please forgive me..
Theresa:just shut..up..!

*I was filled with I packed out few of my clothes in the wardrobe.. Nicholas didn’t stop I arranged them in my small luggages..I can’t stay with this can’t believe this..* these is to no use..please..Tessy..we are know..
Theresa:you don’t ve to remind me of that..just let

Theresa:just flowing down her cheeks)when I thought I was a ruined my life..and made me suffer…and I’ll do same to you..
*I pushed him out of my way..and went out of the room slamming the door to his face..he kept on until i went to take a cab on the main road..I didn’t want anything coming from..him..his car..his money..nothing..I went to my close friend.. Mary’s place.. Nicholas had bought an apartment for one of the most conducive place in Lagos..and even though I don’t want to be around anything concerning Nicholas..I had no other option..

****** don’t mean…it..why did you keep all these from me?
Theresa:because I thought you ll d discourage me from doing all these..and am very sorry.. just ve to forgive.. loves you..and you love guys are married so better forgive him..see all the beautiful things he did for me..and you..
Theresa:that doesn’t justify the fact that he lied to me..
Mary:alright..relax..and forgive him..I was about to go to the since you you mind following me..?
Theresa:I don’t..let’s go..
*They both went off on Mary’s car but I drove..the car…cos Mary hasn’t learnt to ride that much..we were driving our the streets..and I was so I decided to drop at the buy..iced bottle water..and it didn’t took me as I heard a voice..yelling..the usual..”buy..cold pure water..only fifty naira”I wind down the screen of the I called out..
Theresa:I want to buy..pure water..pure..water..
*And just then the lady opened my mouth in was vera..I never thought I’ll see her again..not in this kind of state..though..mary bursted into laughter as I tried to stop her from laughing..before she gets me laughing..too..
Vera:theresa..theresa.. ve you been?
Vera:as you can not okay..and I deserve it..since I never treated you..well..please forgive me..for everything I so sorry..(sobbing)
Theresa:it’s okay..
Mary:ehnn..just like that?
Theresa:yes Mary..she deserves a second chance..
Mary:so as Nicholas…
Mary:alright vera..I ve also forgiven you..and am so sorry for seeing you in this state..
Vera:so how much pure water do you want?
Theresa:just give me two bottle water..
*I gave vera more than the amount of what she sold for me..and I could see our delighted she was..she needed the I zoomed off after winding down the car*

*Vera:hmm…life..(thinking about the pasts)I wasted..all those school..doing look at theresa who was even expelled lives a flaunting her car..while am stucked..selling..pure..water..oluchi..busy..doing prostitution..and juliana washing public toilet..all our a mess…God ve Mercy!

The following morning..I and Mary were gisting in the balcony..while she was still trying to convince forgiving my husband..and just then I raised my head high..I saw Nicholas right in..front of me..he knelt down..
Nicholas:please..please..forgive it for our son..i went to the Venus hospital which is now in Abuja..our son is all grown..up..he’s so handsome..though he doesn’t want to accept us..but I know with time..he taken a DNA which says I’m his father..please come back to us..theresa..your son need you..more..
*Those words..tears flowed down my I hugged Nicholas rising him up..*
Theresa: have have forgiven you*
And that is it guys..what will you do if you were in Theresa shoes..would you ve forgiven Nicholas?drop your comments..*
Thanks for reading..the story has been brought to you by*Author Favour Oroso*

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