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Episode 06.

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I sat confused in the sitting room wondering on what wrong I had to Tasha, still I had no answer.

I will be your lawyer!” said Clare with seriousness on her face.
On my heart I thought it was impossible but I started believing her when she showed me the guidelines she had researched on how to win a case.

The day for the last trial came and Tasha with his people were “Tayali” in their respective positions.
Everything went as planned but I did not believe that it was my Clare doing all she did..
She had called the customer care and requested for all my conversations with Tasha. She also had the conversation between me and Deo and this means she got back the audio that the judge had “lost” in an accident.

The court hearing was still going on with Tasha in a witness box when a certain gentleman rose from the back of the the courtroom.
He moved majestically up the judge and asked if he was allowed to interrupt the session with certain evidence.
He was given a chance to speak and the following was his speech;

*”A wicked person is not the one who does bad things, but it is that person who sees bad things happening and keeps silent on them. We all but I in particular seek the kingdom of God and no wicked person will ever Go to heaven. So I won’t accept to be wicked.
My name is Ethan Jalmeo, I work with a certain intelligence company and we have our intelligence program widely known “kalondoozi”.
I was paid to plant cameras in Tasha’s house by her husband to spy on what she normally does when the husband is away but when I was still editing the video I found a part where Tasha was forcing that gentleman (pointed to me) into an action which he did not actually do. Ronnie did not rape Tasha, madam judge.
Most of you may ask yourselves how I know all that I happening.
Clare knows me. I have always followed Clare’s steps because I wanted to marry her but she rejected me on spot.
I tried to find out which kind of a man made me lose Clare and that’s how I came to know Ronnie. I have always monitored all his movements. He is a responsible man and I will not let anything destruct his plans. Here is the clip when Tasha tries in vain to rape Mr. Ronnie. A good reputation is better than an expensive perfume. Thank you very much for listening to me”
He gently matched out without adding anything

Up on opening the video, Tasha’s husband vigorously pounced on her but the police Constables did not let them fight.

The judge declared me innocent and Tasha was sentenced to one year in prison.

The following day was a victory party day.
If I had not been so patient with Tasha, I wouldn’t have faced all that drama.
Always take clear and shrewd steps.
Remember, Patience “Sometimes“, Does Not Pay

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