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Episode 05.

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I was given a resignation letter to be signed within 7 days. I tried to talk to the manager and he told me that he had nothing to do for me because if I stayed working for the company, the case would be reported to the courts of law and that would tarnish the company’s name.
I went home with nothing to say, I did not even tell Clare.

The following day she was washing and found a letter in my pocket, upon reading I was required to resign from the company on grounds of rape.
She called me in the house and showed me the letter. She was crying.
I explained everything to her but she did not believe me since I had never told her about Tasha.
“If you are innocent as you claim, report your case to the courts of law or else forget about me Ronnie” she said with tears running down her cheeks.
The following morning I went to the company and told the manager that I was not resigning.
“Let the client go and report the case” I said it with confidence since I had reported myself.


******* Court hearing session*******

Clare had his cousin brother who was a lawyer, he was my lawyer in this case. I had gone with Clare, the lawyer and the workmates as witnesses.
The registrar Called the case and the judge asked the lawyer of the plaintiff to present himself, the claim and the witnesses.

My lawyer was perfect but I let him down. I did not tell him everything.
He argued very well but one single mistake of mine spoilt everything.
I was called in the witness box:

“Madam Judge, am I allowed to ask some questions to Mr Ronnie?” asked Tasha’s lawyer.
“Well, Mr. Ronnie! You claim to be innocent! how did Tasha’s lip get the injury, were you struggling to kiss her? Two; Mr Ronnie, may you please remove your shirt and turn? We want to see your back!” I removed it and i had a scratch on my back.

“Madam Judge when this innocent lady was trying to defend herself from the evil one, she scratched his back……..”
I looked confused and my people looked disappointed.

We were asked to return after 3 days for the final trials and if I didn’t have valid evidence on that day, I was going to jail and losing Clare at the same time.
Everyone was disappointed with me and I had no way of proving myself innocent anymore.
We were sleeping that night when I received a text message from Deo, one of my close friends and the following was his text;

Hello Ronnie, there is one thing I did not understand, you called me two days ago but I did not understand what was happening to you. I was just hearing you in the background begging someone to let you go, Claiming that you are soon getting wedded. I had nothing else to do other than recording everything. I left the flash with my wife at home before traveling. I am now outside country.

Early in the morning we were in my room with my lawyer and the witnesses plus the manager this time round.
I had picked the flash and after listening to it very well, we decided to give the flash to the lawyer to go and get enough defense from it.

On his way from the office, Mr Oscar the lawyer got a terrible accident and lost consciousness. He would take around a month to get well.

A day was remaining to the court yet we did not know where he had kept the flash.

To be continued…

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